5 Different Ways To Make Money as an Online Trainer

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Let's take a look at the various content monetization models.
Source: Amar Ujala
The online learning industry can hit new heights as the country's population becomes more accustomed to using the internet. The Indian online education sector, which was worth Rs 39 billion in 2018, could grow to Rs 360.3 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 43.85%.

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E-learning has rapidly gained popularity due to its ability to include elements such as accessibility, ease, and performance.

In today's world, if you have in-depth knowledge of a subject and basic technical skills, you can make a living by monetizing your content and teaching students online. You will enrich your students' learning experience simply by leveraging the tools available to you by presenting your material online in a variety of ways.

There are several ways to illustrate a concept, ranging from PowerPoint presentations to video lectures, audio recordings, and visual examples, and you can use any or all of them, depending on your students' needs. Let's take a look at the various content monetization models.

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  • On-Demand Ad-Supported Video (AVOD)
One of the most basic monetization models is this. Your videos are legally free for your viewers under this model, but they indirectly pay you by watching advertisements.
A good example of an AVOD site is YouTube. The higher the number of people who see your advertising, the more money you'll make.
This model, however, has a fundamental flaw: it does not account for ad-blockers. Ad-blockers have grown in popularity in recent years, and they can have a significant impact on your ad sales. This is why AVOD should be used in conjunction with other versions.
  • Subscription-based monetization
One of the content monetization models is a subscription-based business model. If your viewers enjoy your content, they can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access your website or content portal.
It will grant them access to your content library, allowing them to learn whatever they want in a structured and orderly manner.
As a content producer, you can estimate your monthly profits to some extent because you can rely on a certain number of subscribers. This model also allows producers to produce quality content to keep and attract new subscribers. As a result, it's a win-win situation for everybody!
  • PPV (Pay Per View)
The pay-per-view model requires users to pay a one-time charge to access unique content (video, audio, ppt, pdf, etc.).
This transactional model is ideal for consumers who only use a creator's services occasionally. You can charge in a variety of ways as a maker, depending on the type of product or service used and the amount of time spent using it.

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  • Premium Membership
Premium membership grants users exclusive benefits such as unrestricted access to exclusive content, substantial discounts, and VIP rewards. Premium membership is normally available for a set period (for example, a month) for a one-time charge.
The goal is to get your users addicted to the content, which will encourage them to renew their subscriptions and spread the word about your product to other potential customers.
  • Affiliate marketing
This is a monetization strategy you can use once your content platform has developed a steady stream of visitors. Typically, business entities in your field of expertise will contact you and request that you do a supported segment during your video lecture.
You'd also have a link to the partnered website to guide viewers there. If you won't get money from the users directly, the company with which you've collaborated will sponsor you.

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