USP Full Form in Digital Marketing, What is USP and Examples of USP

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Wondering what is the full form of USP? If yes, then you have reached the right page. Here we have explained everything about USP.

USP Full Form: USP stands for Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition. USP is a marketing term and it indicates the basic idea and feature of the company or product which differentiates it from those of the competitiors. It focuses on the uniqueness of the brand and company. It aims to grasp the customers' attention to the company's products and idea. Many successful companies have a very bold and innovative USP which has helped them establish themself in the market.

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Here in this article we have provdied all the information about USP.

Table of Content
USP in Digital Marketing
Importance of USP in Digital Marketing
Ways to Communicate Your USP
USP Examples

USP in Digital Marketing

A USP communicates to the consumers all the benefits of their business and products. There are certain features of a good USP. It should be compelling and focussed on customer value. You should identify a message that you wish to convery about your company and product which will catch the attention of the customers and provide them with the required details. It should cater to what the customers care about and should set you apart from the competitors. One can approach the USP as first considering what the competitors lack and how your products or brand addresses the lack. You must use market intelligence to tell the customers how you can meet their needs and frame the USP.

Importance of USP in Digital Marketing

Unique Selling Point is very important in digital marketing as it defines your company's stand in the market and the values it upholds. A clear USP can help customers distinguish betweent the different products and choose what is best for them. Customers can know what is the best for them by going through your USP. USP is also beneficial internally for the business as it helps you revaluate the goal and mission of your business. It is the differentiator between yours and competitors products and the reason why customers will purchase your product. Thus USP plays a very important role in marketing strategy and helps you get new customers.

Ways to Communicate Your USP

Other than digital marketing, there are various ways through which you can communicate your USP. Few of them are as follows:
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Marketing
  • Advertising

USP Examples


This is a leading e-commerce website and offers various tools for selling merchandise online. Its USP is " The platform commerce is built on". Its distinct yet direct USP has earned it millions of users across the globe. 


The USP of Canva is " Empowering the world to design". Canva is a online graphic design tool that has simplified design process for all the users. Its USP highlights the mission of the platform which is to make designing accessible to people across the globe. This USP is catchy and attracts customers towards this platform.

Peet's Coffee

The USP of Peet's Coffee is " The original craft coffee". This company is very old and has spread through the US. The USP of the company highlights its long history and establishment. It signifies the experience the company has gained over the years and the know-how that its competitors lack.


"Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete." This is the USP of Nike which is a sports and footwear industry leader. It targets the audience aptly and highlights its mission and vision.


The USP of Hubspot is "Grow better with HubSpot". This is a unique USP, that not only directs the aim of the platform but also talks about the journey of the user. HubSpot provides a ton of free tools to help build your business from the ground up. As you grow your business, your tools expand with more pricing, capabilities, and features.


"Refresh the world. Make a difference." The USP of Coca-Cola is unique and true to what the brand does. This corporation attracts the attention of the users to refreshness provided by its drinks and how one poses the potential to make a difference. 



The USP of M&M stands for "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand." This is a very famous candy brand and its use highlights ts hard sugar coating that preserves the chocolate inside and prevents melting in one’s hand.

What is the full form of USP?

The full form of USP is Unique Selling Point.

Does digital marketing use USP?

Yes, digital marketing uses USP.

What are some of the top examples of USP?

The top examples of USP are given above in the article.

What is the USP of Coca-cola?

The USP of Coca-cola is "Refresh the world. Make a difference."

What is the USP of Nike?

The USP of Nike is "Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete."

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