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BSF Constable Salary 2021: Know in-hand salary, allowance, payscale, benefits

Safalta Expert Published by: Himani Mehra Updated Wed, 01 Sep 2021 12:19 AM IST


Check details on BSF Constable Salary 2021 at Get details on in-hand salary, perks, allowances, benefits, job profile, career growth, and much more.
Border Security Force offers a handsome amount of salary and allowances to its employees. BSF Constable Salary is a major factor that makes the BSF Constable post very appealing for a lot of candidates. BSF is a paramilitary force whose primary duty is to provide security and safety to the citizens. Every year there is a recruitment exam conducted to select eligible and interested candidates for the post of constable in BSF. Candidates who are not aware of the salary details that a BSF Constable receives can read this article and know all about BSF Constable Salary, allowances, benefits. Along with that candidates can also familiarise themselves with the BSF Constable job profile and career growth opportunities.

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BSF Constable Salary 2021

BSF Constable salary is decided as per the guidelines of the 7th pay commission. The pay scale for BSF Constable is Rs. 5,200 to Rs. 20,200. Along with this, BSF Constables receive a grade pay of Rs. 2,000. The in-hand salary of BSF Constables is Rs.23,527. Candidates can check the table below to gain more insight into BSF Constable Salary.

Basic Pay

Rs. 21700

Transportation Allowance

(City – A1)


(1200 + 24)

House Rent Allowance

(City – X)

Rs. 2538

Dearness Allowance

Rs. 434

Total Earnings

Rs. 25896

Net Earnings

Rs. 23527


BSF Constable Allowances and Benefits

Along with a handsome amount of salary, BSF Constables receive various allowances and benefits which are as follows:
  • House Rent Allowance 
  • Transport Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Pension
  • Medical Facilities
  • Paid Leaves
  • Gratuity

BSF Constable Job Profile

Candidates joining BSF as constables have to fulfill various duties and responsibilities. BSF as an organization demands that the candidates be responsible and remain committed to the profession. The job profile of BSF Constable includes the following duties:
  • Complete the tasks given by SHO and other senior officers
  • Investigate any case as authorized by senior officers
  • Maintain records and files
  • Act ass guard of escort

BSF Constable Career Growth and Promotion

There are various opportunities for promotion in BSF. Candidates can appear for internal exams to get promoted to senior posts or they may also be promoted on the basis of their experience. The promotion in BSF takes place along the following rank hierarchy:
  • Director General (DG)
  • Special Director General (SDG)
  • Additional Director General (ADG)
  • Inspector General (IG)
  •  Deputy Inspector General (DIG)
  • Commandant (CO)
  • Second-in-Command (2 IC)
  • Deputy Commandant (DC)
  •  Assistant Commandant (AC)
  •  Inspector
  •  Sub-Inspector (SI)
  •  Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI)
  •  Head Constable
  •  Senior Constable

BSF Constable Salary FAQs

Q. What is the basic pay of BSF Constable?

A. The basic pay of BSF Constable is Rs.21,700.

Q. What is the grade pay of BSF Constable?

A. The grade pay of BSF Constable is Rs. 2000.

Q. What are the allowances that BSF Constables receive?

A. The various allowances that BSF Constables receive are: House Rent Allowance, Transport Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Pension, Medical Facilities, Paid Leaves, Gratuity.

Q. What is the in-hand salary of BSF Constable?

A. The in-hand salary of BSF Constable is Rs. 23527.

Q. Are there promotion opportunities available for BSF Constable?

A. Yes, there are various opportunities for promotion for BSF Constable.

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