The Ultimate Guide to Email Automation in Corporates

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Email automation facilitates audience identification and customer engagement. Automations operate in the background while you take care of other important tasks, in contrast to manual campaigns. You can send customized emails to every individual, whether they are returning customers or new visitors, by using automation.

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Marketing Automation is a process by which you can automate all your repetitive tasks by using various software, applications, and technology. Any business generally involves the following types of repetitive tasks – sending emails, running ad campaigns, making regular posts on social media, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand which of your tasks you need to automate so that you can work to your full potential and create new strategies for the growth of your business. We have attempted to explain marketing automation to you while keeping all of these things in mind.
  • There are 4 billion daily email users.
  • 37% of brands are increasing their email budget.
  • A majority of marketers using email leverage mobile-friendly emails as part of their marketing strategy.
  • Segmented emails drive 30% more opens and 50% more click-throughs than unsegmented ones.
  • Most marketers send 2-3 emails per day.
  • 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months

Table of Contents:


What is Email Marketing?:

Any kind of marketing in which email is mainly used is called email marketing. Now this can be understood better with an example.


I have also selected some examples which are used in real life as email marketing.
Suppose there is a blogger, who has collected the email addresses of many people. If that blogger publishes a new blog post on his blog and sends its link to all those people through email, then a lot of traffic can come to his blog. This is a live example of email marketing.

Apart from this, email marketing can be used in many other ways. For example, an affiliate can use email marketing to promote its products. If someone has an eCommerce website then he can use it to increase the engagement of his customers.

Email marketing is also used to provide different types of notifications. You keep getting updates of your Facebook account on your email. All these are examples of email marketing. In this way, you can estimate how much email marketing is needed for any business.


How does Email Marketing work:

The methods of doing email marketing can be understood in three steps:

What is the purpose behind our email marketing:

Informational, research work, or Promotional? Mostly email marketing is used for promotional purposes only. Its use in blogging is only informational or promotional.

  • Building an email list:
First of all, you have to build an email list. Now there are many ways to do this, the best way is to build the email list naturally. Once you have a good email list then you can try to achieve success in email marketing.
What should be sent to subscribers and when should it be sent? Many premium tools can help you in this aspect. As the trend of email marketing is increasing, many email marketing tools have also come into existence. You can easily manage your email marketing campaigns by using these tools. Some of the best tools that you can use for Email Marketing are:
  1. Aweber
  2. Convertkit
  3. Active Campaign
  4. Constant Contact

How to get started with Email Marketing:

If you are a beginner and want to start with email marketing then follow the steps given below:
  • Install an email subscription box widget on your blog or website. (Or use different methods to build your email list, such as social media)
  • Start sending email updates to your readers or subscribers from day one, but keep in mind that those emails should not be annoying.
  • As soon as you feel that email marketing is working well for you, then use any premium email tool or service for your email marketing.

The best tool to start email marketing:

Mailchimp is the best tool to start email marketing.
It is very important to have an email marketing strategy in any digital marketing campaign.

To implement the email marketing strategy, you need Email Service Providers, who can give you all the solutions related to Email Marketing, as well as provide complete marketing solutions.

With email marketing, we can easily target our prospects.
By taking the services of Email Service Providers, we can nurture these prospects in customized ways.If you want to know about email marketing in Hindi, then click here.
I have explained email marketing in detail in this blog.

Today we are going to learn about one such Email Service Provider Mailchimp, in Hindi (Mailchimp in Hindi), take a look at its features, and see how it is the best tool to start Email Marketing.


What is Mailchimp and how it is useful in Email Automation?

Mailchimp is one of the well-known Email Service Providers that helps you with all the strategies related to Email Marketing. It has been created especially for Small Businesses, although Startups have also appreciated Mailchimp a lot.
Along with email marketing, it also gives you many features to take your business online. You can also market your business easily with its help.
It is an All-In-One Marketing Platform, using which you can build relationships with people who are interested in your products and services. You can also nurture the people who have joined you through Mailchimp.


Features of Mailchimp:

Audience Management:
Even if you are a small business owner, maintaining customer relations should be part of your marketing strategies. With the Marketing CRM feature, you can build relationships with your audience and understand them better. Using Signup Forms you can create Unlimited Free Forms. You can create attractive Pop-Up Forms for your website that can convert visitors into subscribers. With Segmentation you can divide your audience, what will happen is that whoever is interested in any of your products, will be sent emails related to this product.

Creative Tool:
In Content Studio, you can store all your creatives, templates, and other files in one place, share them with your team, and add them to any campaign in just a few clicks.
Creative Assistant works like AI for you. It easily creates creatives like images and infographics for you in just a few clicks and can also optimize them for many platforms.
Dynamic Content gives you the freedom to create and market content that increases engagement. Its best feature is that you can personalize the same email at different levels. Drag & Drop Feature also makes it user-friendly.
With Subject Line Helper, you can write engaging copies, which will increase the open rates of your emails. If Open Rates are good, it can be assumed that your subscribers are getting value.

Marketing Automation:
With Customer Journeys, you can create a scenario of how a customer will come from the start point to the endpoint. For this, Mailchimp already has many pre-built Journeys, which you can explore. We can understand Journeys as Email Sequence.

You can make your customers feel special with Date-Based Automation like Birthday Wishes and anniversary Wishes, this makes your CRM game much stronger.
Mailchimp offers 250+ Integrations. Integrations let you create an automated workflow by connecting Mailchimp to other Web Apps and services.


Benefits of Email Marketing Automation: 

  • Low Cost: One most important things is that it is low cost compared to other marketing companies. Here you do not have to pay any fee. You just need to find the right plugin or software to do Email marketing. With Badhiya software you can send thousands of emails simultaneously and promote your blog.
  • Mail Target Fans: You only mail these to target fans and they are the people who have subscribed to your blog's newsletter. Whenever you send a mail, it must read your mail and you can also send information about your new post automatically if it is set to do so. If you have the opportunity to purchase an email ID, you can take the mail ID of the target audience according to your blog add it to your list and use it to mail. You can also get good results from this audience.
  • Can Easily Create: You can create this list easily, that is, you do not have to do anything in it, you just have to keep in mind that you are not trying to irritate your subscribers by mailing, you should make a schedule. Then you mail as per the schedule.
  • Easy to Track: You can also track who has opened the mail and who has opened the link given in it. I like this feature very much. If someone unsubscribes you, you will be informed about it and you can also know through email notification.
Marketing Automation Techniques are used to automate all the processes, steps, paths, etc. that are responsible for converting a visitor into a customer. Many activities are included under automation, such as Social Media Automation, Data Management, Lead Management, Email Marketing Automation, etc.

What is Email Automation?

Any kind of marketing in which email is mainly used is called email marketing. 

What is email marketing used for?

Actually, email marketing is a digital marketing tool, in which messages are sent to users through email. Its purpose is to inform them about a product, service, website, or company.

What is the scope of Email Marketing?

Digital Marketing includes the use of display advertising and any other digital medium through mobile phone apps. Today's era is online, like online shopping, ticket booking, recharge, bill payment, online transactions, etc. We can do many things comfortably sitting at home through the internet.

How many months can you learn an email marketing course?

Email marketing can be learned in hours but according to experts, it takes 4-5 weeks to become a master in this subject.

What is the minimum and maximum salary in an Email Marketing Job?

In the Initial stage starting salary is approx 15-18000 rs per month but as you gain experience the average salary is approx 40-45000 per month.

What is the basic qualification needed to learn Email Marketing?

To take admission to a Bachelor's degree course in Email Marketing, you will have to pass 10+2 from any stream.

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