Social Media Listening: What and Why Monitoring Customer Feedback is Critical?

Priya Bawa

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Knowing consumer behavior and demand is a key tool for customizing content strategy and increasing sales. According to, 81% of Americans have at least one social media profile in 2017 - social media platforms are brimming with valuable information suitable for personalizing branded material to fuel rich and tailored marketing offerings. Brands may obtain consumer profile data in real-time by integrating social listening services to monitor discussions across social media and other online discussion platforms. Following the collection of social data, the analysis must be performed to categorize the data thematically and demographically. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
1) What exactly is social listening?
2) What is the significance of social listening?
3) Social Listening vs Social Monitoring
4) Best social media monitoring applications
5) Using Social Networking to Analyze Consumer Feedback

What exactly is social listening?
The technique of monitoring social media platforms for mentions of your company, competing brands, and similar keywords is known as social listening.

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Source: Safalta

You can follow every reference of your business on social media in real-time by using social listening. This will provide you with useful information on what consumers say about their goods or services, what their roadblocks are, and what they would want to see from you in the future. Yet, social listening involves a lot more than monitoring brand remarks. It may also be used to track competing brands, emerging content, and mood research on business-related topics. This knowledge can be used to influence it all from marketing and product development to support and service to customers, helping you to make better-informed, data-driven decisions that enhance your company's bottom line.
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What is the significance of social listening?
Businesses may gain from online listening a greater understanding of the conversation around their company's name and the goods and services they offer. Social listening benefits businesses in the accompanying directions:
  • Campaign analysis gives information on how a certain marketing campaign resonates with social media audiences.
  • Based on social media dialogues, competitive research gives insights into how rivals are performing.
  • When a corporation uses social features such as hashtags to listen for talks involving its sector, industry trends emerge.
Businesses may utilize the conversational data gleaned through social listening to adjust their approach to these issues. For example, if there is bad discourse about a certain marketing campaign, a corporation may adjust the current campaign to solve the issue. It may also utilize the data to create stronger campaigns in the future.
Social Listening vs. Social Monitoring:
Social listening encompasses a larger range of activities than social monitoring. You can track brand mentions, customer feedback, industry trends, and more with social listening. Nevertheless, social monitoring focuses on a single campaign or phrase.
Social listening, as opposed to social monitoring, is a two-part method that simply records social media mentions and discussions. Social listening accomplishes this in addition to identifying the underlying reasons for social dialogues and executing long-term strategic improvements.
Best social media monitoring applications:, a platform for social media monitoring, interaction, publishing, analytics, and customer data management, helps organizations to harness the full potential of digital marketing and advertising by handling many consumer touchpoints on a single platform. Based on expanded client profiles, it enables marketers to create more tailored brand experiences.'s social media monitoring functions include social measurement, sentiment analysis, influencer identification, social reporting, and social listening.
Social Sprout
Sprout Social is a social management system that allows clients to accomplish more with their social media strategy. Improve audience engagement, optimize publishing procedures, communicate in real-time, and transform social data into valuable insights at scale. Sprout Social's social media monitoring services include social measurement, influence identification, social reporting, and social listening.
Mention allows companies and agencies to use media monitoring to boost brand awareness. Customers may compare and evaluate online conversations, as well as produce content based on critical social and web information, by following a brand, competition, or industry subject. Social measuring, sentiment scoring, influencer identification, social reporting, and social listening are some of Mention's social media monitoring capabilities. 
Using Social Networking to Analyze Consumer Feedback:
Customer Retention Rates Can Be Increased Through Watching Customer Feedback
Companies may encourage consumers to stay loyal by actively listening to and responding to comments, questions, and concerns. This may sound apparent, yet four out of ten companies do not actively engage to customers on social media. Listening in on client conversations allows companies to identify consumer expectations, complaints, and areas of satisfaction, and then design targeted replies and activities to improve their service offerings.

As a result, using an extended social listening technology that monitors not only owned media but also all social media, forums, and other blog places where customers may mention a brand experience is quite valuable. A high-end hotel business utilized social listening to learn that guests were responding positively to one aspect of its interior design on social media. The management of the business took notice and began to alter this aesthetic feature on a daily basis. This displayed a high level of sensitivity to consumer input and devotion to customer opinion, which resulted in a large number of favorable evaluations and comments on.
Utilizing Social Media to Reach Out to New Customers
Road safety ads are one of the various channels via which insurers may send business messaging and build public awareness of public safety problems. In order to increase the virality of road safety initiatives, insurers are increasingly depending on digital communications, notably social media. In May, a large insurance firm started a new marketing operation on Snapchat, which featured anti-drunk-driving messages. This was one of the earliest uses of Snapchat in marketing strategy for the insurance sector - an innovative way to improve DUI awareness among millennials.
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Consumer Receptivity to New Goods Evaluation:
To assess the ROI of a content marketing plan, track its influence on earned media, owned media, and user inquiries on popular search engines like Google. This data assists brands in determining:
  • Which sponsored social material is the most and least effective
  • Which channels produce the highest levels of engagement
In order to correctly measure brand reputation, a beverage brand management organization employs social listening. Following the posting of a blog post promoting a new flavor, they discovered that the most often searched-for the brand was the new flavor. Before marketing the new taste, the company was able to successfully gauge client interest.
Social listening is the practice of monitoring social media sites for mentions of your company, competitor companies, and related terms. With social listening, you can track every mention of your company on social media in real-time. This will give you vital information on what customers think about their products or services, what obstacles they face, and what they would like to see from you in the future.

Yet, social listening entails far more than simply monitoring brand mentions. It may also be used to monitor competitive brands, new material, and mood research on commercial themes. This insight can be utilized to impact everything from marketing and product development to customer support and service, allowing you to make more educated, data-driven decisions.

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What is the significance of social media monitoring and listening?

The purpose of social media listening is to monitor relevant social media discussions, identify the underlying mood or sentiment, and respond with a marketing plan that positively impacts sentiment.

Why is it critical to communicate with clients and monitor their comments on social media platforms?

Responding to comments and reviews, whether positive and negative, demonstrates to customers that you read their feedback and care about what they have to say. This is essential in social media management if you want to keep or enhance follower engagement, improve SEO and consumer loyalty, and generate brand evangelists.

What is the monitoring method for social media?

The act of finding and assessing what is being said about a company, people, or product via various social and internet channels is known as social media monitoring.

What does social media monitoring serve?

What precisely is social media monitoring? Social media monitoring allows you to locate everything important to you on social media and have a better grasp of the conversations taking place about you and your company.

What exactly is social media listening?

Monitoring your brand's social media platforms for any customer feedback and direct did mention of your brand, as well as discussions about specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, and then analyzing them to gain insights and act on those opportunities, is what social listening is all about.

What exactly is media monitoring, and why is it necessary?

You may use media monitoring tools to follow themes across print, internet, and broadcast media output. It is critical in PR and communications to track campaign performance, respond swiftly to crises, and monitor for unfavourable news. All of this is possible with proper media monitoring.

What are the advantages of media monitoring?

A media monitoring tool allows professionals to have a deeper understanding of the themes that are important to their audiences, better engage in the discourse that these audiences are having about your firm and rivals, and spot fluctuations in public sentiment patterns.

What characteristics distinguish social media monitoring?

Tracking hashtags, phrases, and mentions important to your business on social media allows you to keep informed about your audience and industry. Monitoring this data allows you to do both quantitative (metrics and analytics) and qualitative research (inspiration for posts and strategies).

What are the advantages of social media monitoring?

You can track sentiment in real-time with social listening, so you'll know right away if there's a major shift in how often people are talking about you or the tone behind what they say. It functions as an early warning system, alerting you to changes in how your brand is regarded online, both favourable and negative.

What is an illustration of social media listening?

Arby's ad campaigns are informed by social media listening. Approximately one-third of all social media comments were about Arby's sauce and how worried people were about running out. Arby's chose to capitalise on this attitude by selling sauces by the bottle through a marketing effort.

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