NCERT Books Class 12 Business studies Chapter 6- Staffing

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Table of Content-
Topics Covered
Starting of the Chapter
Glimpses of the Chapter
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NCERT Books Class 12 Business studies Chapter 6- Staffing is available here. You may find links to Class 12 Business Studies Notes, NCERT Solutions, Important Questions, Practice Papers, and more after each chapter.

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Here, you can learn the NCERT Books Class 12 Business studies Chapter 6- Staffing. Moreover, you can get the links for other chapters to download the links. 

The Chapter Staffing teaches the following-

  • Introduction
  • Meaning
  • Importance of Meaning
  • Evolution of Human Resource Managemnet
  • Staffing Process
  • Aspects of Staffing
  • Training Methods

Staffing Goes Like This-


The foundation of any organisation isthe talented and hardworking people, who are the principal assets of any firm. It is an established fact that the growth of an organisation requires the continual infusion of quality staff. Thus, adequate staffing or the provision for appropriate human resources is an essential requirement for any organisation’s success. It is, therefore, believed that an organisation can achieve its objectives only when it has the right persons in the right positions.


organisation structure, the next step in the management process is to fill the various posts provided in the organisation. This is termed as the management of staffing function. In the simplest terms, staffing is ‘putting people to jobs’. It begins with workforce planning and includes different other function like recruitment, selection, training, development, promotion, compensation and per for mance appraisal of work force. In other words, staffing is that part of the process of management which is concerned with obtaining, utilising and maintaining a satisfactory and satisfied work force. Today, staffing may involve any combination of employees including daily wagers, consultants and contract employees. Staffing recognises the importance of every single person employed by an organisation as it is the individual worker, who is the ultimate performer.

Staffing has been described as the managerial function of filling and keeping filled the positions in the organisation structure. This is achieved by, first of all, identifying requirement of work force, followed by recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, appraisal and development of personnel, to fill the roles designed into the organisation structure. 

In a new enterprise, the staffing function follows the planning and organising functions. After deciding what is to be done, how it is to be done and after creation of the organisation structure, the management is in a position to know the human resource requirements of the enterprise at different levels. Once the number and types of personnel to be selected is determined, management starts with the activities relating to recruiting, selecting and training people, to fulfill the requirements of the enterprise. In an existing enterprise, staffing is a continuous process because new jobs may be created and some of the existing employees may leave the organisation.

Some Glimpses of the Chapter are-

Chapter 6- Staffing

Where can you download ‘Staffing’ PDF?

Candidates can download NCERT Books Class 12 Business studies Chapter 6- Staffing PDF for free on our page. Links are given below.

Chapter 6- Staffing

What topics are covered in ‘Staffing’ Chapter?

The Chapter Staffing contains-

  • Introduction
  • Meaning
  • Importance of Meaning
  • Evolution of Human Resource Managemnet
  • Staffing Process
  • Aspects of Staffing
  • Training Methods

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