Top 6 In Demand Digital Skills For The Next 10 Years

Safalta Expert Published by: Ashish Kumar Updated Wed, 29 Nov 2023 12:08 PM IST


Master digital marketing by navigating online platforms for product promotion via strategic social media, email, and website tactics. It is increasing rapidly in the digital online era. Today, approximately 4.5 billion users are using the internet and this number is increasing rapidly day by day.

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As we know, there has been a big change in the digital sector in the last 15 years. You could not get a good job with normal degrees, So, I will tell you about the top 6 digital skills in demand for the next 10 years in this rapidly changing world, i.e. SEO Marketing, Email Marketing, Google ads, and Artificial Intelligence, which will differentiate you from the crowd of non-skilled people.

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What is Digital Skills?

Digital skills intend the talent to use and navigate technology adequately. This covers the basic understanding of computer hardware and software and how to perform it. Digital skills are very important for knowing about emails, browsing the internet, and relevant tools and software.


Using some tools you can perform tasks and evaluate things easily.

So let’s discuss are Top 6 Digital Skills in Demand for the next 10 years for students and employees by learning them they can perform better.

1. Social Media Marketing:

As we know according to recent statistics worldwide approx 4.6 billion people use the internet. Social media marketing is a path to promote our business and their products or services on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It helps create and spread content to involve and attract a large targeted audience. By using social media we can do brand awareness, connect with customers, and website traffic. Strategies may include posting regular updates and running targeted ads. The goal is to advantage of the power of social networks to boost visibility, reach a wider audience, and finally achieve marketing purpose, such as improving sales or brand loyalty.

2. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of improving our website's ranking and creditability on search engine result pages (SERP) like Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. We can use on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. By using specific and relevant keywords we can rank our website on the search engine result page. The purpose of Search engine optimization is to make the website accessible to users by searching relevant keywords for specific information. By fixing a website with search engine algorithms, clients' businesses can increase with wider audience, increase their online presence, and obtain better ranking, finally leading to increased website traffic and potential customer engagement.

3. Content Marketing:

Content marketing includes creating and spreading valuable, relevant content to attract a target audience. It is in various forms, such as blogs, posts, videos, infographics, etc. The main purpose is to increase brand awareness, stable credibility, and drive profitable customer action. There are many Job opportunities in content marketing including roles like content writer, content strategist, social media manager, and SEO specialist. Content creators develop compelling materials. The requirement of skilled content marketers continually growing around the industries as companies understand the importance of content marketing and digital marketers.

4. Google Ads:

Google Ads is an online advertising tool where companies can create and advertise their ads on Google search engine results. Google Ads is an online advertising platform where businesses appear by placing ads in Google's search results and on other websites. Advertisers set bids on keywords and show their ads when users search for them. The purpose of Google Ads is to show any website online, where our business will come to the target customer, Google Ads gives all the information in detail about its customers, who took action, who did not, how much revenue came, who filled the form, etc. Google Ads increases the number of potential customers and makes business easy and smooth. There are very high demand in MNCs with large packages for Google Ads Manager because Google Ads Manager performs a very crucial role for his business.

5. Data Analytics:

Data analytics help examine marketed raw data to draw conclusions and make informed decisions. It various techniques like statistical analysis, machine learning, and predictive modeling to extract meaningful understanding from big databases. Data analytics is one of the most digital skills in demand. There are lots of Job opportunities in data analytics including roles such as data analyst, data scientist, and business intelligence analyst. Data analysts interpret data to help businesses make strategic decisions, by using advanced algorithms, and data scientists for deeper analysis. Business intelligence analysts target changing data into actionable information. With the increasing assurance of data-driven decision-making, these roles are in high demand across MNCs, offering opportunities for those who are skilled in interpreting and analyzing data.

6. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the most used techniques to promote our businesses, products, and services. Email Marketing involves sending messages to a group of targeted people or customers. It is the oldest way to pitch our customers directly. A professional digital marketer knows every stage of the business funnel is planned strictly. It is a very successful strategy because it's a habit of people changing their social account and address but people are not ready to change it. This is the main reason expert knows the power of email marketing. That's why Email marketing is a digital skill in demand. In this role expert analysis, create and optimise and increase brand awareness.

Demand for digital marketing skills is increasing as businesses recognize the crucial role of online presence and effective communication in today's digital landscape. Continuous growth of E-commerce and online business, expertise in this field like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and data analytics is very important. Corporate search professionals who can lead the dynamic digital space, connecting with targeted audiences and results-oriented. Lots of job opportunities for digital marketers, ranging from content writers and social media managers to SEO specialists and data analysts. As companies try to reach their target audiences in a competitive online environment. Digital Marketing skills are in demand making it a valuable and rewarding field for those who looking to pursue it in the fast fast-paced world of the online communication era.

What are digital marketing skills?

To promote our businesses, products, or services online digitally on social media like websites, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin is known as digital marketing.

Why are digital marketing skills important?

As we know evolution is the law of nature and it changes with time, so today's date, all people spend more and more time on the internet or mobile use. It costs a lot to promote a company's business products and services online. I can do it faster and in an easier way so it is very important to have good digital marketing skills.

What is the scope of the digital marketing field?

Digital marketing has huge potential and provides global reach and targeted engagement of audience. It's important for businesses to make it in the digital age, driving brand ranking, customer connections, and overall success.

How much is the fee for learning digital marketing skills?

You can learn digital marketing skills courses both online and offline and the fees are different according to different institutes, the average fee is Rs 35-40000.

In how many months can one learn digital marketing skills for a good job?

There are 3 types of courses in digital marketing, in which the basic one is 1-month advanced course of approximately 3 months while the basic one for the job is the master course which is of 6 months.

What is the average minimum and maximum salary package after learning a digital marketing course?

In today's time, companies keep their presence online and need a digital marketer to increase their business, and sales of products and services, hence after doing a digital marketing course, a minimum of Rs 2 lakh per year and a maximum according to your experience It can be 15 -20 lakh per year.

Can we work from home by learning digital marketing skills?

Yes, you can work from home by learning digital marketing skills, lots of people working as freelancers and earning handsome amounts, and you can run your own digital marketing agency.

What should be the minimum qualification for learning a digital marketing course?

Well anyone can do this course but if you are doing a digital marketing course for job purposes then the minimum bachelor's degree should be from any stream or in some cases diploma holder can also do it, along with knowledge of basic computers.

Can the 12th-pass person do a digital marketing course?

Digital Marketing is a very important and demanding career course for students. Yes  Doing this course after the 12th is better for your job.

How to earn money from digital marketing?

There are many ways to earn money by using digital marketing skills like that:
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO marketing 
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Blog posting
  • Social Media manager
  • Google ads
  • Social Media Ads Manager
  • And many more

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