Andhra Pradesh Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

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Andhra Pradesh Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

BSEAP, also referred to as the Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh, or the Directorate of Government Examinations, is an abbreviation. The Andhra Pradesh Department of Education, where it is housed, has not had any influence over it since it was founded in 1953. The Andhra Pradesh state board is in charge of overseeing and regulating the secondary school curriculum. It performs and oversees a variety of duties, including developing lesson plans and curriculum, grading exams, accrediting higher education institutions, and providing direction, support, and leadership to all secondary educational institutions coming under its authority. The AP Board is in responsible of organising and carrying out a variety of responsibilities, including developing study curriculum, suggesting syllabus, holding tests, delivering the results, and affiliating educational institutions. It also provides direction, leadership, and assistance to all secondary educational institutions. The Secondary Education Board, a separate organisation falling under the APBE, is alone in charge of controlling how SSC results are disseminated and how exams are given out. The SSC and OSSC Public Examinations, as well as a variety of other smaller tests that cover the required legislation and credentials, are all authorised to be administered by this company (twice a year).

The AP Board Class 6 curriculum includes social science, which is a required subject. According to the most modern educational standards, the Andhra Pradesh Board properly created the Class 6 Social Science curriculum.

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Regarding the chapters that students will study under the titles of History, Social & Political Life, and Geography, the AP Board Syllabus delves into great detail. The knowledge required for further study can be acquired by Class 6 pupils by understanding the syllabus.

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

S.No. Chapter Name
1 Reading and Making Maps
2 Globe - a Model of the Earth
3 From Gathering Food to Growing Food - The Earliest People
4 Land forms of Andhra Pradesh (Part A)
Penamakuru - A Village in the Krishna Delta (Part B)
5 Salakamcheruvu - A Village on the Plateau
6 Kunavaram - Tribal Villages on the Hills
7 Agriculture in our Times
8 Trade in Agricultural Produce (Part A)
Trade in Agricultural Produce (Part B)
9 Community Decision Making in a Tribe
10 Emergence of Kingdoms and Republics
11 First Empires
12 Democratic Government
13 Village Panchayats
14 Local self-government in urban areas
15 Diversity in our Society
16 Towards Gender Equality
17 Religion and Society in Early Times
18 Devotion and Love towards God
19 Language, Writing and Great Books
20 Sculptures and Buildings

How many chapters are there in AP Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus?

There are 20 chapters in AP Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus.

Why is the AP Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus necessary?

  • The pupils' ability to more efficiently manage their study time will depend on how well-versed they are in the complete curriculum.
  • The AP Board Class 6 Social Science syllabus can help students get a general idea of where they should focus more of their efforts depending on their strengths and areas for development.
  • Given how much easier it will be for them to remember what is covered in each chapter, they will be less likely to accidentally skip any content.
  • The curriculum can help pupils become ready for a range of difficult exams.
  • The best performance on the final exam will come from students who have practised composing their responses and are familiar with the subtleties.

How can I ace the Social Science exam for AP Board Class 6?

It is crucial that you thoroughly prepare and start your review in order to do well on your AP Board Class 6 Social Science exam. Give the complete course of study enough time to be reviewed.

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