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The process of organizing, formulating, and carrying out a plan to create a website that is both user-friendly and functional is known as web designing. 

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Web design is the first view of any website, the website is made up of many elements like text, images, and interactive features, the website should be lightweight user friendly, and the options given in it should be arranged in a table array, The designer makes the website a beautiful website using tools like HTML, CSS, Java Script etc. In this blog, details about website design have been highlighted.

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What is responsive web design: 

Web design is the design or layout of a website which is made keeping in mind the technical features requirement of the users. For web design, one should have an excellent understanding of UI(User Interface) and UX(User Experience) and also deep-dive knowledge of graphic tools for attractive design.

How to learn Web Design: 

You do not need to have any qualifications for Web design, any person who has some skill and is interested in working can become a Web designer.
So let us get some information about what you have to learn for this.
  • Visual Design
  • UX (user experience)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and social media
  • Understanding of coding software such as HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of design programs like Illustrator and Photoshop
If you have even a little understanding of the things mentioned above then you can easily learn Web Designing.

What do Web Designers do?

The web designer creates the website design and its layout keeping in mind the customer's requirements and technical expertise. The designer has deep knowledge of UI(User Interface) and UX(User excellence), accordingly all the features that the clients need are kept in mind and created with an attractive and color combination website.
They use Adobe, CorelDraw, and other designing tools to design animation, graphics, design, logo, website header and footer, icons,s, and other elements, apart from this they use coding language to create fonts, images, videos, and layouts for creation.

A key benefit of good Web Design:

If your web design is attractive and attractive then it increases the value of your brand and trusts in it in the eyes of the users. In today's time, companies pay a lot of attention to the design and visuals of their website and for this, they hire a professional web designer or get their website designed by a trusted and popular company.

A few of the key advantages are listed below:
  • The first Impression is the last impression, so they design it as an effective first impression.
  • Better ranking in search engine result page(SERP).
  • Minimize bounce rate 
  • For Better traffic audience.
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Better search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Better compatible with other device

A key element of Web Design:

A good website is one that looks good as well as functions.

Source: Safalta.com

If the website is good to look at but is not functioning properly, and the user is not getting the information that he needs or is not helping him, the good look of the website is useless. That's why designers do two things mainly to make one website look good and the other website function properly.

Fundamental of Technology:

To create a website, the designer uses web design techniques to attract better customers:
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheet): CSS language determines colors, fonts, and all visuals and styles HTML elements.
  • Visual Design
  • UX(User Experience)
  • Understanding of design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and Social Media

To Learn Graphic Design: Click Here 

User Interaction and Navigation:

The structure of website navigation is very important as it has a greater impact on sales, user experience, and search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. It not only involves sketching pages but also involves a high level of abstraction. Designing and organizing a website is not easy at all.


Job description of web designer:

The main job of a web designer is to create, code, and develop web pages and associated apps. They do this work either for an individual or for companies. He often works with his clients to provide them with technical and graphical aspects of websites and applications. Some web designers continue to provide support to their clients even after the website-building project is over. As more and more websites require mobile touchscreen accessibility, there is a need for web designers who can write code that is simultaneously compatible with such platforms. Therefore, in this job, web designers have to update their skills frequently. Web designers have to be thoroughly familiar with Internet technology and must know coding skills along with good computer programming. They should understand how networks function and pay attention to detail. Occurrence of bugs or errors in a website is a common thing and it is a frequent task, hence a web designer must have problem-solving skills so that he can resolve the issues that occasionally come up. Apart from this, they should also have time management skills so that they can submit their projects before the deadlines. Having better customer relations skills and patience is beneficial for you as well as your clients. Along with all this, good verbal and written communication will help you in moving forward in your profession. Web designers should know one or more computer coding languages, and also have some graphic design skills. With this, you can get better projects when the time comes and can also prepare your portfolio for it.


How much does a web designer make?:

The salary of a web designer in India depends on his experience and skill. The salary of a web designer depends on his years of experience. While a Freshers Web Designer gets Rs.20,000/- to Rs.30,000/- monthly, an Experienced Web Designer gets a monthly salary of Rs. Available around Rs.50,000 to Rs.75,000/-.


What are the job options after doing a web designing course?

Well, often many students want to know what options are available to them for a job after doing a course in Web design. Let us know about those jobs: 
  • Application Developer
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Games developer
  • Web developer
  • SEO 
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • UX analyst
  • UX designer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Web designer
So hopefully, now you must have understood what web designing is (what is web designing) and how you can start your career in this field. If you have read the post carefully, we have also looked at many other aspects of it very closely. See, if you really want to get into web designing then you need a lot of hard work. It is not just about that you have to learn it but you need to be very creative in it. If you become an expert in it, then it is many times better than any other career, and from here you can earn lakhs of rupees.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the result of a variety of skills and areas that are required to create and maintain websites. Various areas of web design include graphic creation.

How many months is the web design course?

It is a 6-month duration course trained by expert faculty and includes on-the-job training or internships in reputed companies. Also, the institute provides training in English and soft skills.

What does it take to become a web designer?

To become a web designer, you must have both the technical skills needed to create a functional website as well as the artistic ability and design sensitivity to create an experience that users will love.

How much does it cost to do a web designer course?

Institutes offering web designing courses have different fees. However, almost all institutes charge fees ranging from Rs 25 thousand to Rs 35 thousand for conducting diploma courses.

What is the minimum qualification for web design?

To learn web design, it is necessary to have a minimum 12th pass from any recognized institute or graduation from any recognized university.

Can I learn a web designing course after the 12th?

Yes, It can be learned after the 12th from any recognized board. 

What is the minimum salary for a job after doing a web designing course?

For freshers, initial level salary is 15000 per month but as gain experience in this field, the average salary is approx 45-50000 per month and many more.

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