What Is Display Advertising? Definition, Targeting Process, Management, Network, Types, and Examples

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A display ad network is a platform that serves as a point of contact between advertisers and publishers who want to monetize their websites through display ads. Some of the best-known display ad networks are Google ADX, TargetVideo Premium Ad Marketplace, and Clickadu.

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Display advertising has evolved into a channel that delivers reach, scale, and performance through targeted placement, diverse ad formats, creativity, and measurement. However, to get the most out of display ads, it's important to understand how they differ from other digital advertising solutions.
Display ads are attractive and cost-effective. Additionally, it allows a brand to measure its performance toward reaching its marketing goals. Therefore, display advertising is vital to any modern media mix.
Display advertising is an offline application that presents copy and visual elements with a call to action (CTA). These messages link to a login page.

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The content you view usually appears at the top or side of a website, or sometimes, in the middle.

Table to contents

What is display advertising
What is the difference between display ads and banner ads
How does display advertising work
What are display networks
Advantages of display ads

What is display advertising?

These messages are linked to a landing page. You usually see display ads at the top or side of a website, or sometimes, in the middle of the content you read. Display advertising is online ads that combine copy and visual elements with a call to action (CTA) message.

However, these days most people think of banner ads as a form of display ads—perhaps because in the early days of display advertising, it was common for a display ad to be a banner at the top of a website. Now, banner ads are commonly called leaderboard ads. Display ads come under display advertising. Some people use the terms “banner ad” and “display ad” interchangeably when thinking about display marketing.

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How does display advertising work?

  • Types of Display Ads

Banner ads are the most traditional and popular form of display advertising. The display of banner ads is like a digital billboard. They find their place in high-traffic areas such as the bottom, front, or side of a webpage and may contain multimedia content or image or HTML content. Such advertisements are much liked because of their uninterrupted unidirectional approach. These ads come in multiple formats and sizes across websites and can be used across multiple display ad networks like the Google Display Network (GDN) and Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN). Demand-side platforms (DSPs), social channels like Facebook, niche platforms like Terminus, and 6sense for account-based marketing (ABM) also work great for banner ads.

  •  Interstitial advertising

On these ads, viewers have the option to continue watching the ad or simply close the ad and move on with the content. Their 100% screen coverage sets them apart from pop-up ads or banner ads. Interstitial ads are full-screen images or HTML ads that cover the interface of their host site or app. They are typically displayed in the middle of the content flow, such as between game levels or between activities.

  • Rich Media Ads

They are creative and visually effective advertising forms. Rich media ads, also known as interactive ads, include videos, GIFs, audio, and more. These ads engage viewers in video games or opinion polls. One can use these ads to provide product information and increase customer engagement.

  • Text ads

These ads are often labeled as commercials to communicate that they are a paid form of promotion. Text ads are used on Google Ads Network to promote products or services of any brand. They appear on Google results pages, the Search Network, and the Display Network.

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What are display networks?

Google Display Network or GDN is the most popular and well-programmed display network, with Facebook and Apple being other popular choices. The display network in digital marketing refers to a group of more than 2 million websites, apps, and videos where display ads appear. With a display network, one can target a specific group of viewers with specific content in a specific location.

Display Network advertising increases the likelihood of converting prospects into customers. Its effective targeting method ensures that ads are clicked by the right person at the right time. The major advantage of the display network is that it gives the user the freedom to choose when, where, and to whom to display the ad.

Advantages of Display Ads?

  • Boosts brand awareness and reach

Additionally, geofencing technology allows marketers to direct ads to customers based on their current location on mobile. Display advertising allows brands to tell audiences about their product and services long before their actual need arises.

  • Communicate your brand message quickly

These are customized advertisements to meet the needs and understanding of the target audience. Because of their visual display and sometimes interactive format, display ads can communicate their core message with great speed and efficiency.

  • Easy to Make

Google recommends the 3Cs (Compelling, Clear, and Concise) to create a successful display ad. Furthermore, there are many software options available in the market that have further reduced the efforts but improved the outcome of display ad designing. If you understand the basic structure of display advertising and are aware of the principles that govern designing effective display advertising, you can easily attract audiences.

It works well standalone or in conjunction with other channels. Amazon Ads offers a variety of display ad solutions to help you meet your goals. Display advertising is cost-effective, relevant, measurable, and accessible ads.

What is the main purpose of display advertising?

Display ads are used to generate interest, promote products and services, and keep your brand at the top of consumers' minds.

How are display ads targeted?

You select your targeting signals from six categories and zero in on things like browsing behavior, similar interests, demographics, purchase intent, and what your target audience watches on YouTube.

Where can display ads be placed?

These ads are seen all over the internet on third-party websites, apps, YouTube, Google, Gmail, etc.

Where are the display ads shown?

Your Google Search Network ads can show in Google search results and other Google partner search sites when people search for phrases related to your keywords.

What is the main limitation of advertising?

Cost - One of the major disadvantages of advertising is the cost involved in the entire process

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