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Here are some the importance of Class 2 Books NCERT . You can have a look. Also, you can download PDFs.

Class 2 Books NCERT are well-liked by school students.  These books are an absolute parcel of knowledge for school-going students. Not only school-going students, but NCERT books are also very helpful in preparing yourself for competitive exams. The content in these books is structured thoroughly. Moreover, you can easily understand the essence and meaning.

You can access FREE E-BOOKS at Safalta. These books are not just free of cost, but they are also packed with ample knowledge and information related to your studies.

We also provide FREE MOCK PAPERS, which can help you test your own yourself. These papers can help you prepare for your exams in a better way.

Students need a solid base for knowledge, and Class 2th books are helpful. You can find each chapter explained in a simple, comprehensive, and sophisticated manner. CBSE and other state boards suggest NCERT books.

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NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi
NCERT Books Class 2 English
NCERT Books Class 2 Maths
NCERT Books Class 2 Maths in Hindi
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Students can study by themselves using NCERT books.  These can behave as an ideal guidance for school going students. Moreover, most of the questions in CBSE exams appear from NCERT books. Not only school exams, but competitive exams also have most of the questions from these books.

You can download Class 2 Books NCERT for all the subjects in Hindi and English from the link given below-

Class 2 Hindi NCERT Book – Rimjhim Part 2

  • Adhyaay 1. Oont Chala
  • Adhyaay 2. Bhaaloo Ne Khelee Phutabol
  • Adhyaay 3. Myaoon, Myaoon!!
  • Adhyaay 4. Adhik Balavaan Kaun?
  • Adhyaay 5. Dost Kee Madad
  • Adhyaay 6. Bahut Hua
  • Adhyaay 7. Meree Kitaab
  • Adhyaay 8. Titalee Aur Kalee
  • Adhyaay 9. Bulabul
  • Adhyaay 10. Meethee Saarangee
  • Adhyaay 11. Tesoo Raaja Beech Baajaar
  • Adhyaay 12. Bas Ke Neeche Baagh
  • Adhyaay 13. Sooraj Jaldee Aana Jee
  • Adhyaay 14. Natakhat Chooha
  • Adhyaay 15. Ekkee-Dokkee

Class 2 English NCERT Book Marigold Part 2

  • Unit 1: 1. First Day at School
  • Unit 1: 2. Haldi’s Adventure
  • Unit 2: 1. I am Lucky!
  • Unit 2: 2. I Want
  • Unit 3: 1. A Smile
  • Unit 3: 2. The Wind and the Sun
  • Unit 4: 1. Rain
  • Unit 4: 2. Storm in the Garden
  • Unit 5: 1. Zoo Manners
  • Unit 5: 2. Funny Bunny
  • Unit 6: 1. Mr. Nobody
  • Unit 6: 2. Curlylocks and the Three Bears
  • Unit 7: 1. On My Blackboard I can Draw
  • Unit 7: 2. Make it Shorter
  • Unit 8: 1. I am the Music Man
  • Unit 8: 2. The Mumbai Musicians
  • Unit 9: 1. Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair
  • Unit 9: 2. The Magic Porridge Pot
  • Unit 10: 1. Strange Talk
  • Unit 10: 2. The Grasshopper and the Ant


Class 2 English Book – Raindrops Part 2

  • Chapter 1: Action Song (Poem)
  • Chapter 2: Our Day
  • Chapter 3: My Family
  • Chapter 4: Whats Going On?
  • Chapter 5: Mohan, The Potter
  • Chapter 6: Rain in Summer (Poem)
  • Chapter 7: My Village
  • Chapter 8: The Work People Do
  • Chapter 9: Work (Poem)
  • Chapter 10: Our National Symbols
  • Chapter 11: The Festivals of India
  • Chapter 12: The Monkey and The Elephant
  • Chapter 13: Going to the Fair
  • Chapter 14: Colours (Poem)
  • Chapter 15: Sikkim


Class 2 Maths NCERT Book (English Medium)

  • Chapter 1: What is Long, What is Round?
  • Chapter 2: Counting in Groups
  • Chapter 3: How Much Can You Carry?
  • Chapter 4: Counting in Tens
  • Chapter 5: Patterns
  • Chapter 6: Footprints
  • Chapter 7: Jugs and Mugs
  • Chapter 8: Tens and Ones
  • Chapter 9: My Funday
  • Chapter 10: Add our Points
  • Chapter 11: Lines and Lines
  • Chapter 12: Give and Take
  • Chapter 13: The Longest Step
  • Chapter 14: Birds Come, Birds Go
  • Chapter 15: How Many Ponytails?

Class 2 Maths NCERT Book (Hindi Medium)

  • Adhyaay 1: Kya Hai Lamba, Kya Hai Gol?
  • Adhyaay 2: Gino Magar Samooh Mein
  • Adhyaay 3: Tum Kitana Vazan Utha Sakate Ho?
  • Adhyaay 4: Das-Das Mein Gino
  • Adhyaay 5: Paitarn
  • Adhyaay 6: Pairon Ke Nishaan
  • Adhyaay 7: Jag Aur Mag
  • Adhyaay 8: Karo Maze – Das Ke Saath
  • Adhyaay 9: Mazedaar Din
  • Adhyaay 10: Ank Jodo
  • Adhyaay 11: Rekhaen Hee Rekhaen
  • Adhyaay 12: Lena Aur Dena
  • Adhyaay 13: Sabase Lamba Kadam
  • Adhyaay 14: Aate Pakshee Jaate Pakshee
  • Adhyaay 15: Kitanee Chotee Hain?

In Class 2th, students have 5 mandatory subjects, including maths, Hindi, science, English, and social science. You can get Class 2 Books NCERT for all these subjects. A team of well-qualified professionals and experts prepare and frame these books. Therefore, you can have a comprehensive study of each subject with these write-ups. 

As CBSE exam questions usually appear from NCERT books, students who have studied thoroughly from NCERT books and solved questions can score excellent marks in their examinations. 

Maths has a plus point. Students can get marks systematically even if the final answer is incorrect. NCERT books provide a step-by-step solution to maths questions which are again helpful in securing good marks. 
We expect that students enjoying reading this article on Class 2 Books NCERT. Additionally, we also hope that it will be helpful in their studies. Keep studying and stay tuned for additional information on the CBSE examination. 

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Where can I get the Class 2 Books NCERT?

Students studying through CBSE should study with the best materials to score good marks. The NCERT solutions from Safalta are prepared by proficient scholars with the major objective of assisting students in preparing for board exams. 

The answers are also drafted in an explicable language to make education enjoyable for the students. These solutions assist in clarifying the doubts of students that can come up while educating themselves with the chapters. 

Are NCERT books adequate for the CBSE students?

Students studying from CBSE should pick the best study material accessible in the market. 

Experts NCERT solutions from Safalta are framed by experts with the main intention of assisting students to perform well in the exams. The answers are prepared in an explainable language to transform learning into fun. The solutions help in clearing doubts of students that can take place while going through the chapters. 

Does Safalta provide answers for Class 2 Books NCERT?

Yes, you can find NCERT Class 2 Books on the Safalta website. You can get precise and thorough solutions for all questions in NCERT textbooks.

Safalta facilitates your NCERT solutions framed by our subject professionals to provide a precise interpretation of chapters. You can download these books for Class 2 in PDF format. Moreover, you can also use it as a reference to take a rapid reconsideration of all the questions. 

What benefits can Class 2 Books NCERT serve students?

Students who refer to the NCERT books can perform well in their examinations. The solutions are done in a step-by-step format, keeping the CBSE marking in their mind. Moreover, the concepts, both simple and complicated, are drafted easily and interactively.

By learning with the NCERT books, students can get an idea of the type of questions that may appear in the board exams.

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