CBSE Class 12 Maths Preparation Tips 2023-24

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The subject Math is the most feared subject among students of grade 12. A subject like math requires more quality study rather than quantity study and students often get confused about how to go about it,therefore, keeping this in mind, this article is wriiten accordingly stating the tips which students can surely follow.

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Maths is the most scary subject for a lot of students however it is also the most important one. Maths can be very scoring if you understand the concepts and practice enough. All those students who are going to appear in CBSE Class 12 Board Exams should know the right strategy to prepare the subject. Here we have provided some tips and tricks to help you prepare this subject for Board Exams. Read this article to know CBSE Class 12 maths preparation tips and tricks. 

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Go through the content and the syllabus properly and understand the marks allotted for each topic-

It is highly recommended that students preparing for CBSE Class 12 Math Board Exam 2020 should first focus on (easy to prepare) units with maximum weightage in board exam, because it’ll help to boost your morale, and eventually lay a foundation for you to move on to more difficult topics. Since the weightage keeps on changing from time to time, and it is not fixed, students should go through the changing weightage each year and make sure they are the ones which are officially published.

NCERT books before any other book-

Though extra books can be used as references, the NCERT textbooks provide an extensive range of exercise problems and solved examples on each topic, which is more than adequate to prepare you for your board exams. Keep a reference book beside your NCERT textbooks for rapid clarification on complex concepts, and continue to mark the key and tough questions as you go.

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Plan first, and then prepare-

The most feared component of a paper is the long form questions (5-6 marks), which usually come from one of the following sections:
Calculus, which has a 44 percent weighting, and Differential Equations, which consists of application-based challenging questions, can be extremely score.
The next largest weightage is 17 percent for vectors and 3D geometry. The topics described above are practice-based, and the best method to improve at them is to practice and solve more problems on them. Probability, Relations and Functions, and Algebra each have a ten percent, ten percent, and thirteen percent weighting, respectively. 6% of the time is spent on linear programming. These topics don't necessitate any further practice beyond what you've already done with your NCERT textbooks.


Practicing sample papers and previous years’ papers are a must- 

Examiners follow a pattern of repetition for specific critical questions over a number of years, which is why going over prior years' exams is so vital.
Make a point of doing the previous year's papers while using a timer; this will help you enhance your speed, reasoning ability, and time management abilities.


End rote learning and understand deeply-

It's all about grasping the concepts in mathematics. As a result, cramming will not be of much use on the day of the exam.
Try to grasp the principles of the formulas; they're usually all built on a single conceptual framework, and if you grasp that, you'll be able to avoid memorizing countless formulas.

Self evaluation and self assessment is important-

Begin by identifying your limitations and grey areas as a first step toward feeling less worried. Give several mock tests before the exam and clearly assess where do you stand and what are the mistakes being done, improvise them and again give the mock test. 
Rather than making yourself feel awful about it, devote more time to fixing them. Maintaining a calm state of mind is more important than any preparation.

Presentation is very important-

A student's ability to produce neat work is a non-negotiable asset. Make sure the graphs and figures are appropriately labeled.
Avoid doodling and overwriting; if you make a mistake, strike it out and start over. Always give some breathing room between questions and begin a new part on a new page.

Learn how to manage time-

The reading time is the most important and should be used wisely. This entails thoroughly reading the paper, particularly the sections containing assertions, underlining keywords, and then selecting the highest-scoring questions based on your understanding.
If you're stuck on a question, give yourself some breathing room and keep going. You can come back to it later with a fresh perspective. Always leave 15-20 minutes at the conclusion of the exam to revise and correct your answers.

Some books which are useful if you are solving sample papers are-

  1. Question bank in mathematics class 12 by ML Aggarwal

  2. Shivdas CBSE past 7 years solved board papers

  3. Oswaal CBSE question bank class 12 mathematics

  4. CBSE pattern 15 sample papers mathematics class 12 by Arihant


Here are also some tips by an experienced board paper checker to try to get full marks-

For the sums of Matrix Elementary Operation, do not change rows and columns together in the same sum. For row transformation, change only row, and for column transformation, change only column.
In the Determinant sums, to get full marks, students must use the properties of determinant.
For sums of Indefinite Integral, students must write the constant of integration.
For Linear Programming problems, proper shading of the feasible region is very important. If the region is unbounded, don't forget to draw the kink line.
In the sums of Vector Algebra and 3D-Geometry, do not forget to give vector sign.
In 1-mark questions, always try to write the correct answer of the sum. If steps are correct and answer is wrong, step marking or point marking becomes very difficult.
Students often forget to write this when solving such problems in their Class 12 CBSE Mathematics paper: In such questions, remember not to take log on both sides!

So, cross your fingers and keep practising your sample papers and papers from prior years! These suggestions can ensure you earn a perfect score on your CBSE Maths paper if your preparation is up to standard!
                                                              All the best!!

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