Marketing Campaign Manager: Job Description, Eligibility, and Salary  

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A Campaign Manager usually referred to as a Campaign Director, is in charge of arranging and supervising promotional activities including ad campaigns and political campaigns. Their responsibilities include coordinating the work of numerous marketing agencies and roles, employing internal team members, and devising strategic strategies for expressing a brand message. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
1) What exactly is a Campaign Manager?
2) Campaign Manager Duties
3) Marketing Campaign Manager Salaries in India
4) What Qualifications are Necessary to Work as a Campaign Manager?
5) Manager of Marketing Campaigns (Intermediate) Requirements
6) Campaign Manager Varieties
7) Advantages
8) How to Get a Job as a Marketing Campaign Manager
9) What are the requirements for these positions?

What exactly is a Campaign Manager?
A Campaign Manager can be hired or outsourced by a variety of organizations. Their major responsibility is to implement marketing, sales, or political tactics across a market. Campaign Managers collaborate with outside agencies, freelancers, marketing firms, and a variety of other resources. A Campaign Manager not only finds new contacts but also hires and trains new employees.

Source: Safalta

There are no specified criteria for the post of Campaign Manager. Most firms and contractors, however, prefer that a candidate have a degree in business, public relations, or a related profession. Advanced degrees in Marketing or Communications will lead to high-level careers. In this industry, prior expertise with marketing roll-outs, and B2B and B2C campaigns is a major bonus.
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Campaign Manager Duties:
  • Create an optimum campaign within your financial limits.
  • To identify and create advertising concepts, and meet with all new clients.
  • Keep an eye on all channels and resources for campaign effect and progress.
  • Before the campaign launches, find and acquire talent and resources. Train and groom all resources for maximum effectiveness.
  • Create a marketing schedule and timeframe.
  • Conduct the campaign efficiently, on time, and under budget.
  • Make use of your personnel and resources to create high-quality material for execution.
Marketing Campaign Manager Salaries in India:
In India, the average national compensation for a Campaign Manager is 6,17,258. To view Campaign Manager wages in your region, sort by location.
What Qualifications are Necessary to Work as a Campaign Manager?
• Display advertising knowledge
• Analytical capabilities
• Budget and cost analysis skills
• Data analysis and extraction skills
• Computer proficiency
• Critical thinking
• Multitasking and Organizational Skills
• Knowledge of social digital marketing
• Data analysis and extraction skills
• Good problem-solving abilities
• Great communication skills
• Positive attitude and customer focus
Manager of Marketing Campaigns (Intermediate) Requirements:
  • Working experience in a metrics-driven culture measuring method and channel impacts
  • Capability to manage many tasks with competing deadlines while being detail-oriented
  • 3-4 years of expertise and a track record of building multi-channel roadmaps is required.
  • Knowledge about software for marketing automation
  • Strong empathy for our developer and IT leader audience - our group is making a difference and you would like to help them succeed through relevant, helpful messages.
  • Working experience in a B2B software marketing team Knowledge of A/B testing, experiment design, and campaign analysis
  • Knowledge of CRM software (Salesforce preferred)
  • Show a desire and flexibility to work alone as well as part of a team. Be acquainted with, or be willing to learn how to use, GitLab and Git.
  • Show impeccable attention to detail
  • Good project management, organizational, and communication abilities are required.
  • Excel or Google Sheets proficiency
Campaign Manager Varieties:
  • Meeting Planner: A meeting planner is a person in charge of organizing all parts of a professional meeting. They decide on the meeting's venues and other specifics, as well as the transportation and other aspects that are required to make the event a success. In addition, they market the event facilities by holding seminars and working with commercial and technical groups.
  • Event Manager: The Event Manager is responsible for organizing, designing, and carrying out client engagement initiatives. This role entails supervising the execution and planning of complicated seminars and conferences, as well as extensive travel. The person in this position may also create new instructional programs.
  • Retail Events Representative: A retail events representative's job is to engage with consumers and ofoffershem the information and services they need to make educated purchasing decisions for products and services. This individual is also trained and guided.
  • Event Analyst: The event analyst is in charge of monitoring and reporting on the campaign management team's numerous operational operations. He or she is also involved in the development of research projects and the administration of data collection surveys. Additional responsibilities include supervising the creation of research programs and ensuring that events are held in accordance with the company's requirements.
  • Event Coordinators: They are in charge of organizing various sorts of events, such as trade exhibitions. They collaborate with their clients to create tactics and ideas to ensure the event's success. They are also in charge of the whole planning process.
  • Regulate: As the campaign manager, you will have a lot of say over the quality of the material provided by copywriters and designers to ensure that brand identity is maintained. You'd typically have the last say on how projects are carried out and delivered, so it's a highly empowering and autonomous profession.
  • Foreign travel opportunities: Campaign managers are frequently given the option to travel across the world at the corporate cost to attend meetings, events, and conferences, depending on the needs of the campaigns they are running.
  • Campaign managers are often compensated quite well, with the possibility of earning bonuses, business prizes, and other privileges
How to Get a Job as a Marketing Campaign Manager:
One of the first things to consider if you want to become a marketing campaign manager is how much schooling you'll need. According to our research, 77.3% of ’s marketing managers hold a bachelor's degree. In terms of formal education, 12.6% of advertising campaign managers hold a master's degree. Even though most advertising campaign managers have a college degree, becoming one with only a high school diploma or GED is impossible.
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What are the requirements for these positions?
A marketing manager's employment is often full-time. To be effective in the function, the job description frequently demands a candidate to have a few talents and competencies. Experience managing marketing initiatives is an advantage in terms of previous performance. Having at least many years of experience demonstrates that one has delivered in the past and has a good track record. Project management abilities are also required. A marketing campaign manager must supervise the progress of a project, which frequently entails delegating to others while assessing the quality of their work. You're in charge of the whole project's lifespan, not just the beginning and finish.

Whether it's dealing with a difficult customer or determining the best mix of marketing approaches, being able to assess problems and diagnose them with the appropriate answers can be beneficial. Education levels might differ. Experience and skills are more significant since they speak to the ability to accomplish the job. Many marketing campaign managers, however, have a bachelor's degree in a field such as marketing or communications. As leaders, marketing campaign managers are frequently required to sign off on or approve the work of others. You'll frequently be regarded as a senior manager, which entails a great deal of responsibility, such as supervising workflow.

They must also be well-versed in key marketing ideas such as online marketing, email campaigns, demand creation, direct mail, and other popular advertising forms. Being adept at social media is also a significant advantage. Understanding how to make the most of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is essential in this day and age.
Many organizations can hire or outsource a Campaign Manager. Their primary duty is to implement marketing, sales, or political strategies across a market. Campaign Managers work with a range of the outside agencies, freelancing, advertising businesses, and other resources. A Campaign Manager is responsible for not just finding new contacts, but also hiring and training new personnel. There are no specific requirements for the position of Campaign Manager. However, most organisations and contractors demand that a person have a business degree, public relations, or a similar field. Advanced degrees in Business or Communications will prepare you for high-level positions. Prior experience with marketing roll-outs and B2B and B2C campaigns is a huge plus in this business.

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What qualifications are required for a campaign manager?

Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Advertising, or a related subject is required for the position of Campaign Manager (preferred)
  • Participation in successful campaigns for over 7 years.
  • 3+ years of managerial experience is required.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Advanced education in a relevant field (preferred)
  • Experience managing many campaigns at the same time.

How do I go about becoming a marketing campaign manager?

A degree in advertising, business management, or a similar subject is required to work as a marketing campaign manager. You'll also require 3-5 years of marketing campaign expertise. While hiring for this position, several companies ask for experience with analytics software.

What does a campaign manager do?

The campaign manager is in charge of all parts of the campaign, including day-to-day operations, personnel recruiting and management, fundraising operations coordination and execution, and continuing cooperation with the candidate. They are also in charge of developing and managing the marketing spend.

What does campaign manager certification entail?

The Campaign Manager Certification exam covers reservation buy strategy, implementation, reporting, and troubleshooting while dealing with several partners. It also evaluates strategies for delivering ad tags, measuring performance, and troubleshooting.

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