Top 15 Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs 2023

Safalta Expert Published by: Aditi Goyal Updated Fri, 02 Jun 2023 01:25 AM IST

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Website owners can monetize their sites using a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) affiliate program. A steady flow of interested traffic is all you need to get going. 

When someone clicks on an ad that is displayed on your website, advertisers are paid. In order to select the best content for their websites, website owners can create networks where they can choose from a variety of advertisers. As an alternative, you can automate this process using optimization algorithms to achieve the best results with the least amount of work.

Affiliate marketers (and others) with websites that receive a steady stream of interested, engaged visitors may find PPC (Pay per click) affiliate programs to be of great benefit. When an advertisement displayed on a publisher's website is clicked, the advertiser pays the publisher (such as an affiliate marketer who owns a website or search engine) in the PPC online advertising model.


PPC programs build networks where publishers can select from a variety of advertisers to find the content that best suits their website, or this process can be fully automated using optimization algorithms. 
These are the top 15 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) affiliate programs in 2023:

1. Google AdSense
Google probably comes to mind first when you think of affiliate programs. Correctly so. One of the simplest, most comprehensive, and most trustworthy affiliate programs available is Google Ads. Although it is the ideal affiliate program for newbies, not everyone will find it to be the best fit. 

In any case, Google AdSense is notoriously difficult to join. It can also be difficult to continue in the program once you've joined. Therefore, before applying, make sure to review the requirements. Don't worry if you're turned down, either. Reapply only this time. They are renowned for having low RPMs (ad revenue per thousand impressions) and a fairly high minimum payout, which could be another disadvantage. Because of this, Google AdSense is occasionally regarded as the ideal additional affiliate program. 

2. SEMRush
The outstanding affiliate program at SEMRush provides affiliates with recurring commissions of 40% per month for the duration of all plans. The cheapest plan costs $99 per month, and the business plan rises to $399.

Additionally, SEMRush's affiliate program's cookie life of 10 years may be the longest ever! Commissions are also paid biweekly via PayPal or bank transfer once the monthly minimum is met. Additionally, they offer promotional materials in 5 different languages, including Spanish, French, and German, making them the perfect choice for affiliate marketers who speak those languages.
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3. Skimlinks
Thousands of affiliate programs (over 40,000 merchants) are grouped together in the Skimlinks network, which connects you with affiliate partners who specialize in your market. A PPC affiliate program that automates affiliate marketing for you, it is also one of the simpler ones. 

You are prompted to add some code to your website in order to accomplish this. Any link you create after that becomes an affiliate link as long as it leads users to a business that is affiliated with the program. The script, however, can make your website load more slowly. Avoid using the script and make links manually using the toolbox to get around speed issues. A WordPress plugin and a Chrome extension are also included with Skimlinks.

4. PropellerAds 
PropellarAds provides beginners with an affiliate program that has a setup that is straightforward and automated, much like Skimlinks does. Over 30,000 merchants call it one of the largest alternative ad networks home. The program's USD$25 minimum payout and absence of minimum ad requirements make it ideal for smaller blogs. 

Pop-up ads and push notifications are just two of the well-liked ad formats that PropellerAds provides; they are all Google AdSense compatible. As a result? More money can be made thanks to the adaptability of ads and the capability to display several of them on your website at once. 

5. Adcash 
Adcash is an outstanding ad affiliate program that requires little setup time and has no minimum traffic requirements. The platform distinguishes itself from other programs on this list with some of its key features, such as 24/7 online support, no additional fees, and account management.  Each user does not automatically receive dedicated support, but you can still ask for it if you do. 

The program claims to provide users with high-quality, relevant ads and offers publishers cutting-edge features and tools. 
6. Sovrn
Another PPC affiliate program that makes building affiliate links simple and straightforward is Sovrn. To convert current and future links into affiliate links, all you have to do is add a little JavaScript to your website's source code. 

But in contrast to the other programs mentioned, Sovrn provides a fun supplementary feature called Sovrn Commerce Convert. With the help of this feature, you can find keywords and product mentions in your content. After that, it will look to see if those products contain affiliate links. The best-converting and most lucrative affiliate program will then have a link inserted by Sovrn. Furthermore, it is as simple as switching a toggle switch from left to right. 

Other cool features include a publisher dashboard, advanced user support, and the ability to monetize your links outside of the platform. 

The second-largest contextual advertising platform in the world is, another advertising channel for medium-sized creators. Its display-to-search (D2S) technology, ROI optimization, and excellent customer service, including account representatives, are its key differentiators. 

In addition to native and mobile-responsive ads, also provides contextual and D2S ads. Ads that are contextual are those that relate to the information on your website. Their technology offers contextual ads that are independent of cookies, which is another benefit. The D2S format analyses the user's search intent and presents users with a list of keywords (in an ad format) that are pertinent to that intent to visitors.  

The platform also has a sizable advertiser pool, which produces high-quality inventory and works flawlessly with AdSense for anyone looking to diversify their ad income. 

8. RevenueHits 
With the aid of its contextual and geo-targeted ad-serving technology, the ad network RevenueHits enables you to monetize your content. Its primary point of differentiation is that, in contrast to many other networks, it is built using the CPA (Cost per Acquisition) methodology. With this model, you only get paid when a visitor completes an action. This activity can be a purchase, subscription to a newsletter, registration, contact request, etc. 

Because of this, even though RevenuteHits has no actual requirements or limitations, think carefully before applying whether your target audience is motivated to act. Specific niches, such as those in retail, entertainment, dining, and sports may function well with this model while others may not. 
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9. Mediavine
One of the top advertising networks is Mediavine and with good reason. It is a full-service ad management partner that provides you with the tools, services, and information you need to optimize your content, raise the caliber of your ads, and increase your revenue. 

The main reason Mediavine is well-known is because of its high RPMs (revenue per impression). The range can be anywhere between $11 and $45 depending on your website's niche, traffic, domain age, and the quarter. Additionally, features like their Grow Social and Create plugins, as well as Mediavine resources like a Facebook group, stand out as key differentiators. Excellent customer service is another. 

10. AdThrive 
AdThrive, another top contender in the world of affiliate programs, is a premium ad network that enables you to generate the most ad revenue possible. 

AdThrive is renowned for its RPMs, much like Mediavine. Again, the range varies, but AdThrive's 20% RPM guarantee stands out as a unique selling point. If people choose to use the network, they will earn 20% more than they did with their prior ad network. They also promise a $5,000 payout in the event that they don't see that increase. Additionally, since AdThrives favors lifestyle niches like travel, owners of lifestyle websites can anticipate high ad revenue potential. 

AdThrive additionally provides website owners with excellent ad placement strategies, first-rate customer support, and a sophisticated dashboard with in-depth reporting and analytics. 

11. Outbrain
For advertisers, publishers, and particularly affiliate marketers, Outbrain is one of the top native ad networks in the market. This is a significantly superior option to a PPC program like Google AdSense if you're looking for seamless, professional native ads.

You probably already know about this platform if you work as an affiliate marketer. Actually, as a publisher, you can use affiliate programs to market your ad space.
A remarkable number of languages are also supported by them, including English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish.
12. Adblade 
Adblade, one of the most significant content-style ad platforms online, asserts that its ad units received 3X more clicks than typical display ads. This particular network provides premium advertisements to a select group of high-end customers, such as Fox News and Yahoo. 

Similar to Outbrain, AdBlade focuses on native advertising. These advertisements, which can be seen next to other regular articles on blogs and news websites, look like related posts. The only distinction is a tiny labeled advertisement in the corner. The differences can occasionally be invisible. Apart from the fact that you must have at least 500,00 monthly page views, little is known about the requirements for Adblade. Within 1-2 days, each website is approved. 

13. Infolinks
With its in-text advertisements, InfoLinks operates similarly to SkimLinks, but for publishers who want more variety, it also supports a variety of other ads. It complements Google AdSense but can also be a potent replacement for it. 

Because it again heavily relies on long-form text content on your website, which is the preferred strategy of affiliate marketing bloggers, it is excellent for affiliate marketers.
With its real-time traffic analysis and in-the-moment targeting of ads for specific users, InfoLinks is exceptional. Additionally, it allows for ad variety, with at least three ads appearing on each page.

14. Bidvertiser
Advertisers compete for ad space on your website by placing bids in this PPC program. You might receive a lot of offers if your website is well-known or well-branded, but not everyone will be able to use this PPC model. 

Which advertisers you want to see on your website is completely up to you. Instead of just getting PPC ads assigned by an algorithm, you can develop more intimate and direct relationships with advertisers. But if you don't pick your advertisers, you'll probably get irrelevant content posted on your website! All you need to get started is a website that is at least three months old because the approval process is automated.
15. Adsterra
Adsterra is a relatively exclusive network, so don't expect to be accepted easily even though they don't have a specific traffic requirement. However, their approval procedure appears to take only 10 minutes (during regular business hours), making things simpler for publishers.

The PPC program has a 100% fill rate and offers a variety of ad formats. The best option for your site should be checked and confirmed, as each ad type has a different set of key metrics.

It is crucial to take into account the following aspects when selecting a PPC affiliate program:

Payout: The payout is the amount you will be paid each time a customer clicks on one of your affiliate links.
Ad formats: The different ad formats that are offered.
The variety of advertisers that are available.
Tools: The tools you have at your disposal to track your results. Additionally, it's critical to confirm that the PPC affiliate program is a good match for your website and target audience. A fantastic way to make money from your website is through PPC affiliate marketing. The right program must be picked, and the advertisements must be promoted well.

What is a PPC affiliate program?

A PPC affiliate program is a marketing partnership between an advertiser and an affiliate. The advertiser provides the affiliate with a unique link that they can use to promote the advertiser's products or services. When someone clicks on the affiliate's link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission.

How do PPC affiliate programs work?

When you sign up for a PPC affiliate program, you will be given a unique link that you can use to promote the advertiser's products or services. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission. The amount of commission you earn will vary depending on the program.

What are the benefits of participating in a PPC affiliate program?

There are many benefits to participating in a PPC affiliate program. Some of the benefits include:
  • The ability to earn money from promoting products or services that you believe in
  • The ability to earn money without having to invest any money upfront
  • The ability to work from home and set your own hours
  • The ability to build a passive income stream

How do I find PPC affiliate programs?

There are many ways to find PPC affiliate programs. Some of the best places to look include:
  • The advertiser's website
  • Affiliate networks
  • Search engines
  • Social media

How do I choose the right PPC affiliate program?

When choosing a PPC affiliate program, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
  • The products or services that the program offers
  • The commission rate
  • The terms and conditions of the program
  • The reputation of the advertiser

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