Maharashtra Board Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus for Commerce Stream (2022-23)

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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus for Commerce Stream (2022-23)

The 12th standard examination, also known as the Maharashtra HSC Board Exam, is typically given in a covert manner by the MSBSHSE, or Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education. Contrary to common assumption, the 12th grade is truly a crucial year for all students because their performance on this exam ultimately determines which college they will be admitted to. Students should generally follow the Class 12 Maharashtra Board syllabus when preparing for their exams, which for all intents and purposes demonstrates that the 12th grade is essentially a key year for all students since the marks they typically receive on this exam determines the institution in which they will be taking admission.

If you use the MSBSHSE Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus, it will be simpler for you to comprehend the key ideas and topics covered throughout the academic year. By taking a short look at the syllabus provided in this blog, students can acquire an overall understanding of the courses they need to study for the tests. Students should have a thorough understanding of the Maharashtra Board 12th Class Information Technology Syllabus in order to properly plan their studies and perform well on the final exams. The MSBSHSE syllabus typically covers the entire spectrum of subjects' topics, concepts, and subtopics. Your test preparation may benefit from having a solid understanding of the MSBSHSE 12th Class Information Technology Syllabus.

Maharashtra Board Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus for Commerce Stream

Chapter Name Topics
Advanced Web Designing
  • Advanced Web Designing
  • Forms in HTML5
  • Tag
  • Cascading Style Sheets in HTML5
  • Ordered List, Numbered List, Unordered List or Bulleted List and Definition List
  • Audio in HTML5
  • Video in HTML5
  • Image Map in HTML5
  • Inline Frame in HTML5
  • Website Hosting
Digital Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Computerised Accounting with GST
  • Introduction to Computerised Accounting with GST
  • Working of Accounting Software
  • Different Accounting Packages
  • Computerised Accounting with GST Case Studies
E-Commerce and E-Governance
  • Definition of E-Commerce
  • Advantages of E-Commerce
  • Disadvantages of E-Commerce
  • Types of E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Trade Cycle
  • E-Commerce Modes of Payment
  • Forms of E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Technology
  • E-Governance
  • Security Measures in E-Commerce
Database Concepts using Libre Office Base
  • Database Management System Software (DBMS)
  • Introduction to Base
  • Introduction to Data Model
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Functional Units of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • ERP and related technologies
  • ERP and Internet
  • Benefits of ERP
  • Limitations in ERP Implementation
  • Future of ERP

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Is the Information Technology Syllabus for Maharashtra Board Class 12 different in all the streams?

Yes, the MSBSHSE Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus is different in all the streams.

What benefits could be there from viewing the MSBSHSE Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus?

Less effort will be required on the part of the students to better organise their academic schedules and prepare for exams. The most recent Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus for the Maharashtra Board is readily available to students on Safalta's website.

How many chapters are there in Maharashtra Board Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus for Commerce Stream?

There are 6 chapters in Maharashtra Board Class 12 Information Technology Syllabus for Commerce Stream.

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