UPSC Full Form: What Is The Full Form of UPSC?

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UPSC Full Form: Know full form of IAS, IPS, IRS, CSE exams here! Get complete details about Union Public Service Commission and its popular exams at Safalta.com
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Government jobs are most sought after jobs in India. Besides being highly prestigious, government jobs require candidates to crack highly competitve exams. Amidst the many government jobs that are under State and Central Governments, those under the central government remain the top choice of the candidates and amongst the central government exams and jobs, those conducted by UPSC remain highly competitive and sought after as well. So UPSC in itself is something that candidates appearing for competitive exams should know about- ranging from its full form to what exams it conducts.

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In this article we have explained everything about the exam. From UPSC full form to its exams and job roles, we have covered everything to offer clarity to candidates regarding the job opportunities they are going for.

What is UPSC?

The full form of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission. It is an independent constitutional body established on October 1, 1926, directly under the Constitution. It is the primary body under the Government of India which conducts exams to recruit candidates for All India Services, central services and public services of the centrally administered territories. The headquarters of UPSC are in New Delhi. The official website of UPSC is upsc.gov.in.
UPSC conducts a national level exam for 24 services under the Central and State Government of India. UPSC is concerned with conducting the exams and with developing methodologies for the recruitment process. Along with this UPSC is also concerned with matters relating to the promotion and transfer of officers under the Central Government and also in disciplinary matters involving civil servants. 
UPSC is usually recognised with Civil Services Examination that it conducts to recruit candidates to for various Central Government posts such as IAS (Indian Administration Services), IPS (Indian Police Services) and so on. However, Civil Services Examination is just one of the examinations that UPSC conducts. Other examinations conducted by UPSC include:

Full form of UPSC exams

  • Indian Forest Service Examination  (IFoS)
  • Combined Defence Service Examination (CDS)
  • National Defence Academy Examination (NDA)
  • Naval Academy Examination (NA)
  • Indian Engineering Services Examination (IES)
  • Special Class Railway Apprentice
  • Indian Economic Service/Indian Statistical Service Examination
  • Combined Geoscientist and Geologist Examination
  • Central Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandant) (CAPF)
  • Combined Medical Services Examination

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All of these exams are conducted by UPSC and are unique in their own way and are equally prestigious as well. UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is the most recognised one since it is the most competitive exam in the country. It consists of three stages:
  • Preliminary Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview
Candidates who clear these stages are finally recruited to work under the central government and as per their ranks in the final merit list, candidates are allotted different services such as the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Revenue Services (IRS), Indian Foreign Services (IFS) and more.

Know more about UPSC Civil Services Examination here!

Each of the above-listed exams has its own eligibility criteria and service. All of these exams are conducted by the UPSC.

Composition and Structure of UPSC

The UPSC consists of a chairman and other members as appointed by the president of India. There is no specific limit of the composition of the commission. The commission usually consists of nine to eleven members. The Consitution does not mention any specific qualifications for commission's membership, however, it is the one-half of the members of the commission should be such persons who have held office for at least ten years either under the Government of India or under the government of a state. The chairman and members remain in office for a time period of 6 years or until they attain the age of 65 years. 

Currently, Pradeep Kumar Joshi is the chairman of UPSC. 
Thus we see that UPSC is a central body that conducts various exams for the recruitment of eligible and interested candidates. Having learnt about UPSC, candidates must understand that each of the exams that UPSC conducts is competitive in their own way and prestigious as well. There are lakhs of candidates who prepare for these exams, while it is just a handful of them who are finally selected. Thus it is very important that candidates prepare well for the exams conducted by UPSC.

We hope that this article for UPSC Full form and its other details turned out to be useful for you. Keep visiting our website and browse our courses, study material, and mock tests to improve your chances of selection. For expert guidance and selection-oriented learning, join Safalta to crack various exams.


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