BSSC CGL Best Books 2022: Check the list of best books for territorial army exam preparation!

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BSSC CGL Best Books 2022: Check the list of best books for BSSC CGL exam preparation!

It is critical to select the ideal book for BSSC CGL preparation. To be eligible for the online test, you must study all of the major topics from the BSSC CGL syllabus. There are three components in this syllabus: Hindi, Reasoning & General Knowledge, and Maths & General Science. Candidates should obtain the following books in order to adequately prepare for each section. The finest books for each subject of the BSSC CGL online test are listed below.

Top BSSC CGL Books for Reasoning and General Knowledge Section

Two portions of the online test will include questions on reasoning and general knowledge. Because this portion is worth 100 points, you must learn every key topic from these disciplines (50 each). Here is a list of the best BSSC CGL books to prepare for this section.




Importance of studying this book

A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

RS Aggrawal

S Chand and Sons

One of the most useful books for SSC CGL reasoning practice. Because this book is only available in English, it is only suitable for those who are fluent in the language.

The questions in this book are more than adequate to pass the SSC CGL reasoning portion. Repeat all of the questions from this book and keep track of your progress.

Perfect Verbal Reasoning By Ajay Chauhan

Ajay Chauhan

Gyanda Publication

The book is comparable to RS Agrawal's book. The enormous number of questions and their explanations set this book apart from others. The book is updated on a regular basis, so it is always a good choice.

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning By Disha Publication

Gajendra Kumar

Disha Publication

High-level questions are included in this book. Solving the puzzles in this book can help you gain confidence in your reasoning skills. 

Rakesh Yadav Reasoning

Rakesh Yadav

Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication


The best book If you wish to answer questions from prior years, go here.

A QR code in the book links you to the answer.

In addition, each topic has been briefly discussed before the questions are answered.

Many pupils appreciate the book's user-friendly layout.

Kiran Publication Reasoning


Kiran Publication

The book has comparable qualities to Rakesh Yadav's Reasoning Book.

The key selling feature of the book is that it comes with a scratch card that the applicant may use to solve the mock papers (15 of them). This would come in handy for candidates with limited financial resources. In these works, the theoretical notion is not well defined and can only be applied to methodically constructed issues.

Banking Reasoning Ability SmartBook (English)


S Chand

Testbook's general knowledge smartbook is a one-stop-shop for practising questions based on Reasoning.


BSSC CGL Book for Maths and General Science:

Name of the Book


Bihar SSC Intermediate & Graduate Level Exam Maths (Hindi)


(Book) Bihar SSC Objective General Science (In Hindi)

Kiran Prakashan


BSSC CGL Book for Hindi

In the online test, this section is worth 20 points. Because there will be many questions based on the English subject, you must comprehend and grasp numerous topics from it. Here are the BSSC CGL English section books that you can use to prepare for the exam.

Name of the Book


BSSC Samanya Hindi Book



SSC CGL Books for English

The level of English in SSC CGL is medium to challenging. Candidates must have an extensive understanding of grammar, comprehensive knowledge, and other topics. Candidates may check the SSC CGL books for English in the table below.

Name of Book



Importance of Studying through this book

From Plinth to Paramount

Neetu Singh

KD Publication

This book, published by a major publishing house, is the Bible of English. Any applicant who has begun studying for the SSC CGL examination should read through the grammar section of this book since it has been presented in a very clear manner. Each topic in this book is followed by a set of questions, which you may answer later by studying the grammatical rules.

This book should solely be used to enhance your grammatical skills. After that, practise the SSC CGL previous years papers to learn about the exam's tendencies.

English For General Competition

Neetu Singh

KD Publication

The characteristics of this book are comparable to those of the plinth to paramount books.

This book can be used by aspirants who need to start from the beginning or who have a weak command of the English language.

Once again, this book should only be used for the grammatical section.

A Mirror of Common Errors

Dr Ashok Kumar Singh

The theoretical section of this book is quite thorough and developed.

The questions in this book are of a higher level, which is necessary for light of changing SSC trends. Another notable characteristic of this book is that it has explanations in both Hindi and English, making it user-friendly.

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis


For students preparing for any competitive exam, this is a must-have book. This book contains the fundamental words, and by referring to it on a regular basis, one can learn new terms. A general recommendation is that after learning the terms in this book, try to use them in everyday situations.

SSC English

Ajay K Singh

MB Publication

The book is beneficial once you have mastered all of the fundamentals of English. The book contains prior year questions that were asked in various SSC Exams. It will give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked on the test.

Objective General English

SP Bakshi

Arihant Publication

This book should only be used once the candidate has completed all of the previous volumes.

The practice questions in this book should only be completed to improve your command of the topic; nevertheless, you should also check the SSC CGL test dates for the most up-to-date information on the forthcoming cycle.

SSC General Knowledge SmartBook In English


S Chand

Testbook's general knowledge smartbook is a one-stop-shop for practising questions based on English.


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Which is the best book for the BSSC CGL?

There are a bunch of great books available in the market for BSSC CGL preparations. You will find the most recommended ones in this article.  

What is the syllabus for BSSC CGL 2022?

You have to prepare various topics from Reasoning & General Knowledge and Hindi, general maths and science to qualify for this exam.

Which is the best book for BSSC CGL General Knowledge?

You can refer to Bihar SSC General Knowledge (Hindi) by Vidya for your preparations as it is one of the best for this subject’s preparations. 

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