CBSE Term-2 Sample Papers 2022 Released : Download The PDF For Class 10

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Check out the links of the sample papers released by CBSE For term-2 Board Exams for class 10 and download them for free here at
Here you can get CBSE Term-2 Model Question Papers  based on the newly revised syllabus for the session 2021-22. Free example question papers for the 2022 Term 2 exams are available to download. For free practise, this platform offers the greatest CBSE Sample Question Papers, Term 2 Model Papers, and Guess Papers. Students can get the most recent CBSE example question papers through the CBSE website. This year's CBSE question paper structure has a lot of modifications. Many changes have been made to the CBSE's new test structure and marking scheme for the 2021-22 school year. The following are some of the new model papers:

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Before checking out the Sample paper links for all the subjects released by CBSE, check out this offiicial circular/notification regarding the sample papers for term-2 examinations released by CBSE on their official website - circular.pdf

CBSE Term 2 Sample Papers 2021-22 for Class-10 with Solution PDF

Class 10 Term-2 Sample Question Paper & Marking Scheme for Exam 2021-22

Subject Term 2
Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Science SQP MS
Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy SQP MS
Elements of Business SQP MS
English (Language & Literature) SQP MS
Hindi A SQP MS
Hindi B SQP MS
Home Science SQP MS
Computer Application SQP MS
Mathematics (Basic) SQP MS
Mathematics (Standard) SQP MS
Social Science SQP MS
Hindustani Music (Melodic) SQP MS
Hindustani Music (Percussion) SQP MS
Hindustani Music (Vocal) SQP MS
Carnatic Music-Melodic Instruments SQP MS
Carnatic Music-Percussion Instruments SQP MS
Carnatic Music-Vocal SQP MS
Painting SQP MS
Arabic SQP MS
Bengali SQP MS
Assamese SQP MS
Bahasa Melayu SQP MS
Bhutia SQP MS
French SQP MS
German SQP MS
Gujarati SQP MS
Gurung SQP MS
Japanese SQP MS
Kannada SQP MS
Kashmiri SQP MS
Lepcha SQP MS
Limboo SQP MS
Malayalam SQP MS
Manipuri SQP MS
Marathi SQP MS
Nepali SQP MS
Persian SQP MS
Punjabi SQP MS
Rai Language SQP MS
Russian SQP MS
Sanskrit SQP MS
Sherpa SQP MS
Sindhi SQP MS
Spanish SQP MS
Tamil SQP MS
Tamang SQP MS
Tangkhul SQP MS
Telugu AP SQP MS
Telugu Telangana SQP MS
Tibetan SQP MS


How to Make the Most of CBSE Sample Papers-

Every year, 2-3 months in advance, the CBSE releases sample question papers for practise. It aids students, teachers, and schools in comprehending the pattern, design, and marking system of the actual question paper. It gives a sense of the question paper's difficulty level and the weighting given to each chapter. It also gives information on any modifications made by CBSE in terms of question paper design and the quantity of questions asked in the board exam for any subject. Here are some pointers on how to get the most out of CBSE sample question papers.

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  • Study the pattern of question paper carefully and note down the major features.
  • Check the weightage given to each chapter.
  • Look for numerical questions and the chapters from these are asked.
  • Have an overview of difficulty level of the questions.
  • Now, revise your notes and check if you missed any important point.
  • If so, add it to your notes.
  • Once you have gone through the question paper, try to solve it in given time.
  • Prefer the time 10:30 am to 1-1:30 pm as it is the actual time the question paper given to you in examination hall.
  • Now get it checked by your teacher/tutor or check it yourself with the help of marking scheme given alongwith the question paper.
  • Download more such sample papers from myCBSEguide app or website and practice them regularly.

How do you study and practise?

Written exercise is frequently avoided by students. It is not something to be taken lightly. Regularly practise example question papers in pen and paper format. It will not only help you improve your writing speed, but it will also help you retain more information. If you write twice and thrice on your own, you will be able to recall the answers for a longer period of time.

Make your own written test.

Examine your errors.

Learn and rehearse the topics that need improvement.

Retake the examination.

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