Basic Maths Formula; For Classes 6 to 12 and All Competitive Exams

Safalta Expert Published by: Trisha Bharati Updated Fri, 08 Sep 2023 04:59 PM IST

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Mathematics provides an almost unlimited realm of study and exploration in the area of numbers and related processes. Each branch of mathematics works with a distinct set of problems. The branches investigate new procedures and measuring standards to make day-to-day operations more efficient. When it comes to solving difficult numerical problems in seconds, only formulae can help. If you face difficulties in understanding the formula then enroll in our Safalta School online and can start your preparation with us. Math formulas are not only useful for academic purposes but also for the aspirants aspiring to prepare for competitive exams. All Maths formulas that are covered in the Maths curriculum of classes 6, 7,8,9,10,11, and 12 are covered in one place. 

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A formula is a mathematical statement or unambiguous rule that is expressed by symbols and results from the interaction of two or more quantities.

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Mathematical equations frequently include letters that represent unknown values and are referred to as variables, as well as integers are known as constants and, in some cases, exponential powers. Students have difficulty memorizing the formula; therefore, we have prepared a list of the formulas in one place to make it simple for you. Check out the information below.

Table of Content

List of all Maths Formula and Concepts 

Compound Interest Formula

Equation Formula

Trigonometry Formula

Integration Formula

Percentage Formula

Differentiation Formula

Algebra Formula

Simple Interest Formula

Mensuration Formula

Standard Deviation Formula

Symmetry Formula

Cube Formula

Area Of Triangle Formula

Area Of Circle Formula

Area Of Rectangle Formula

Triangle Formula

Combination Formula

Derivative Formula

Cylinder Volume Formula

Area Of Square Formula

Probability Formula

Variance Formula

Circle Formula

Area Formula

Euler’S Formula

Perimeter Of Triangle Formula

Cos2X Formula

Fahrenheit To Celsius Formula

Perimeter Of Rectangle Formula

Geometry Formulas

Integration By Parts Formula

Mean Median Mode Formula

Volume Formula

Quadratic Equation Formula

Rectangle Formula

Volume Of Sphere Formula

Permutation Formula

Logarithm Formula

Permutation And Combination Formula

Limits Formula

Square Formula


Profit and Loss Formula

Area Of Quadrilateral Formula

Associative Property

Discount Formula

Inverse Trigonometry Formula

Percentile Formula

Perimeter Formula

Slope Formula

Arithmetic Mean Formula

Selling Price Formula

Covariance Formula

Coordinate Geometry Formulas 

Percentage Increase Formula

Exponential Formula

Cosine Formula 

Triangle Formula

Mean Deviation Formula 

Midpoint Formula Ratio 

Analysis Formula

Sphere Formula

Square Root Formula

Trapezoid Formula

Polynomial Formula


Binomial Theorem Formula

Interpolation Formula

Geometric Mean Formula

Correlation Coefficient Formula

Gross Profit Formula

Circumference Formula


Area Of Equilateral Triangle Formula

Distributive Property

Area Of Isosceles Triangle Formula

Arc Length Formula

Commutative Property

Volume Of Cube Formula

Statistics Formulas

Pythagorean Theorem Formula

Differential Equations Formulas

Fourier Series Formula


Sin Cos Formula

Surface Area Of Cylinder Formula

Weighted Average Formula


Binomial Expansion Formula

Rhombus Formula

Calculus Formulas

Parallelogram Formula

T-Test Formula

Temperature Conversion Formula

Matrix Formula

Diagonal Formula

Binomial Distribution Formula

Formula For Angles

Linear Regression Formula


Radius Formula

Trapezoid Area Formula

Factorization Formula


Polygon Formula

Poisson Distribution Formula

Standard Error Formula

Sum Of Squares Formula

Surface Area Formula

Differentiation And Integration Formulas


Isosceles Triangle Formula

Percent Error Formula


Reduction Formula

Prism Formula

Quadrilateral Formula

Sets Formula


Inverse Trigonometric Functions Formulas

Linear Equation Formula

Half Angle Formula


Diameter Formula

Division Formula


Normal Distribution Formula


Ellipse Formula

Vector Formula

Ratio And Proportion Formula

Chi-Square Formula

Definite Integral Formula

Conditional Probability Formula


Factorial Formula

Half-Life Formula

Surface Area Of A Cone Formula

Percent Change Formula

Taylor Series Formula

Algebraic Expression Formula


Lcm Formula

Bayes Theorem Formula

Sine Formula


Z Score Formula

Hyperbolic Functions Formulas

Parabola Formula


Sequence And Series Formulas

Complex Number Formula

Profit Margin Formula


Quartile Formula

Pythagorean Triples Formula

Cube Root Formula

Revenue Formula

Sample Size Formula

Summation Formulas

Trigonometric Functions Formula

Chain Rule Formula

Geometric Series Formula


Right Triangle Formula

Confidence Interval Formula

Determinant Formula

Hyperbola Formula

Pyramid Formula

Integral Calculus Formulas

Prime Number Formula

Arithmetic Sequence Formula

Geometric Sequence Formula

Linear Interpolation Formula

Tangent Formula


Simple Tricks to Learn Mathematics Formulas Easily 

It might be challenging to remember all of the more than hundreds of formulae that are used in a student's life, even throughout their time in school. However, the following advice can help you recall the Basic Math Formulas successfully:

  • You must first comprehend the formulas and the process used to obtain them.

  • Then, you should apply the offered equations to a variety of problems as shown in the Vedantu example papers to practice them.

  • Create study papers that will enable you to quickly review material before tests.

Basic Maths Formula Chart 

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What is a maths formula?

A formula is a fact or a rule that has all the mathematical symbols written on it. An equal sign is often used to link two or more values. When one is aware of the value of one quantity, one may use the formula to determine the value of the other.

Why learning basic maths formulas is important?

The reasons for mastering fundamental mathematical formulae are as follows:

  • All students may finish the curriculum using a special do-learn-do pattern of study with the use of fundamental math formulae.
  • It raises a student's score on entrance exams and board exams.
  • It simplifies preparation and saves time.

What are the basics topics of maths formulas?

  • Area and perimeter of shapes
  • Surface areas and Volumes
  • Algebra
  • LCM
  • Powers and exponents
  • Fractions
  • Percentage, etc

What is the a² + b² formula?

a² + b² = (a-b)² +2ab

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