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Essay writing : Children’s Day

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This article contains a speech that you can use as a guide when requested to write essay on Children’s Day  .

Every year on November 14th, we mark Children's Day in India. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister, was born on November 14, 1889, in Allahabad. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, often known as Chacha Nehru, adored children. His affection for children was great.


He has always argued that the children of the country are entitled to a happy upbringing and a good education. Because of his love for children , his birth anniversary is celebrated as Children's Day.
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The Origins of November 14th as Children's Day

Because of Chacha Nehru's deep affection for children, the 14th of November has been designated as Children's Day since his death in 1964. This day is observed across the country to demonstrate love and affection to children. Children's Day is widely celebrated at schools and colleges.

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On this day, teachers and students from all schools leave their classrooms to celebrate.

School Celebration on Children's Day

Children are the future's torchbearers. As a result, every school commemorates this day with various events such as quizzes, debates, and cultural programmes such as dance, music, and theatre. Teachers plan and conduct a variety of cultural activities for their students. Chacha Nehru always felt that a kid is the future of tomorrow, hence on this day, instructors often explain to the children the necessity of having a fulfilled childhood in order to create a country with a brighter tomorrow.
Many schools mark the day by hosting sporting competitions. School teachers frequently encourage youngsters from a nearby orphanage or slum to engage alongside their peers. Such actions are very welcome as children learn to share and accommodate everyone in society. Such acts help foster in students a sense of equality. 

On this day, teachers and parents exhibit their love and care for the child by providing gifts, chocolates, and toys. Schools also host a variety of talk shows and seminars where inspirational figures from many industries such as athletics, education, culture, and entertainment come to provide motivational remarks to students.

Other than school-related celebrations

Several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) use this day to support poor youngsters. They also host a number of programmes for poor youngsters. People frequently offer books, food, chocolates, toys, and other necessities to children. They also organise cultural events for orphans in which the children participate in activities such as quizzes, dances, music, sports, and so on. Even rewards and trophies are given to the children. Various awareness seminars are held to inform children about various government programmes for their education, health, and welfare that have been implemented or announced.On Children's Day, certain special shows are broadcast on television. Several publications also publish special pieces on this day, highlighting the incredible ability of children from all throughout the country.


"The children of today will make the India of tomorrow," declared Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. The manner in which we raise children will define the country's future." Children's Day is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate and appreciate Chacha Nehru's great ideas. Children's Day celebrations are an excellent approach to make both children and adults aware that children are the genuine future of the country. As a result, everyone should recognise their role in ensuring that every child has a happy childhood.
The love and care we provide to our children today, regardless of their social or economic background, will bloom as our country's fate tomorrow. The celebration of Children's Day honours this notion.

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