Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

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Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

A shorthand for the Directorate of Government Examinations, Andhra Pradesh is the Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh (BSEAP). It was founded in 1953 and operates as a distinct organisation inside the Andhra Pradesh Department of Education. The secondary education system is supervised and controlled by the state board of Andhra Pradesh. It carries out and supervises a range of tasks, including creating lesson plans, creating curricula, administering tests, accrediting schools, and giving guidance, support, and leadership to all secondary educational institutions falling under its purview. The AP Board is in charge of organising and carrying out a number of duties, including creating study curricula, recommending syllabuses, holding tests and reporting inter results, and awarding affiliation to educational institutions. It also offers guidance, example, and help. Exam administration and SSC results distribution are handled by the Secondary Education Board, a separate APBE branch. This company has a licence to administer the SSC and OSSC Public Examinations (twice a year), as well as a variety of other smaller tests that cover the necessary laws and certification.

The AP Board syllabus for Class 8 Social Science includes all necessary information, including the course content, a breakdown of the grades for each unit, the units that students will study throughout the academic year, assignments, projects, and deadlines, demonstrating how the AP Board syllabus for Class 8 Social Science includes all necessary information. The AP Board Syllabus will undoubtedly be useful for Class 8 students as they prepare for their exams for all intents and purposes.

Andhra Pradesh Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

S.No. Chapter Name
1 Reading and Analysis of Maps
2 Energy from the Sun
3 Earth Movements and Seasons
4 The Polar Regions
5 Forests: Using and Protecting Them
6 Minerals and Mining
7 Money and Banking
8 Impact of Technology on Livelihoods
9 Public Health and the Government
10 Landlords and Tenants under the British and the Nizam
11 National Movement - The Early Phase (1885-1919)
12 National Movement - The Last Phase (1919-1947)
13 Freedom Movement in Hyderabad State
14 The Indian Constitution
15 Parliament and Central Government
16 Law and Justice - A Case Study
17 Abolition of Zamindari System
18 Understanding Poverty
19 Rights Approach to Development
20 Social and Religious Reform Movements
21 Understanding Secularism
22 Performing Arts and Artists in Modern Times
23 Film and Print Media
24 Sports: Nationalism and Commerce
25 Disaster Management

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How can I succeed on the AP Board Class 8 Social Science exam?

If you want to perform well on the AP Board Class 8 Social Science exam, it is essential that you adequately prepare and get a head start on your revision. Spend enough time reviewing the entire course of study.

How many chapters are there in AP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus?

There are 25 chapters in AP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus.

What justifies the need for the AP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus?

  • If the students are familiar with the entire syllabus, they will be able to schedule their study more successfully.
  • The AP Board Class 8 Social Science curriculum helps students get a broad idea of where they need to put more time and effort into depending on their strengths and shortcomings.
  • They will be able to keep track of each chapter more easily and avoid unintentional topic omissions.
  • The curriculum itself aids students in getting ready for a variety of challenging exams.
  • Students may practise writing their solutions in order to pick up the subtleties and perform at their best on the final test.

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