Top 12 Best Search Engine Jobs in Digital Marketing

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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With the growth of the internet, there is a high demand for the best search engines therefore companies like google, bing, and yahoo are searching for the best search engines for employers with a large workforce and creating a lot of job opportunities in this field. There is a lot of competitive approach in salaries attaining with bonuses such as free meals, outings from the companies, health benefits and gym membership, so many are deriving their skilled oriented talents into the digital marketing sector of search engines.

A lot of job opportunities in this search engine company that is applicable to software development, data analysis, marketing and other management sectors. Some opportunities in this field are very flexible with working hours and some provide work from home too with the best bonuses.

1) Pharmeasy - SEO/ASO Position:

Principal Duties - Work on cutting-edge SEO/ASO and content marketing techniques with an emphasis on business effect to drastically enhance ranks and organic search traffic. - Collaborate extensively with products and tech groups on technical approaches helping with impact assessment and prioritization.


- Recognize strategic possibilities and prioritize them against the other tactical initiatives in order to strike a balance between short-term and long-term success. - Develop a framework to guide best practices, conduct frequent audits, identify concerns, and assess the effect of dynamic environments (eg. competitor upticks, search engine algorithm changes, etc) - Manage content marketing campaigns spanning blog/medical content posting and driving specific conversion targets such as subscriptions, app installations, transactions, and so on. 2 to 5 years of experience Skills:-
Must be very analytical with a very systematic approach to evaluating large amounts of data and producing meaningful insights. demonstrated history of SEO/ASO deployments for eCommerce websites/apps with a minimum of 2M+ month-to-month visitors- Require hands-on expertise with blogging, PR partnerships, and editorial outreach- Hands-on having worked with tools such as App store console games, Search Console, Semrush, Screaming frog, Afrefs, and others- Work with WordPress/CSS, JavaScript, HTML, website/app debugging tools, mobile app implementations, AMP, schema, page performance optimizations, and other technical ideas is required. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
1) Search Engine Optimization Executive:
2) Groww's SEO Manager in India Bengaluru is a city in Karnataka, India
3) Search Engine Optimization Assistant Manager:
4) Saritha Developers: (Executive Search Engine Marketing):
5) FashionTV India, Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
6) Testbook: Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
7) E-Hawkers Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
8) EbizON, Digital Marketing Manager:
9) Writesonic, Search Engine Marketing Expert (SEO/SEM):
10) Takeoff Edu Group, (SEO Analyst):
11) Li Creative Technologies, SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

2) Search Engine Optimization Executive: 

PROHED Gurgaon, Haryana, India

About the Business
Prohed is a group of specialists devoted to making a client's brand the next success story. We want to give the customer greater marketing outcomes and higher business returns. LinkedIn Targeted Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, sponsored social media advertisements, B2B/B2C lead generation, and other marketing consults are among the services we offer. With lucrative returns, we have supported brands and organizations spanning 7+ sectors and 5 continents. We are India's first Facebook/Meta Onboarding Partner and a Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook Preferred Marketing Agency. Facebook, Times Pro, Pearson, HCL, Biryani Blues, and many other well-known companies are among our clientele.
Occupational Responsibilities:
  • Investigating the competition.
  • Practising on-page and off-page methods and actions, as well as creating high-quality backlinks.
  • Responsible for targeted keywords and optimization of content
  • Helping with blog material.
  • Creating an off-page report and keeping track of our off-page activity.
  • Choosing and maintaining a proportion of low, medium, and high competitive keywords.
  • Excellent understanding of backlink analysis.
  • Expertise ranging from 6 months to one year is necessary.
  • Excellent comprehension of SEO (off-page and on-page) and the ability to select the appropriate keywords for internal pages.
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and the Google Search Console is required.

3) Groww's SEO Manager in India Bengaluru is a city in Karnataka, India:

  • Doing monthly technical audits of the Graphy website/pages, offering short and long-term technical SEO strategy suggestions in the areas of (loading the page, mobile responsive UI/UX), page speed, CVW (core web vitals), and so on.
  • Develop and maintain an SEO plan in order to gain a share of voice on Google Search for high intention and high volume searches, as well as to deliver relevant traffic to the website.
  • We keep an eye on the newest SEO trends, best practices, and tactics to guarantee that our SEO results are the best in the business.
  • To meet the overall SEO Goals, collaborate closely with the bridge team - Product team, Engineering team, Design team, etc.
  • Working collaboratively with technical teams to design and build standard procedures and automation to increase repeatability, efficiency, and scale in our SEO implementation.
  • Maintain solid inter-team stakeholder management and relations while demonstrating great technical expertise for all things inbound marketing (Organic).
  • Develop unique content experiences that will attract & delight target audiences while distinguishing us from the competition. It would involve coming up with ideas for mobile-first content that consumers can read, watch, engage with, and share.

External Knowledge And Experience:
  • 3–4 years of applicable SEO expertise are necessary.
  • Good communication skills and the capacity to convey ideas
  • Opinions simply and effectively Good knowledge of Google Analytics/SEMrush/similar web analytics platforms; solid grasp of business-driven SEO; proficiency in Microsoft Office
4) Search Engine Optimization Assistant Manager:

Duties on the Work
  • Offer SEO analysis and advice on website structure (URLs, elements, metadata, etc)
  • Manage search engine tools (such as webmaster tools and XML sitemaps) for diagnostic reporting and analysis.
  • Launch link-building initiatives and In collaboration with SEO goals, do keyword research to uncover appropriate keywords and phrases for focused content.
  • Develop and implement an on-page and off-page strategy for search engine optimization.
  • Achieve important performance measures such as boosting conversion rates, increasing time on page, and decreasing website bounce rates.
  • Do keyword research to improve existing content and uncover new chances.
  • Maintain current knowledge of the newest SEO trends and best practices, and give recommendations for website upgrades and enhancements.
  • Use search engine tools such as Advanced web ranking, SEMRush, and others to effectively discover and rectify technical difficulties.
  • Report to stakeholders on SEO progress and performance, including the creation and presentation of thorough reports.
  • Knowing the most recent Google algorithms and optimizing the website accordingly
  • Competitive analysis and basic HTML/CSS knowledge
  • Critical ASO tactics for getting the Mi Store APP to the top of the SERPs
Ideal Candidate Profile:
  • 3 - 5 years of SEO planning and implementation experience
  • Outstanding communication, cooperation, and project management abilities
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Ability to swiftly adjust in fast-paced situations
  • Experience with SEO tools such as Keyword, SEMRUSH, Google Keyword Planner, and Ahrefs
  • Ability to evaluate competition SEO techniques (social media, content, link building, etc.) and propose adjustments to our own.
  • Should have adopted the newest SEO tactics to enhance website ranking if you are up to date with the latest SEO trends.
5) Saritha Developers: (Executive Search Engine Marketing):
  • 2 - 7 years
Detailed Job Description:

Ensure that projects are promoted on search engines using organic methods. Business visibility and brand reputation improve on all search engines, and the number of leads and potential customers grows dramatically with the most cost-effective methods.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • To save money and create more leads.
  • to enhance organic website traffic.
  • to create search engine marketing strategies.
  • Bidding and search engine optimization expertise.
  • Candidates with more than two years of experience in comparable jobs will be favoured.
  • a desire to gain eyes and footfalls through creative marketing strategies.
  • Creative community and brand-building concepts.
  • The ability to design and create innovative visuals will be advantageous.
6) FashionTV India, Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

  • Additional channels: paid search (Google AdWords, Bing Ads), paid social and sponsored display. exhibit, indigenous
  • Strong experience with direct reaction campaigns with specific KPIs
  • Strong Excel, communication, and presentation abilities are required.
  • Ability to do thorough quantitative analysis
  • Be a results-oriented self-starter who thinks clearly and strategically.
  • Engaging hands-on in a performing marketing position with one or more
  • rapid-fire start-up environment
  • Expertise with analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics) and the ability to
  • to provide regular and consistent updates on campaign metrics
  • Experience with lead generating
  • A bachelor's degree is necessary.
  • Capability to manage and prioritize several tasks at the same time
  • Readiness to learn about new marketing channels and tactics, as well as operate in a team environment
  • Google AdWords or a comparable certification

  • Maximize the Profitability of sponsored search campaigns
  • Monitor, report on and evaluate website statistics as well as PPC activities and campaigns.
  • Conduct tests, gather analyze data, and find patterns and insights to
  • Content and landing web pages for paid search engine advertising campaigns should be optimized.
  • Control campaign spending by remaining within budget, forecasting monthly costs, and so on.
  • Resolving differences
  • Continual paid keyword research, growth, and optimization
  • Investigate and evaluate competitor advertising links

7) Testbook: Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
  • work from the home position/internship
About Testbook:

Testbook is the fastest-growing ed-tech firm destined to disrupt the industry. With over 19 lakh registered users, we have answered over 25 crore queries on the web app and a killer Android app. We have now raced to the front and are well-positioned to seize larger markets. Testbook is the ideal talent incubator. You come, you study, and your triumph. is a Mumbai-based ed-tech business that was created by IIT Bombay alumni and has secured various rounds of investment. Testbook's goal is to transform India's job preparation environment into a tech-driven, automated system that allows students to learn at their own speed. Testbook is an innovative, online customized learning and testing platform. Portal has been crucial in offering a full-stack gateway to students from all around the country preparing for public and private sector careers.

Duties and Roles:
  • Do keyword research, including keyword lists and content/keyword mapping.
  • When needed, assume sole responsibility for numerous SEO initiatives.
  • Do site-level optimization, which includes optimizing site structure, page development, engaging SEO copywriting, and metadata updates.
  • Prioritize SEO actions to maximize their impact.
  • Establish inbound plans and ensure that they are carried out in accordance with current best practices.
  • Keep track of SEO performance.
  • Compare your SEO efforts to those of your competition.
  • Talk about the shifting organic search landscape.
  • Maintain your SEO on a regular basis.
The Necessary Skills:
  • Get certificates in these areas
  • Discover SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
  • Study Business Analytics
  • Discover Digital Marketing
8) E-Hawkers Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
  • Get an Internship/remote job
Below are the everyday responsibilities of a Chosen Intern:
  • Creating and implementing an SEO plan that involves both on-page and off-page optimization (e.g., article optimisation, meta tags, and header tags) (e.g., link building)
  • Improving website contents and structure for search results, especially assuring search engine-friendly website layout and boosting the website loading speed
  • Keyword research to identify relevant phrases and words for optimization
  • Keeping up with changes in the algorithms used by search engines and adjusting the SEO approach as appropriate
  • Collaboration with other teams, like information, design, and production, to verify that the site is search engine optimized.
  • Identifying and addressing technical SEO issues such as crawl failures, broken links, and redirection
  • Monitoring and monitoring website visitors and search engine rankings in order to assess the efficacy of the SEO strategy
  • Developing and executing local SEO methods, such as locally targeted keywords and reference building
  • Assessing the efficacy of the SEO strategy with advanced analytics and reporting on performance data
  • Using schema markup to improve website presence in search results
  • Developing and implementing link-building efforts to boost website authority and bring visitors
  • Doing competitor research to find areas for improvement
The Necessary Skills:
  • Get certificates in these areas.
  • Discover Google Analytics
  • Learn about Google AdWords.
  • English Proficiency in Digital Marketing (Written) Google Analytics Google AdWords Search Engine Optimization (SEM) Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Marketing on Social Media
  • Understand Social Media Marketing
  • Discover Search Engine Marketing
9) EbizON, Digital Marketing Manager:

Qualifications & Requirements:
  • Develop and optimize digital marketing efforts.
  • Expertise ranging from 6 to 10 years
  • Develop and configure campaign proposals for the Google Adwords and Facebook platforms. (SEO, Display, and Remarketing) Introductory and Competitive Site Evaluation Optimize the structure of your ad groups for greater relevancy and performance.
  • Good communication skills are necessary, as is agency experience.
  • Understanding client goals and assisting them with campaign optimization and ROI analytics Social Media Marketing Editor at Google.
  • Google Ads certification is available.
  • Keywords that are both positive and negative Analysis and investigation Quality Rating PPC Bid Management Based on Market Area Creating Ad Copy and Split Testing Landing Page Evaluation, Testing, and Recommendation Try out new strategies and recommendations (such as Re-marketing, Ad Extensions, Category Targeting, etc).
  • Google Analytics Certification Develop and optimize digital marketing efforts.
Our Story:

We are a worldwide company that specializes in developing technological solutions and then assisting companies in growing through multi-channel lead generation marketing. We have in-house expertise working for Fortune 500 organizations, e-commerce brands, technological SaaS firms, and venture-backed startups. We have helped over a dozen billion-dollar organizations manage their distinct brand online by providing consultancy, tech, operations, and digital marketing agency services. We have a pleasant and welcoming work environment that motivates individuals both personally and professionally.
EbizON has numerous fundamental corporate principles, including honesty, creativity, innovation, mindfulness, and teamwork. We thrive on the concept of making people's lives easier by giving them peace of mind. The individuals here like what they do since everyone from management on down understands how much it matters to live up to someone's beliefs, which makes every day less stressful knowing that each person has someone cheering him on.
10) Writesonic, Search Engine Marketing Expert (SEO/SEM):
  • Remote
What we do:

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing helper with a mission to enable everyone on the planet to write anything and share it anywhere. It's similar to Canva for writers, with features that make generating, editing, and posting stories, blog posts, advertising, landing pages, online descriptions, social media postings, and other types of content easier.
As proven by the 5000+ 5-star ratings on G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra, our consumers adore us. We secured $2.6 million from Y-Combinator, HOF Capital, and other notable Silicon Valley investors last year. Since then, we've expanded to 16 remote employees who have assisted 300,000+ professionals and organizations in creating tens of millions of pieces of content.

  • Extremely data-driven, capable of demonstrating the direct commercial effect of SEO Marketing strategies
  • Good comprehension of Google Algorithm changes and their implications.
  • Knowledge of A/B testing
  • 5+ years of experience establishing, managing, and expanding SEO and SEM for a SaaS or Product-Led Growth firm.
  • Execution and outcomes orientation - deconstruct complicated challenges, discover solutions, and then push these solutions to conclusions autonomously.
  • Experience carrying out content gap assessment and keyword research
  • You have a track record of consistent deadlines and taking the responsibility to arrive at confident judgments fast and under pressure.

11) Takeoff Edu Group, (SEO Analyst):
  • Monthly salary: Rs.10,000.00 – RS.30,000.00
  • Full-time, regular/permanent jobs
Full Job Description

An SEO analyst is in charge of optimizing websites in order to boost search engine ranks, drive traffic, and promote exposure. Among the key responsibilities are:
  • Improving the quality of website content, including headlines, meta descriptions, and photos.
  • Increasing search engine crawlability by improving website layout and navigation.
  • Identifying patterns and chances for improvement by analysing and interpreting website traffic statistics.
  • An SEO analyst should have good analytical and technical abilities, as well as be knowledgeable about a variety of SEO tools. There are several tools and approaches for increasing search engine exposure. They should also be able to successfully communicate with different teams, both technical and non-technical, and have a solid awareness of best practices for website optimization.
  • Tracking and reporting on the results of SEO activities, as well as offering data-driven recommendations for improvement.
  • Doing keyword research to uncover words with high traffic and conversion rates.
  • Keeping up with the most recent search engine algorithms and ranking criteria.
  • Working with other marketing departments to create and implement successful link-building initiatives.
  • Health coverage
  • Reimbursement for mobile phones
  • Encashment of leave
Types of extra pay:
  • Bonus for performance
  • Annual bonus
Schedule of Provident Funds:
  • The day shift

12) Li Creative Technologies, SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Full Job Description:
Please keep in mind that we can only consider female applicants at this time. One of an SEO expert's responsibilities is to ensure that each page is optimized for search engines. With research, I am always looking for new term potential and building on old ones. Investigating and applying content ideas for natural search engine optimization on a proactive basis. Site elements are checked and evaluated, content is optimized, and advertising' search engine rankings are improved, among other things. The ideal applicant will be able to demonstrate good analytical, logical, and inferential ability to reason, as well as good communication, technical, programming, organizational, analytic, information, motivational, and adaptability capabilities.

Full-time, entry-level, and internship positions are available.
  • 1-month contract duration
  • Assistance with commuting
  • Food is supplied.
Types of extra pay:
  • Performance bonus for overtime
  • Annual bonus
  • Bonus paid every quarter
Monthly salary: 9,000.00 - 30,000.00
Timetable for working from home:
  • Monday through Friday, day shift
  • Monday is a day shift.
  • Bachelor's Degree (Preferred)
  • 1 year of SEO (Preferred)
Travel willingness:
  • 25% (Preferred) (Preferred)
Availability for shift work:
  • Daytime Shift (Preferred)
Principal Responsibilities - Work on cutting-edge SEO/ASO and content marketing approaches with a focus on business impact in order to significantly improve rankings and organic search traffic. - Work closely with product and technology groups on technical techniques that aid in impact assessment and prioritisation. - Identify strategic opportunities and prioritise them against other tactical activities to achieve a mix of short- and long-term success. - Create a framework to guide best practices, conduct regular audits, detect issues, and evaluate the impact of changing situations (eg. competitor upticks, search engine algorithm changes, etc) - Handle content marketing programmes that include providing blog/medical material and driving particular conversion goals such as subscriptions, app installations, purchases, and so on. 2 to 5 years of experience Skills:- Must be highly analytical with a strong work ethic.

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What is the wage for SEO in digital marketing?

SEO salaries in India range from 0.2 Lakhs to 7.9 Lakhs, with an average yearly pay of 2.1 Lakhs depending on 283 recent salaries.

Which is the best SEO or SMM job ?

SMM is the most effective approach to attract visitors to your website. SEO is an excellent strategy to rank your website. SEO is critical for your website's rating. Without SMM and SEO, your objective of raising search ranks by increasing the number of followers or likes may not yield the desired outcomes.

How much does a Google Adwords freelancer make?

Google Advertising Specialist salaries in India range from 1.9 Lakhs to 8.1 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly pay of 5.0 Lakhs.

Is SEO a challenging job?

SEO is not difficult to understand, but getting started may be complicated and daunting. Studying SEO entails being acquainted with a plethora of distinct digital marketing methods, which might seem like to adding new weapons to your armoury as you learn how to use them.

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