Informal Letter to your Friend Describing About Your School trip

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This article contains a few sample letters that you can use as a guide when requested to write letters to your friends about your school trip .

Traveling is always fun, and school excursions are the most exciting. Every single student's most beloved dream and most treasured memory of their time spent in school are school vacations. You can use the sample letters in this page to ask your friends about their school trips and to inform them of your own.In addition, you can also check out our CUCET English E-book- download for free.

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How to describe your school trip in a letter to a friend

  • Keep your letter to your friend concise and easy to understand; avoid becoming formal. 
  • On the letter's heading, include your friend's address in the "To" field. 
  • Dear [friend name] or Hello [friend name], etc. are good ways to start a letter. 
  • Describe the key tour information, including the destination, the date, and your personal highlights. 
  • Request that your friend give your regards to his or her parents. 
  • Finish the letter by signing your name and adding "your friend" or "yours lovingly."

School trip Informal letter to a friend (format 1)


Friend name,

Dear [friend name],

What's up? I'm fine, and I hope the same for you. I'm writing to you to share my most recent trip with your school to [location], which we visited on [date].

The trip was informative while also being enjoyable for me. 

Our principle sir started the tour, and each student contributed a sum of __ Rs.


On [date], we boarded our school bus, and along the trip, we stopped at numerous breathtaking locations.

We arrived at the place in the afternoon, and we went to a local restaurant for lunch because the cuisine there is delicious. Following lunch, we had a great time playing games and singing songs. We went touring in the evening; the area is stunningly gorgeous with its trees, hills, and waterfalls. The tour is memorable, and having you with us will make it even better. 

Give your parents my compliments; I'll see you soon.

Your Friend
[ Your name ]

School trip Informal letter to a friend (format 2)

Friend name,

Hello [friend name],

I hope all is well with you.

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I'm writing to let you know how my school trip to [location] on [date] went. 

Like every year, our school administration has organised a trip this year as well. This time, we were going to [location]. The train ride was incredible for us. On the train, we played silly shell games and sang songs because we were having so much fun. We all shouted every time the train passed through a tunnel as the train passed through numerous tunnels.

We reached our final destination by afternoon, and we ate the food which we brought from home. After having lunch we have visited all the nearby famous places like [location 1]. [location 2] and [location 3]. Out of all I liked [location] very much, the weather and the scenery were so beautiful there. We started our return journey in the evening on the train.

Although the tour was fantastic, I really missed you. I'll see you shortly. 

My sincere condolences to your parents.

Your loving companion,
[ your name ]

School trip Informal letter to friend (format 3)


Friend name,

Dear buddy,

I'm eager to talk about a recent trip my school took to [location], during which we visited [place]. Although the tour is educational, we had a great time. There are 50 of us in all, and our school bus trip began on [date].

In three hours, we arrived at our destination, which is incredibly beautiful with lots of vegetation and waterfalls. We brought our own meals and snacks that were delicious and were made at school. 

We went touring after lunch, and while there, our lecturers gave us a fascinating historical lesson. I've taken pictures, which I'll email to you soon. 

See you soon. I want to come back here with you and our parents. 


Best regards to your parents.

Yours lovingly
[ Your name ]

Sample letter

Write your Friend a letter to inquire about her school trip.

D-136, Lal Kuan,

House no-3,
New Delhi-110044,

25th July, 2022

Dearest Angel,

I hope your travels have brought you home. I wanted to know how your one-day school excursion to Wonderla Amusement Park went because I recollected you telling me about it last month. 

Several years ago, I visited Wonderla, and I'm sure a lot has changed since then. The wave pool, roller coaster, and water pendulum were all wonderful. I hope you had the opportunity to ride these and a lot of other rides as well. I'm forward to hear about all the fun you had. 

Awaiting your response, please,

Your companion, 


In a letter to a friend, describe how much fun you had on your school vacation.

D-136, Lal Kuan,

House no-3,
New Delhi-110044,

25th July, 2022

Dearest Angel,

What's up? I hope things are good at home. After returning from my school trip, the first thing I wanted to do was to tell you everything that happened. Due to covid constraints, I am unable to travel. Although I would prefer to meet you in person, I thought I would write to you instead of waiting.

It was a very unique experience that I did not anticipate. On Monday morning, we arrived in Hyderabad and booked into the hotel. The lodging was excellent, and the weather was typically chilly and rainy. On the first day, we went to the Charminar and the Golconda Fort. After that, we visited Lumbini Park. Undoubtedly, it's a fantastic location for relaxation. The enormous clock that was created using a variety of flowers was really appealing. No one should miss the musical fountain while in Hyderabad. We visited the Laad Bazaar to shop. I started to think about you as soon as I walked inside the bazaar. It contains all the things we both adore.We relished each second there. However, two of my buddies were seriously harmed when they slipped into the snow. One of them became ill, so she was rushed to the hospital. 

It was undoubtedly a trip to remember, but you and I would make a great duo on a private tour. Let's get to work on our ideas as soon as the COVID restrictions are eliminated.

Your friend ,


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