Web Developer Executive: Job Description,Eligibilty and Salary

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A web developer is a technology expert who creates software and websites that are hosted online. They frequently work closely with a visual designer or product manager to convert programming logic and design concepts into web-compatible code.

In the United States alone, there are around 197,100 job opportunities available for web developers, based on the data released by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry is expected to expand by 23% between 2022 and 2031, outperforming most other occupations during that time. It is considered the perfect moment to start a career in web development as it becomes very critical for job candidates to comprehend the web developer job description, including the knowledge, training, and experience needed to succeed in this industry.

Table of Content:
Job Description of a Web Developer
What Skills Do Employers Seeking?
Web development expertise
Educational requirements for web developers
Requirements for Web Developer Experience
Level Salary Spectrum
Web Developer Certifications

Job Description of a Web Developer
A web developer is responsible for creating, designing, and organizing a website to meet the needs of a company and since it takes into consideration both user experience and functional factors, this career mandates a working knowledge of both graphic design and computer programming.

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A web developer assists with website maintenance and upkeep after it has been created.

What Skills Do Employers Seeking?
  • Proper knowledge of using a variety of programming languages, such as Python, PHP, and Ruby, to produce efficient code
  • Creating websites using conventional HTML/CSS/JavaScript techniques
  • understanding of what can be developed and within what timeframe
  • Researching different applications and maintaining documentation, working with other programmers and web designers to create and deliver their material
  • Putting in place backup preparations in case a website is down
  • Following the development, website upkeep, and improvement
Web development expertise
With a great portfolio and a deep knowledge of HTML, prospective applicants will be well-prepared for success as web developers. Let's have a look at some of the traits that most successful web developers share.

Knowledge of Several Coding Languages
  • Web designers employ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to regulate the overall appearance of the components of the website across several pages. CSS controls how font faces, colors, element spacing, and element sizes look.
  • PHP is another server-side programming language that is used by online content management systems and web frameworks like HTML. Web developers typically use PHP in server scripting to define how a website responds to user actions.
  • Online information is structured using the most arrived of the HTML standard, HTML5 which is used by web developers to select how to arrange text into paragraphs, headers, lists, links, and other element kinds.
Additionally, to remain competitive in the market, web developers should demonstrate their skill with open-source frameworks like ASP.NET and Angular.js to build dynamic websites, apps, and services.

Analytical thinking and Problem-Solving Based on Logic
Programming languages function based on predetermined rules; candidates can pick up these languages rapidly if they are skilled problem solvers. Web developers who are required to manage different types of projects, initiatives, timelines, costs, and plan processes are benefitted from logic-based problem-solving & analytical thinking.

Curiosity and the ability to pick things up quickly
Web developers must stay on top of any significant updates to web development tools, programming languages, and market trends.  It is observed that to remain competitive, even highly trained computer scientists in the profession of coding are constantly advancing their abilities.

Skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It is usually preferred by most of the clients that the freelance web developers they engage have a working knowledge of SEO fundamentals as it ranks higher in search engine results, and a website created by SEO rules attracts more visitors.

Proper knowledge of version control systems
Web developers can able to monitor, manage and update code changes and alterations with the help of a version control system. The Git application, which offers speedy error detection and correction, is one such example. The code modifications are also tracked by this application, allowing people to evaluate them before making any further changes. Knowledge of such systems is essential for time-constrained full-stack web developers.

Educational requirements for web developers
A person has the option to start a career in web development from a variety of educational paths. 

Associate Degree in Web Development can be beneficial for students who want to quickly understand the subject where these two-year courses concentrate on programming languages, design principles, and online applications. Candidates with associate degrees in web development make an average yearly salary of $60,000 in the United States.

A bachelor's degree in computer science or web development is another option that is the traditional path for people aspiring to become web developers. Even though people with associate degrees can find entry-level positions in web development, certain firms prefer people having bachelor's degrees.

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A Master’s Degree in Web Development is another option for students; the average time to complete this degree is two years. These people frequently stand out from the crowd while applying for jobs and have more chances to be given leadership roles. The average yearly pay for professionals with a master's degree in computer science and web development is $92,000.

Requirements for Web Developer Experience
A web developer's job description is further divided into entry-level, junior, mid-level, senior, and leadership positions which are based on the experience requirements.

Entry-Level Web Developer
When someone applies for their initial job as a web developer, they are considered entry-level candidates since they lack experience. Although they have a fundamental understanding of software and programming languages but do not have much practical experience.

Junior Web Developer
One to two years of experience are required for junior developers. Despite having just basic software application experience, they have previously worked on various real-world projects.

Senior programmers
Senior developers are responsible for seeing the entire development workflow process and tend to have professional experience ranging from five to eight years. They mentor team members that are junior and mid-level and review code.

Lead programmers
An experienced lead developer with 8.5+ years of work history and are responsible for designing and putting a system into place from scratch. They regularly solve architectural issues with scripts and interface design and to order to schedule the annual workflow, they also create backup plans depending on predicted difficulties and bottlenecks.

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Salary Levels for Web Developers
The median annual salary for web developers in the United States, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is $78,300. The income of a web developer is influenced by a wide range of variables such as expertise, industry, and place of employment.

Level Salary Spectrum
Starting pay is approximately $71,482 per year
Junior-level jobs pay  $53,628 annually
Middle-level jobs pay approx $88,425 annually
Senior-level jobs pay  $1,07,058 annually
Lead jobs pay around $95,637 

Web Developer Certifications
Web developer certifications test the level of expertise in a particular web development field and the person's capacity to follow accepted practices. Obtaining a certification enables me to advance in my chosen web development field. Some of the illustrations of common web developer certifications are as follows:
  • Certified Adobe Expert (ACE)
  • Associate Microsoft Certified Solutions (MCSD)
  • Developer who holds an AWS certification
  • Google Certification for Developers
A web developer is a technology expert who creates software and websites that are hosted online. They frequently work closely with a visual designer or product manager to convert programming logic and design concepts into web-compatible code.

What qualifications must one have to work as a web developer?

Some web developers hold an associate's or bachelor's degree in computer science or website design, but some learn how to code and create websites on their own. A solid portfolio can go a long way toward demonstrating your talents to potential employers, even though getting a degree can make you a more competitive applicant.

Does a person need math to design websites?

The ability to code is in no way a barrier to becoming a web developer. According to web developer Charlotte O'Hara, it's not only simple to learn to code without having a background in math, but most web development projects don't even primarily rely on math outside of basic procedural arithmetic.

What is the web developer's starting salary?

With less than one year of experience to six years of experience, web developer salaries in India range from one lakh to seven lakhs, with an average yearly pay of three lakhs based on 26.5k most recent wages.

Is web developer an easy job?

While gaining the fundamental skills required to become a web developer is rather simple, being a good web developer can be more difficult and take years of effort and continuous study.

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