Top 30+ List of Funded AI Startups for 2023

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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From medical to sales to software development, artificial intelligence has the ability to alter sectors. And now that promise is being realized. By 2025, the AI sector is expected to be worth $126 billion. Today, AI is becoming increasingly important for a growing number of firms as remote work and dependence on technology become the new everyday standard. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing

Table of Content:
List of Funded AI Startups

List of Funded AI Startups:
1) Amp RoboticsFounded: ColoradoIts AI robotic sorting technology is utilized to boost recycling precision and speed, resulting in fewer goods ending up in landfills.
2) Uizard: Uizard is an AI-powered tool that assists people in creating professional-looking designs for webpages and mobile apps with little to no coding or design skills. Uizard's unique technology translates drawings and wireframes into executable code and designs using machine learning algorithms, decreasing the time and effort necessary to produce a prototype.

Source: Safalta

Users may also develop responsive and customizable designs, which they can share and test with stakeholders.
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3) Dataikufounded: YorkDataiku is a platform that employs artificial intelligence to assist businesses of all sizes make better use of their data. They can, for example, assist subscription-based media organizations in predicting user turnover or shops in optimizing stock levels across numerous locations. Unilever and Cisco are among its clientele.
4) Adept AIfounded: CaliforniaAdept is training an AI model how to utilize computers in the same way that people do. If everything goes as planned, the AI assistant will use current software to fulfill plain language orders such as "make a spreadsheet of my monthly expenses" or "edit out the background noise in this sound clip.
5) Moveworks: Moveworks is an artificial intelligence platform that assists companies in creating a better workplace. The platform can help employees' challenges from start to finish by utilizing natural language understanding (NLU), conversational AI, and probabilistic machine learning. Troubleshooting typical questions, such as obtaining software access and directing document approvals to the appropriate person, are examples of AI in action.

6) Arrow:
Arrow is a powered by artificial intelligence B2B SaaS solution which automates the production and administration of social media content for organizations. Arrow's features, such as ready-to-use articles, unique content pathways, and dedicated user success managers, assist busy professionals in posting interesting content, growing their following, and building credibility.
7) Synthesia: Synthesia is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that allows organizations to produce and personalize video content at scale. The platform's ability to produce realistic and compelling movies with human-like avatars makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, including e-learning and marketing, as well as news reporting and virtual events. Synthesia's customization tools, such as language support, voiceover choices, and scene building, allow customers to rapidly and efficiently develop and publish video content.
8) Abnormal Security: Abnormal Security is an email security startup that uses artificial intelligence to protect businesses against targeted email threats. The program can efficiently forecast and detect fake emails by using behavioral profiling.
9) Tome: Tome is a cloud-based platform for creating and sharing interactive, multimedia documents like ebooks, demonstrations, and reports. Text, photos, videos, music, and other interactive components may be readily added to documents by users. Tome also has tools for real-time collaboration and commentary, making it perfect for team projects and distant work. Tome also provides a variety of customization choices, such as branding, design templates, and analytics, to assist users in creating compelling and meaningful content.
10) Descartes Underwriting was established in:
Paris is a city in France.Descartes Underwriting is a worldwide insurer that specializes on climate-related risks. They employ AI to find and simulate climate patterns by processing data from satellites, radar, and other sources.
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11) Domino Data Lab:  Data Lab uses AI to help data analysts and IT professionals enhance the pace and quality of their data science initiatives. Over 20% of the Fortune 100 use their platform.
12) harnesses the power of AI technology to provide an enterprise revenue platform that assists sales, marketing, and customer support teams in providing the greatest customer experience possible through revenue opportunity analysis. provides organizations with actionable data by tracking client encounters, activity, and engagement.
13) Agribolo:
It is a digital platform that aims to enhance the lives of farmers in India. It will provide farmers with the most recent mandi/weather reports, best agricultural practices, professional advise on soil health and nutrition, crop pricing, a range of seeds, and fertilizer recommendations. It will also provide "Agri Mart" and "Agro Services" - a marketplace for buying/renting/selling agri-based products and services, as well as e-mandi services.
14) Grammarly was founded by:
The AI-powered program and browser extension from California assists users in creating concise, error-free, and tone-appropriate emails, papers, and Facebook and Instagram posts. Every day, almost 30 million individuals utilize the tool.
15) Insilico Medicine founded:
Hong Kong-based Insilico Medicine has developed a virtual AI-powered laboratory capable of sifting through enormous data sets to speed up the drug development process. It is mostly concerned with the treatment of degenerative disorders.Their system can also detect flaws in clinical trial design.
Jasper employs artificial intelligence to assist organizations in producing brand-appropriate material, such as customer care emails, website text, and social media posts, more quickly. Google, Intel, and Sports Illustrated are among its clients.
17) Alphabet, Incorporated:
Alphabet is a conglomerate of businesses that includes Google, Verily Life Sciences, GV, Calico, and X. Alphabet became Google's parent holding company in October 2015, with firms far beyond our principal internet products included.
18) Aibono:
Aibono is India's first AI-powered Fresh Food Aggregator, pioneering the Seed-to-plateTM platform, a next-generation disruption that uses Predictive Analytics, Precision Farming, and Just-In-Time harvests to synchronize Real-time Production with Real-Time Consumption of super perishable Fruits & Vegetables.
19) Amazon Web Services (AWS):
Amazon Web functions (AWS) began exposing critical infrastructure functions to businesses in the form of web services, which are now often referred to as cloud computing. The potential to utilize a new business model and shift capital infrastructure expenditures into variable costs is the ultimate benefit of cloud computing and AWS. Companies no longer need to plan and buy servers as well as other IT resources weeks or months ahead of time. Businesses may use AWS to access resources when they need them, producing outcomes quicker and at a lower cost by using Amazon's knowledge and economies of scale.
20) Dialpad :
Dialpad comes in second on our list of the best AI companies, having rocked the collaboration sector with the first real-time voice recognition engine for workplace discussions. It is now an industry-leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform that integrates Ai Contact Center, Ai Sales, Ai Voice, and Ai Meetings with Ai Messaging. Dialpad announced a $50 million investment in artificial intelligence research and development for business process automation and predictive analytics on December 21, 2022.
21) AEye:
AEye is a world pioneer in adaptive, high-performance LiDAR systems for autonomous vehicles, enhanced driver support systems, and robotic vision applications. To scan the environment, AEye's iDARTM (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) Sensing Platform uses biomimicry and ideas from automated targeting solutions used by the military. The AEye iDARTM (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) Sensing Platform uses biomimicry and ideas from military automated targeting systems to scan the surroundings, intelligently concentrating on what matters most, allowing quicker, more precise, and more dependable driving.
22) Alphasense:
AlphaSense is a market intelligence and search tool utilized by the world's most prestigious corporations and financial institutions. Since 2011, their AI-powered technology has assisted professionals in making better business decisions by providing insights from a vast array of public and private material, including as corporate filings, event transcripts, expert calls, news, trade journals, and stock research.
23) AI for Stability:
Stability AI, an AI-driven visual art firm building and executing an open AI tool to produce graphics based on language input, rounds out our list of top startups for 2022. The firm is investing in the creation of open-source music and image-generation systems such as Dance Diffusion and Stable Diffusion.  Stability AI was co-founded and bootstrapped by Emad Mostaque in 2020, prompted by a personal passion with AI and what he described as a lack of "organization" throughout the open-source AI community. They now have a cluster of over 4,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs operating on AWS that they utilize to train AI systems. Stability AI intends to generate revenue by training "private" models for clients and providing access to them via DreamStudio (a platform and API).
24) The ReSpo Vision:
ReSpo Vision is an AI firm committed to the advancement of the athletic sector. Our cutting-edge Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms can observe any football game recorded by a single TV camera and collect detailed 3D tracking data of all players' and the ball's 20+ body parts 60 times per second. ReSpo Vision uses video technology to aggregate massive amounts of video data and perform a variety of duties such as full 3-D optical tracking of players, performance assessments, and providing insights and recommendations.
25) Acoustic epidemiology:
Acoustic epidemiology is the next step in medical research. Coughs, sneezes, wheezing, snoring, sniffles, and hoarse speech are among symptoms. These noises carry vital diagnostic information for doctors. Subtle changes that suggest the start of a disease, its convalescence, and its resolution are also instructive.
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26) Jasper:
Jasper created an AI-powered content platform that assists in the creation of unique content while optimizing it for ROI and repackaging it in various formats and languages. The startup got $125 million in Series A investment in October 2022 at a $1.5 billion value.
27) Deep Medical Therapeutics:
Deep Medical Therapeutics is a medical technology business that develops and delivers artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve African healthcare.  The organization's solutions enable African governments, physicians, scientists, and pharmaceutical corporations to learn about and cure novel and existing diseases across the continent.
28) Latitudo 40 ‘s technologies:
Latitudo 40's technology is built for global resilience and makes use of data science to improve the planet's health and future. The technology of Latitudo 40 enables you to easily find key performance indicators (KPIs) for environmental sustainability and ESG regulations. How it works: A fully automated urban sustainability solution that assists companies in putting their environmental and social goals into action by systemizing the whole process.
29) Solutions by Hazen:
Hazen solutions use computer vision to fuel smart algorithms. Comprehensive Monitoring, Advanced Technology, and other functions aimed to assure road safety are among the functions. Individualized solutions. Instead of costly RADAR or LiDAR deployments, Hazen has created AI-powered camera analytics. Competitively priced and packed with features. We prioritize safety in our management. Hazen's technology will help in acquiring the benefit of forecasting and averting scenarios like as traffic pile-ups or others as a result of any bad circumstances, thanks to camera systems that can foresee various traffic scenarios.
30) Hyfe:
Hyfe is an acoustic AI that recognizes and classifies coughs on any phone. It is the most sophisticated AI coughing classifier on the market, and it is utilized on a daily basis by researchers, medical experts, and thousands of ordinary people all over the world.
31) Greyparrot:
Greyparrot delivers in-depth data insights to stakeholders in the resources and trash sectors using AI-powered computer vision software, providing them access to important information that they could not previously access. The technologies developed by Greyparrot are intended to automate waste composition analysis at MRFs, PRFs, and other reprocessors. Greyparrot's AI Waste Recognition System is used in sorting facilities throughout the world to automate waste composition analysis in order to monitor, audit, and sort enormous waste flows at scale.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change industries ranging from medicine to sales to software development. That promise is now being fulfilled. The AI sector is predicted to be worth $126 billion by 2025. Today, AI is becoming increasingly vital for an expanding number of businesses as remote labor and reliance on technology become the new normal.

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How many AI startups will exist in 2023?

There are 57,933 artificial intelligence enterprises, according to the most recent accessible statistics. The United States is home to a high number of AI firms and startups. In reality, the United States has around 14,700 AI startups.

Which AI startup is the most well-funded in the world?

Here are ten of the best-funded AI companies in 2023 that you should be aware of: 1. OpenAI: OpenAI is an AI research firm that intends to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is a machine's capacity to accomplish any intellectual work that a person can.

How much money will be invested in artificial intelligence in 2023?

Among the highlights are: In 2023, financing for AI-related companies hit $23 billion, and I think many of these investments used generative AI in the solutions, whilst non-AI funding surpassed $67 billion.

What will be the next AI start-up?

Next AI is a world-class accelerator network for AI-enabled businesses' founders and venture development. Founders can participate in the ecosystem from anywhere in Canada, either electronically or in person at the Toronto or Montreal locations. Product development and market commercialization are two aspects of product development.

What will be the most popular AI trend in 2023?

The research organization also highlighted four rising technological trend themes: developer experience, pervasive cloud, human-centric privacy, and security.

What is the most recent AI in 2023?

8 AI themes to watch in 2023 and beyond:
  • AI models will go from being solitary to multimodal.
  • The fast progress of generative AI will continue.
  • AI will be integrated into our job smoothly.
  • AI democratization will increase access and influence.
  • Throughout all industries, several new use cases will develop.

What is the highest-paying AI?

 According to the most current Glassdoor statistics, the highest-paying AI job is that of an AI Product Manager. The yearly compensation for this post is $189,453. This is far higher than the average product manager.

Which corporation is the world leader in artificial intelligence?

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL), along with Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG), and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), is one of the world's largest AI firms.

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