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Essay writing : Summer Vacation

Safalta expert Published by: Gitika Jangir Updated Tue, 02 Aug 2022 06:29 AM IST


This article contains a Essay that you can use as a guide when requested to write Essay on Summer Vacation.

Summer vacations are a vacation period that occurs in the middle of the summer season. In addition, due to the extreme temperatures during the summer months, all universities and schools close (Half may and complete June and sometimes first one or two weeks of July). Also, because they are not required to attend school or college during this time, the children can relax and enjoy themselves. Most children visit their native village or go to a cool place like a hill station to have fun with cousins and friends.
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Things to Do During Summer Vacation

Overall, summer vacations are lengthy enough for someone to become bored with them. However, there are numerous activities that will keep you interested and busy during the holidays.


Apart from going on travels, we will examine numerous activities that you can do during your summer vacation.
  • You can participate in any activity programmes or summer camp. They will also provide you with activities on a regular basis to keep your interest alive. 
  • You can also start a new habit, such as reading, writing, collecting, or observing. These behaviours will not only help you in the future, but they will also boost your knowledge. 
  • You can also join sports clubs to learn your favourite sports such as swimming, athletics, boxing, and taekwondo, among others.

Places You Can Visit

The majority of individuals either visit their local village or travel to a cool hill station with their families.

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However, returning to the same location over and over can become tedious after a few years. You can also discover new things about different areas if you travel to them every summer vacation. You can also see new and famous objects or places in that area.
Summer is a scorching month that makes you want to stay inside as much as possible. But if you have the bravery to stand in the sun, you can travel to many places in your life. Furthermore, the vacation lasts about two months, during which time you can visit your hometown or village as well as travel to a new location.

Summer Vacation Activities

Anyone can spend their summer vacation whatever they like, but the greatest way for me to spend my summer vacation is to learn or read anything. Furthermore, learning and reading will not only benefit you in school and college, but will also be highly valuable in the future. However, everyone has an opinion on how to spend their summer vacation. On the one hand, there are those who prefer to spend their time outside, while others prefer to spend their time within.
Summer vacation is a special time of year for kids. As a result, students should aim to spend that time not only playing games but also undertaking activities that will get them more active. They can also do whatever they want at this moment. They can spend time with their parents, friends, and neighbours.

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