How Influencer Market is Increasing In India: Strategies with AI

Safalta Expert Published by: Aditi Goyal Updated Mon, 11 Sep 2023 06:18 PM IST

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Influencer marketing is one of the most significant trends in the digital age's revolutionary transformation of marketing. Influencer marketing is well suited to India's large population and developing digital infrastructure. But what causes this extraordinary growth? AI is being strategically incorporated into influencer marketing campaigns. 

In this in-depth manual, we explore the various AI-powered tactics that are causing the Indian influencer market to soar.

The Influencer Marketing

In India, the use of influencers is expanding quickly. In India, 85% of brands used influencer marketing in 2022 as a component of their marketing plans.


Last year, 33% of brands saw an increase in spending of over 50%.

Over the next five years, a compound annual growth rate of 25% is predicted for influencer marketing. By 2026, the industry's market value is anticipated to reach Rs 28 billion.

Higher ROI and brand awareness are offered by influencer marketing. For businesses looking to increase brand recognition, draw in new customers, and advertise their goods, influencers are an invaluable resource. Influencers are the source of new product discovery for 31% of social media users.

Influencers have developed devoted, enthusiastic audiences. The authenticity and affinity components of influencer marketing make consumers more likely to act on their recommendations.
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The influencer marketing market in India is expected to grow quickly, with a market value of 28 billion Indian rupees by 2026. Several factors, including the following, are responsible for this growth:

The growing use of social media in India. In India, there were more than 500 million internet users as of 2022, and more than 400 million of them used social media regularly.

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular among brands. The ability of influencers to connect with and engage target audiences is something that brands are becoming more and more aware of.

The development of microinfluencers. Micro-influencers are people who have a smaller but more devoted fan base. Because they can provide a more genuine and relatable connection with customers, they are growing in popularity among brands.

Influence and Technology at the Crossroads

Using AI to Select Targeted Influencers
The selection of the appropriate influencers is the first step in achieving AI and influencer marketing synergy. To find influencers whose content perfectly complements the brand's values and target market, AI algorithms comb through enormous amounts of data. The influencer's reach is made to be highly relevant in addition to being extensive thanks to this careful matching.

AI-Assisted Content Production
Every successful influencer marketing campaign starts with the creation of compelling content. Influencers are helped by AI tools to create content that appeals to their followers. AI speeds up the content creation process, reducing time spent and raising quality, from suggesting catchy captions to editing images and videos.

Optimisation and Real-time Analytics
Real-time insights into campaign performance are provided by AI-driven analytics. In order to maximise ROI, influencer marketers can quickly make adjustments by tracking engagement, reach, and conversions. Campaigns stay on track and produce the desired results thanks to this dynamic approach.

Trends in Indian Influencer Marketing Driven by AI

Micro and Nano Influencers Become More Notable
Influencer marketing strategies are increasingly focusing on micro and nano influencers in India because of their smaller but highly engaged audiences. By finding these untapped opportunities, AI increases the impact of campaigns while limiting costs.

For Diverse Audiences, Hyper-Personalization
Due to its diversity, marketing strategies must be highly personalised. To make influencer campaigns truly resonate with the target audience, AI algorithms examine cultural quirks, regional preferences, and even linguistic variations.

Using chatbots to improve customer engagement
Brand-consumer interactions are further improved when chatbots are integrated with influencer campaigns because they instantly respond to customer inquiries. A wide range of questions can be handled by AI-driven chatbots, increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
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Enhanced Influencer Marketing with AI in India: Future Prospects

Modelling with AI to Predict Campaign Success
Marketers will be able to predict trends and consumer behaviour thanks to AI's predictive capabilities, which will become even more important. Campaigns will be more successful and will reach a wider audience thanks to this proactive approach.

A Growing Trend: Virtual Influencers
Virtual influencers, or digital avatars with large followings, have been created by AI. Due to their ability to be precisely tailored to brand requirements, these influencers present special marketing opportunities. More online influencers should dominate the Indian market, as expected.

Thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence, influencer marketing in India has developed into a vibrant and powerful force. Influencer marketing will become even more individualised, data-driven, and successful in the future thanks to the strategies we've discussed here. The secret to success will be staying ahead of the curve with AI-driven influencer marketing strategies as the industry expands.

In India, influencer marketing is a rapidly changing industry, and embracing AI is the key to realising its full potential.


In India, the influencer marketing sector is still in its infancy, but it is expanding quickly. This industry is utilising artificial intelligence (AI) more and more, and this trend is expected to continue. Brands can use AI to find the right influencers, assess the success of their campaigns, and automate work. By doing this, they can increase the return on investment (ROI) of their influencer marketing initiatives and more successfully reach their target audiences.

How does AI benefit influencer marketing in India?

AI brings significant benefits to influencer marketing in India. Firstly, it aids in influencer selection by analyzing vast datasets to identify influencers that align perfectly with a brand's values and target audience. This ensures that campaigns are not only far-reaching but also highly relevant. Secondly, AI-powered tools streamline content creation for influencers, from suggesting captivating captions to editing visuals, saving time and enhancing quality. Lastly, AI provides real-time analytics, allowing marketers to track engagement, reach, and conversions as they happen, enabling quick adjustments for better ROI.

Are micro and nano influencers vital in the Indian market?

Absolutely. Micro and nano influencers, though having smaller followings, are vital in India's diverse influencer marketing landscape. They offer highly engaged, niche audiences, making them ideal for targeting specific demographics. AI plays a critical role in identifying these influencers efficiently, making campaigns cost-effective while delivering impressive results due to their authenticity and relevance.

What's the role of virtual influencers in influencer marketing?

Virtual influencers, powered by AI, are a fascinating trend. They're entirely computer-generated and customizable. Brands can tailor virtual influencers precisely to their requirements, from appearance to personality, engaging audiences in innovative ways. Expect to see more virtual influencers in India, offering unique engagement opportunities.

Can AI predict campaign success in influencer marketing?

Yes, AI can predict campaign success by analyzing historical data, influencer performance metrics, audience behaviour, and market trends. This enables marketers to optimize campaigns proactively, leading to better results.

How can brands achieve hyper-personalization in influencer marketing?

AI analyzes cultural nuances, regional preferences, and demographic data to help brands create influencer campaigns that deeply resonate with specific audience segments. This ensures hyper-personalization, enhancing campaign success in India's diverse market.

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