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Here is the information about NCERT book for Class 9 Social science. You can give a read to this blog and get PDFs of the subject. 

CBSE Class 9 is an alluring year for the students. It is also a important year because students will be in Class 10th and will appear for their board exams. Whatever students study in class 9 will lay their basis for their higher and upcoming classes. Therefore, the NCERT books for Class 9 Social science assist in preparing for their exams and enhancing the learning skills of the students.

You can access free e-books at safalta. Check free-E-BOOKS here

You can access free e-books at safalta. Check free-E-BOOKS here

These textbooks are created by a team of subject proficient teachers with proper detailing of each thought in the chapters. The topics are covered as per the guiding principle for class 9.Moreover, all the verticals in social science, including history, geography, political science, and economics.

NCERT textbooks also help teachers in preparing homework and assignments for the students, as there is a variety of concepts. Furthermore, these books are very useful in figuring out the understanding and performance of the children.

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Students also become aware of the significance of self-study.

The NCERT Class 9 Social science book is supportive for this concern. The course books are generally drafted in an simple language and interesting manner, making it effortless for the students to understand all the topics.
India and the Contemporary World – 1 (History) भारत और समकालीन विश्व – 1 (इतिहास)
Section I: Events and Processes खण्ड I: घटनाएँ और प्रक्रियाएँ
Chapter 1: The French Revolution पाठ 1. फ़्रांसिसी क्रांति
Chapter 2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution पाठ 2. यूरोप में समाजवाद एवं रूसी क्रांति
Chapter 3: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler पाठ 3. नात्सीवाद और हिटलर का उदय
Section II: Livelihoods, Economics and Societies खण्ड II: जीविका, अर्थव्यवस्था एवं समाज
Chapter 4: Forest Society and Colonialism पाठ 4. वन्य समाज एवं उपनिवेशवाद
Chapter 5: Pastoralists in the Modern World पाठ 5. आधुनिक विश्व में चरवाहे
Chapter 6: Peasants and Farmers पाठ 6. किसान और काश्तकार
Section III: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics खण्ड III: रोजाना की ज़िंदगी, संस्कृति और राजनीति
Chapter 7: History and Sport: The Story of Cricket पाठ 7. इतिहास और खेल: क्रिकेट की कहनी
Chapter 8: Clothing: A Social History पाठ 8. पहनावे का सामाजिक इतिहास
Contemporary India – 1 (Geography) समकालीन भारत – 1 (भूगोल)
Chapter 1: India – Size and Location अध्याय 1: भारत – आकार और स्थिति
Chapter 2: Physical Features of India अध्याय 2: भारत का भौतिक स्वरुप
Chapter 3: Drainage अध्याय 3: अपवाह
Chapter 4: Climate अध्याय 4: जलवायु
Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life अध्याय 5: प्राकृतिक वनस्पति तथा वन्य प्राणी
Chapter 6: Population अध्याय 6: जनसंख्या
Democratic Politics – I (Political Science) लोकतांत्रिक राजनीति (राजनीति विज्ञान)
Chapter 1: What is Democracy?  why Democracy? अध्याय 1: लोकतंत्र क्या? लोकतंत्र क्यों?
Chapter 2: constitutional design अध्याय 2: संविधान निर्माण
Chapter 3: electoral politics अध्याय 3: चुनावी राजनीति
Chapter 4: working of institutions अध्याय 4: संस्थाओं का कामकाज
Chapter 5: Democratic rights अध्याय 5: लोकतांत्रिक अधिकार
Economics अर्थशास्त्र
Chapter 1: The Story of Village Palampur अध्याय 1: पालमपुर गाँव की कहानी
Chapter 2: People as Resource अध्याय 2: संसाधन के रूप में लोग
Chapter 3: Poverty as a Challenge अध्याय 3: निर्धनता: एक चुनौती
Chapter 4: Food Security in India अध्याय 4: भारत में खाद्य सुरक्षा
You can get the PDFs for the Social science book from the links given above. Learning the facts from these books can lend a hand to secure outstanding marks in your annual exams.


How much are NCERT books for Class 9 Social science cooperative in preparing for annual exams?

The NCERT Books for Class 9 Social science have the answers to the questions in course books. These answers are in a thorough and complete manner by covering all the crucial topics that can help the students in preparing for the exams.

Students can learn important topics in a better way and get outstanding marks in exams with this source.

How can I use the NCERT Books for Class 9 Social science?

Students can strongly depend on the NCERT Books for Class 9 Social science as a study material for exam preparations. As all of these textbooks are drafted by a team of proficient teachers after a lot of research on the subjects.

By studying from this course books, students can build a routine of writing comprehensive and appealing answers that will eventually lend a hand in securing excellent marks in their board exams. The PDFs are also created keeping the guiding principles of CBSE in mind.

Is Safalta's NCERT Books for Class 9 Social science accessible in PDF form?

Safalta facilitates the NCERT Books for Class 9 Social science in PDF format. Students can download these. The reference course materials from Safalta are disturbance-free and help students in securing exceptional marks in the board exams. Furthermore, a team of proficient teachers drafts the PDFs. These textbooks are created in high quality, which is simple to study and learn from.

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