Best 7 Ad Extension Utilizing SEM Performance

Safalta Expert Published by: Achla Sharma Updated Tue, 01 Aug 2023 11:00 AM IST

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become a go-to strategy for reaching potential customers at the moment of intent, but with increasing competition, advertisers need to take their SEM campaigns to the next level. Enter ad extensions – a powerful toolset that can transform ordinary search ads into compelling and engaging marketing assets. By enriching the user experience and aligning ad content with specific goals and audience preferences, utilizing ad extensions becomes a strategic approach to boost SEM performance.

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Table of Content 
What are Ad Extensions
Some common types of ad extensions include
Benefits of Utilizing Ad Extensions
Tips for Effectively Using Ad Extensions


What are Ad Extensions

In Search Engine Marketing (SEM), businesses strive to make their online presence known, attract potential customers, and increase conversions. To achieve these goals, advertisers deploy various strategies, one of which is the use of ad extensions. Ad extensions are powerful tools that provide additional information and functionality to standard search ads.


They can significantly enhance the performance of SEM campaigns by making ads more prominent, informative, and engaging. They increase the ad's visibility, click-through rate (CTR), and ad rank, as well as create a more engaging user experience. Ad extensions appear alongside or below the main text of a search ad, depending on the platform and the extension type used.

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Some common types of ad extensions include:

1) Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions allow advertisers to add additional links to specific pages of their websites. With site links, advertisers can showcase specific landing pages or direct users to relevant sections of their website, tailoring the ad to meet diverse user needs. This customization capability allows businesses to highlight various products, services, promotions, or essential pages, increasing the chances of users finding exactly what they're looking for. As a result, site link extensions foster engagement, leading to improved ad performance and higher conversion rates. To maximize the potential of site link extensions, advertisers should focus on relevancy and compelling calls to action.

2) Call Extensions

Call extensions enable businesses to display their phone numbers in ads, making it easier for users to contact them directly. This extension is particularly valuable for industries where phone calls are essential, such as restaurants, medical services, or car rental agencies. Users can initiate a call by clicking on the extension, promoting immediate customer interaction.

3) Location Extensions

Location extensions are a powerful tool in online advertising that allows businesses to showcase their physical store or office locations within their digital ads. By integrating this feature, advertisers can display essential details, such as address, contact information, and a map snippet, to make it easier for potential customers to find and engage with their brick-and-mortar establishments. Location extensions are particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple branches, as they facilitate geotargeting and cater to users searching for products or services in specific areas, making campaigns more personalized and effective.

4) Callout Extensions

Callout extensions allow advertisers to highlight specific offers, benefits, or unique selling points (USPs) in the ad. They don't include links but provide additional information that can entice users to click on the main ad. For instance, a hotel might use callout extensions to showcase free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, or a swimming pool.

5) Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippet extensions enable advertisers to display specific details about their products or services in a categorized format. Businesses can use them to showcase different types, models, or features of their offerings. This extension is useful for providing quick, concise information to users and enticing them to explore further.

6) Price Extensions

Price extensions display a list of products or services with their respective prices within the ad. They are highly beneficial for e-commerce businesses looking to showcase their products and prices directly in the search results. Price extensions can lead to more qualified clicks, as users are already aware of the cost before clicking the ad.

7) Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions allow advertisers to highlight special offers, discounts, or promotions running on their websites. By including these extensions, businesses can attract more attention to their ads and encourage users to make a purchase or take advantage of the deal. This extension is particularly useful during festive seasons or special events.

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Benefits of Utilizing Ad Extensions

The incorporation of ad extensions into SEM campaigns offers several compelling benefits that can significantly enhance overall performance:

1) Increased Visibility

Ad extensions make ads more prominent on the search results page by occupying more space and providing additional information. When a search ad appears with extensions, it stands out from regular text ads, capturing users' attention and increasing visibility. This increased visibility can result in higher click-through rates and improved ad performance.

2) Improved Click-Through Rate 

Ad extensions provide users with more relevant and compelling information, making the ad more enticing to click on. Users are more likely to engage with ads that offer additional value and relevance. As a result, incorporating ad extensions often leads to improved click-through rates, which positively impact Quality Score and ad rank.

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4) Increased Ad Rank

Ad extensions play a crucial role in determining ad rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). When all else is equal, ads with extensions tend to rank higher than those without them. A higher ad rank means better ad positioning, more visibility, and a higher chance of attracting potential customers.

5) Better Ad Relevance

Ad extensions help advertisers align their ads with user intent more effectively. By providing additional context and information, extensions ensure that the ad's content is highly relevant to users' search queries. This increased relevance can lead to more qualified clicks and a higher likelihood of conversion.

6) Competitive Advantage

Not all advertisers take advantage of ad extensions, which presents an opportunity for those who do. By utilizing various extensions strategically, businesses can stand out from their competitors and establish a unique selling proposition. This competitive advantage can lead to increased market share and brand recognition.

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Tips for Effectively Using Ad Extensions

To make the most of ad extensions and maximize their impact on SEM performance, consider the following tips:

Align Extensions with Campaign Goals

Each ad extension serves a specific purpose. Align the extensions you choose with your campaign objectives. For instance, if your goal is to drive phone calls, focus on call extensions. If you want to promote special offers, use promotion extensions. Tailoring extensions to campaign goals ensures that they contribute directly to your desired outcomes.

Test and Monitor Performance

Not all ad extensions will yield the same results for every campaign. It's essential to continuously test different extensions and monitor their performance. Analyze data regularly to identify which extensions are driving the most clicks, conversions, or other key performance indicators (KPIs). Use this information to optimize your ad extensions over time.

Extensions Periodically

Even if you find a set of ad extensions that work well, it's a good practice to rotate them periodically. Over time, users may become accustomed to seeing the same extensions repeatedly, leading to reduced engagement. By rotating your extensions, you keep your ads fresh and maintain users' interest.

Leverage Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are highly versatile and can be used to direct users to different sections of your website. Take advantage of this flexibility by creating site links that lead to various product categories, service pages, or specific promotions. This approach allows you to cater to different user interests and intents effectively.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

Callout extensions provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your business's unique selling points. Identify what sets your offerings apart from competitors and highlight these benefits in your callout extensions. Unique selling points can significantly influence users' decisions and entice them to choose your business over others.

Use Ad Extensions Consistently

Consistency is key to building brand recognition and trust. Use ad extensions consistently across your campaigns to maintain a cohesive brand identity and user experience. Consistent use of extensions also allows you to measure their impact more accurately over time.
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Ad extensions are invaluable tools that can elevate the performance of SEM campaigns to new heights. By leveraging these extensions strategically, businesses can increase visibility, improve click-through rates, and deliver a more engaging user experience. Remember to align ad extensions with campaign goals, understand your audience, and continuously test and optimize to maximize their impact. By incorporating ad extensions into your SEM strategy, you can gain a competitive advantage and drive better results for your business in the dynamic world of digital advertising.

What are ad extensions?

Ad extensions are extra bits of information that you can show alongside your ads.

What are the best ad extensions?

Sitelink, Callout, Call, and Price extensions are the best ad extensions.

Why use ad extensions?

One of the main benefits of ad extensions is that you get more ad space.

How many ad extensions to use?

Try to have at least 4 callout extensions, 2 is the minimum number of callout extensions that can show at a time.

Are Google ad extensions free?

Google ad extensions are free to add to your Google Search Ads.

Which ad extensions can serve?

Sitelink, Callout, and Structured Snippets are ad extensions that can serve automatically.

What is the maximum number of ad?

4 is the maximum number of ad extensions that can show for a particular query or device at any given time.

Which ad extensions is fully automated?

Seller rating extension is only available as a fully automated ad extension.

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