Campaign Coordinator: Salary, Eligible, Skills Required

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The campaign coordinator coordinates the office's public relations activities and acts as the point of contact for any media participation in the office addressing employer engagement.  Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
1) Responsibilities of a Campaign Coordinator:
2) Minimum qualifications:
3) Salary:
4) Campaign Coordinator Qualifications:
5) Expertise as a Campaign Coordinator is required:
6) What criteria define a good Campaign Manager?
7) Campaign Coordination Capabilities:

Responsibilities of a Campaign Coordinator:
  • Creating reports on campaign activities and outcomes, such as event attendance and the number of votes obtained by every contender in an election
  • Monitoring the campaign's budget to guarantee that it is being spent efficiently.
  • Working with the campaign manager to guarantee that all political staff members are carrying out their responsibilities efficiently.
  • Volunteer management entails recruiting new volunteers, providing responsibilities to volunteers, and documenting volunteer hours completed.
  • Maintaining touch with campaign donors to thank them for their contributions and encourage them to support the campaign in the future.
  • Identifying prospective supporters and convincing them to participate in the campaign through direct contact or other methods that include social media
  • Organising fundraising events, rallies, and debates
  • Coordinating contacts with volunteers through sending emails, text messages, or publications with campaign updates
  • Organising volunteers by tagging them with duties like contacting voters or canvassing neighborhoods for support.
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Minimum qualifications: Must demonstrate a commitment to achieving economic and social equity through collective/direct action, building collective authority for Black workers, managing competing strategic priorities, working in a team environment, and the ability to work independently.
  • Having the capacity to respond to conflict and bias/"microaggressions" with balanced understanding and increased effectiveness.
  • Experience designing and implementing a field strategy that enables allies to align their self-interest with the interests of Black workers by analyzing the political landscape that may affect the LABWC constituency.
  • At least two years of experience supervising and leading a team with the strong delegation and accountability tackles that ensure team plans strategically; can follow a plan and be accountable to the team in carrying out a plan
  • Strong abilities and knowledge in navigating local and state legislative processes and advocating with elected officials, including but not limited to educating legislators, navigating policy creation, managing local and state lawmaker visits, strategizing to move supporters to action, and identifying and neutralizing opposition.
  • Preference for established relationships with community organizations and unions in LABWC areas;
  • Excellent writing, editing, desktop publishing, and vocal communication abilities
  • Ability to create and sustain responsible, reciprocal, and transparent internal and external public connections
  • Ability to establish, maintain rapport, and work in mutually beneficial coalitions with a wide range of ethnic, social, and philosophical groups
  • Driving for work-related travel is required.
Salary: Campaign Coordinator salaries in India range from 1.7 Lakhs to 6.6 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly income of 3.2 Lakhs. The estimates below are based on the most recent 62 Campaign Coordinator salary.
Campaign Coordinator Qualifications:
  • Comfortable raising concerns (where necessary) and delivering timely solutions
  • A problem solver who is both calm and inventive, and who has outstanding judgment.
  • A dedicated team player with the capacity to work autonomously, take initiative, and handle shifting priorities successfully.
  • Have to be social platform proficient with a strong liking for branded content / creative area. Ability to anticipate difficulties and identify trends.
Expertise as a Campaign Coordinator is required:
A good Campaign coordinator will understand how to create advertising strategies and plans to assist an internal team or an external agency in achieving goals. They are outstanding project managers who can discover talent and give enough advice to ensure the success of their team.

Source: Safalta

Campaign Managers must be skilled writers since they must produce or approve marketing content. Because the work requires them to represent their business at marketing events and exhibits, they must be skilled at public speaking. A skilled Campaign Manager must be able to operate within a budget while also meeting deadlines. They will have prior experience managing several projects and providing ROI reports. Campaign Managers will be knowledgeable in website management and paid advertising campaigns. Data may be used by good candidates to target particular client categories, analyze campaign success, and enhance results.
What criteria define a good Campaign Manager?
A skilled Campaign Manager should be able to maintain calm under pressure, analyze risks, and resolve disagreements in order to successfully manage their employer's public reputation. They have a strategic attitude that they utilize to time the distribution of knowledge and new activities to maximize attention. Successful campaign managers may create a creative vision and then utilize organizational abilities to put it into action and assess its performance.
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Campaign Coordination Capabilities:
  • Communication: Another skill that campaign organizers may benefit from is communication. This is due to the fact that they frequently need to communicate with a wide range of individuals, including volunteers, other party staff members, and the campaign's candidate. A campaign coordinator's ability to interact successfully with all of these persons can help them be more effective in their position.
  • Managing time is another important ability for campaign coordinators to have. They frequently have a large number of things to perform in a short amount of time, thus it is critical for them to prioritize their work and manage their time well. This can involve understanding how long each task will take and allowing enough time for each task.
  • The organization is another skill that campaign organizers may benefit from. They might be required to keep track of several assignments and deadlines for various teams, thus having excellent organizational abilities can assist them in keeping their campaigns on track. Organizations may also assist them in keeping track of vital campaign information, such as telephone numbers for volunteers and contributors.
Creating campaign activity and outcome reports, such as attendance at events and the amount of votes received by each candidate in an election. Managing the campaign's budget to ensure that it is used wisely. Working with the campaign manager to ensure that all political staff members are doing their duties effectively. Volunteer management comprises recruiting new volunteers, assigning tasks to volunteers, and tracking volunteer hours.

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What does a campaign coordinator do?

A campaign coordinator is in charge of organising media campaigns and press relations for company or other industry marketing activities.

What is the greatest coordinator salary?

Coordinator salaries in India range from 0.9 Lakhs to 6.0 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly income of 2.5 Lakhs.

What are the three responsibilities of a coordinator?

Communication with customers or employers regarding project, event, or campaign objectives and goals is a common Coordinator duty and responsibility. Budgeting and distributing finances in collaboration with clients or employers, finance teams, and other team members. Tasks are assigned to relevant team members.

What are the qualifications of a campaign manager?

Top 5 Common Campaign Manager Skills:
Communications was the top hard skill required by employers in 6,941 job ads connected to Campaign Managers, accounting for 45% of all postings. Management, presentation, leadership, customer service, and operations skills were also in great demand.


Is being a coordinator a good job?

Yes, coordinators with strong project management and organisational abilities are in high demand to assist organisations in meeting their objectives.

What is the degree of a coordinator's role?

In most sectors, a coordinator position is an entry-level employment. Coordinators may need a bachelor's degree, but they may not need any further experience, depending on the organisation. Employers, on the other hand, frequently need experts to have several years of industry experience.

What role is superior to that of a coordinator?

Coordinator, manager, and director jobs are frequent in a corporate hierarchy.

What exactly are coordinator skills?

Coordination skills are a set of talents and competences that focus on concurrently planning and carrying out many tasks, actions, and plans. They are interested in your ability to pay attention to detail while evaluating how little aspects integrate into a broader undertaking.

What talents are required for a campaign?

Interpersonal skills, organisational skills, and problem-solving abilities are three common soft skills for campaign workers.

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