NCERT Class 8th chapter 7 Conversation of plant and animal

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If you are searching for the solution of your chapter conversation of plants and animals, then this article for you . you find everything in this article which you want.

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We know that forest is very useful for us. It is important to us that is the basis of our life. It gives us pure air. At the same time, it is helpful in providing a clean environment or reduce pollution. It is the abode of all living beings.

Source: Amar ujala

But due to deforestation, an imbalance has arisen in the ecosystem and trees, plants and animals have become endangered.

The following are the reasons for deforestation.....
• To be used for making wooden furniture.
• Clearing the land for farming.
• Use for homes,and factories
• Forestry taken due to drought
 Include In this article
Bio sphere
Bio sphere reserved
National park
Extinct species
Endangered species
Threatened species
Types of threatened species
Red Data book

Due to the continuous destruction of this forest, the lives of many creatures have been put in danger and their species are gradually declining, some are on the verge of extinction, that is why such passages have been prepared by the Government of India. In which protection is provided to these organisms.


Bio-sphere is the area where animals and plants are found.


Biodiversity is the multiplicity of species of wild and domestic animals and plants found in a natural diversity is the result of the biological process of evolution which is continuously active during millions of years.


Flora refers to the plants,trees, found in a certain mango ,sal , silver fern, creeper etc.


Phone refers to all the animals found in a certain area.for example- dag , mouse,bat,ant etc.


The life of a community in any place and the non-living factors found around them have a mutual relationship and both influence each other.The composition function of all the communities and their interactions with their environments are called ecosystems.

Bio sphere reserve

Bio sphere reserve areas are established with the aim of preserving the entire ecosystem. In these reserve areas, animals, micro-organisms, flora and other components of the ecosystem also get protection, for example Nilgiri biosphere reserve.

National park

The natural and forested areas in India are referred to as National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries Preserve. National parks have been created by the central government to provide safe habitat for wildlife.
Eg. Hazaribagh National Park, Dudhwa National Park Jim carbett National Park etc.


Hunting is prohibited in such areas, this entire area is completely safe for forest animals and has been preserved for them.example-Ghana Rajasthan.

Extinct species

Extinct Species Many species or species were developed on the surface in the past, which have now become extinct forever. Dinosaurs, pammaths, red pandas, and dodos, gentian mao, Tasmanian wolf, Cuban, red parrot, Antarctic wolf, Rodrigues are prominent among them.

Endangered Species

 The number of these animals is continuously decreasing indo. The number of buffalo, indigenous cows, goats, sheep etc. is continuously decreasing. Similarly, some species of crops have been reduced. Basmati, Punni, Manchini, Black cumin, Quanri etc .

Threatened species

 There are some species of animals in the world which have not completely disappeared. But they are on the verge of extinction. African elephant, Indian cheetah, vulture, porcupine, blackbuck, reindeer, native chickens etc. are prominent among them. Similarly, many species of crops are also very near to extinction. Savan, Kodo, Foxtail etc.

Types of threatened species


Endangered species:

an animal or plant species that is seriously threatened with extinction. Example: Indian Rhinoceros, Asiatic Lion, Asiatic Wild Ass, etc.

 Vulnerable Species:

A vulnerable species is an animal or plant species that could become endangered unless something changes. Example: Chinkara deer and black buck, golden langur, etc.


 Rare Species:

Species whose population is originally small and distributed in the World.

What is a red Data book?

  Red Data Book is a book that covers all the threatened species,e and Endangered Species. it has many categories, it contains tree plants etc.

Q1-why conservation of plant and animals are important?

ianswer-it is necessary to conserve the plants and animals to protect our environments, it also necessary to protect animals because now a days many animals like tiger,panda, etc are became extinct ,also conservation of plants is so so improtant to control air ,land and soil polutions and cutting of trees should be protected 

Q2-what is conservation of plant?

Answer -Plant Conservation is a broad group of activities which aims to prevent plants from becoming extinct. It includes the direct conservation of wild populations, collections of plants with gardens, education programmes, invasive species control, recovery and restoration work, research programmes, training.

Q3-what do you mean by animal conservation?

Answer- Animal conservation is the act of protecting ecosystems and environments to protect the animals that live there. The importance of animal conservation is immeasurable, at a time where our planet is currently experiencing the sixth major extinction event in the 3.6 billion years that life has been on it.

Q4-what are the ways to save animal?

Answer-  Here is the some way to save the animal given below.....
Spay and neuter. Each year, millions of dogs and cats are put to death in animal shelters. ... 
Never buy an animal from a pet shop. ... 
Never give an animal as a gift. ... 
Take notice and take action. ... 
Support your local animal shelter. ... 
Report abuse. ... 
Keep them safe at home. ... 
Use natural cleaners.

Q5-how can we Conserve the animal and plant lives?

Answer- Some of the steps we can take to conserve our forest resources are as follows:
Regulated and Planned Cutting of Trees: ... 
Control over Forest Fire: ... 
Reforestation and Afforestation: ... 
Check over Forest Clearance for Agricultural and Habitation Purposes: ... 
Protection of Forests: ... 
Proper Utilisation of Forest and Forests Products:

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