Top 20 Job Roles in Digital Marketing ( plus Definition and Salary)

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People are more likely to create websites, social media profiles, or adverts for their businesses online as the marketing environment shifts towards becoming more digital in order to reach even more potential clients.

As more businesses and organizations are using technology-based platforms to advertise their goods and services, digital marketing is becoming more popular day by day. A job in digital marketing can be a fantastic fit for a person who wants to work in marketing and are passionate about technology. A person can choose from various freedom to choose from a variety of professions as a digital marketer, and understanding their fundamental characteristics will help you choose your career route.

In this blog, we will describe digital marketing and examine 20  describe digital marketing and examine 20 different jobs that people in this industry can hold, along with their main responsibilities and starting salary.

Table of Content:
What is digital marketing?
Top 10 Positions in online marketing
Additional 10 digital marketing roles

What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing, which is often known as online marketing is the use of online technologies to carry out ad campaigns to promote a business's goods or services. Search engines, blogs, social networking websites, and digital streaming services are some of the platforms where digital marketing is practiced. Prospective clients observe these digital marketing initiatives on any computer or mobile device that has internet access.

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A company may communicate with a customer base, reach a larger audience, and respond to queries rapidly by using digital marketing.

Digital marketing is highly used by a  variety of industries to advertise their businesses, brands, and goods. For instance, a construction company might hire a qualified digital marketer to create search engine advertisements targeted at people visiting the websites of architectural companies with the purpose to attract new clients.

Top 10 Positions in online marketing
There is a wide range of career options in the area of digital marketing. Let's look at some of the following:

Social Media Manager
The main responsibilities of a social media manager include managing a client's or organization's social media profiles. Professionals in this position use their knowledge to identify an account's target market before posting specialized content like promotional photos or user polls. They engage in direct communication with potential customers as well as monitor the performance of these accounts. They may also customize their marketing efforts to best suit each business or person because they can able to work across a variety of channels. The National average salary is estimated to be $48,947 per year.

The main responsibilities of a copywriter include providing useful and promotional content for a company or customer using their professional writing skills. They often take assignments about a particular subject, then create a piece to promote that subject or give information about it to potential readers. They frequently write in plain and very simple language that appeals to a certain audience. Many other types of papers can be written by professionals in this position, including manuals, reports, essays, blog entries, social media captions, press releases, memoranda, and newsletters. The national average pay for copywriters is $51,686 annually.

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SEO Specialist
A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist's main responsibilities include analyzing and boosting traffic from various search engines to certain websites by utilizing their knowledge of digital marketing. SEO experts assess websites to ascertain what contributes to or obstructs their performance on the web. They are frequently responsible for updating websites to satisfy strict requirements that let a business show up at the top of a search result, thereby making it simpler for users to find them. To keep current on new search engine ranking trends, SEO practitioners frequently examine market trends. $53,723 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Email marketing specialist
A professional writer's main responsibility as an email marketing specialist is to create appealing email marketing messages to promote a company's goods, programs, or services. They tend to carry out market research to identify important trends and evaluate rivals' efforts and also create sizable email lists based on client demographic data and other gathered data, followed by tracking the effectiveness of these ads. When choosing what information to emphasize in their promotional messaging, people in this position frequently work together with marketing directors or strategists. Professionals also construct email communication-related marketing campaign plans, based on the size of the business.

Content manager
A digital content manager's main responsibilities include managing an organization's online marketing initiative and they are frequently in charge of organizing and managing content marketing campaigns, producing promotional content, supervising staff, and evaluating the effectiveness of these initiatives. The majority of the time, they post this content and evaluate it using content management systems (CMS). It also becomes typical for content managers to assess a company's website traffic, reply to comments made there, or update the content in light of market research. $60,033 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Market research analyst
The Primary responsibilities of a market research analyst include ascertaining which goods or services a business advertises, and a digital marketing specialist analyses sales data. By identifying data trends and presenting them to other team members which helps in proper understanding, they assist in the development of marketing strategies. Digital marketing experts frequently gather data by creating polls, exams, and competitions for customers depending on a business's products and to ensure that their data collection methods are up to date, they could also perform market research. $60,247 is the average yearly wage in the country.

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Digital marketer
A digital marketer's main responsibilities include managing and carrying out online marketing initiatives and the specialists plan and develop internet marketing campaigns to showcase content that a business or organization wants to market online. With the purpose to decide which online marketing strategies get the best reaction, optimizing marketing campaigns, and making necessary updates, digital marketers continuously monitor market trends. They tend to frequently monitor consumers' online purchase patterns and collaborate with other staff members to organize their digital marketing efforts using a CMS. $61,345 per year is the average pay in the country.

Marketing Manager
A marketing manager is an expert in digital marketing who utilized their knowledge to supervise marketing efforts for businesses. Professionals in this position construct the key components of a marketing strategy, hire staff, and allocate resources to generate revenue. While promoting goods or services and analyzing the results of marketing campaigns, they engage in creating detailed strategies and examining market trends to reach well-informed conclusions. To develop the best marketing strategies for a business, marketing managers frequently work with other experts like people working in advertising. They might also work with financial experts to assess budgets, make sure a campaign has the resources it needs to succeed, and forecast whether a business can realize a return on its marketing expenditures.

Content strategist
The main responsibilities of a content strategist who is popularly known as a content marketing specialist, are to create promotional content. and they  In this posit develop content that is targeted at customers and potential leads of a business to educate them about certain goods or services. They are capable to produce a variety of content like blog articles, movies, or graphic designs. To choose the strategies to use in their campaigns, content strategists investigate market trends and they work together to develop successful tactics for a variety of platforms alongside SEO experts and other content producers. $63,574 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Chief marketing officer
PA chief marketing officer, or CMO, is an experienced marketer who is often in charge of all promotional initiatives at a business or organization and they tend to coordinate the creation, execution, & distribution of marketing programs. They are in charge of managing client outreach on the company's social media pages and website.  CMOs are responsible for looking at all advertising personnel within a business to guarantee that daily operations are carried out effectively. $122,837 is the yearly average pay in the nation.

Additional 10 digital marketing roles
The following ten positions in the field of digital marketing are listed for your consideration:

  • Social media expert: $43,822 annually
  • A graphic designer earns $51,588 annually.
  • Content creator: $55,778 annually
  • Branding expert: $55,216 annually
  • Pay-per-click expert: $58,643 annually
  • Coordinator of content: $60,033 annually
  • Project manager salary: $74,219 annually
  • Director of Creative: $76,564 annually
  • UX designer: 89,209 dollars annually
  • Manager of Analytics: $100,578 annually
People are more likely to create websites, social media profiles, or adverts for their businesses online as the marketing environment shifts towards becoming more digital in order to reach even more potential clients.

Which position in digital marketing has the highest salary?

The highest-paying position in digital marketing in India is digital marketing manager. Creating multi-channel marketing plans and selecting marketing campaigns for various brands by their goods or services are among the duties of a digital marketing manager.

What are the six marketing roles?

The six marketing functions are pricing, distribution, promotion, selling, and management of products and services. These marketing duties include tasks that focus on getting to know clients and making the things they want available.

Which position in digital marketing offers the best pay?

The highest-paid position in digital marketing in India is that of a manager. A digital marketing manager is responsible for creating multi-channel marketing strategies and choosing the appropriate marketing campaigns for various brands based on their respective goods and services.

Which six marketing roles are there?

The six marketing functions include pricing, distribution, promotion, selling, and management of products and services as well as marketing-information management. These marketing duties include tasks aimed at gaining client insight and supplying the desired goods.

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