How Negative Marks Plays Important Role in Bank Exams?

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Negative Marks Role in Bank Exams, Get All Details Here

Negative marking scheme is followed in almost every competitive exam . This concept was first introduced through exam like UPSC , CAT etc and then it was brought forward to banking exams.  Every aspirant however hardworking is afraid of that one thing that can mess up his/ her entire effort - Negative marking .

So what role does  negative mark play in banking exams and what exactly can a candidate do to minimize that . Worry not these questions will be answered in this article where we will address in brief the trick you need to adapt to avoid losing marks through negative marking.

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Many a times candidates  try and avoid questions they're 90% sure of due to fear of negatives . They can be classified as the biggest hurdles between candidates and success.

How does negative marking work ? 

If for a  candidate who  marks a wrong answer in any competitive exam 0.25 marks ( or however much marks is kept as a criteria by the exam body ) is  deducted  from the total score of the candidate , then for marking 4 wrong answers 1 mark in total  will be deducted from the overall final score of the candidate .

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Therefore even hardworking candidates end up losing a lot of  marks in competitive exams due to this .

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Source: Forbes India

Hence , accuracy and discretion plays a very important role in such exams . You should only marks those answers you're very sure about .

How can you reduce negative marking ? 

1. Only answer those questions you're sure about .
2.Do not try to randomly guess the answer of any of the questions .
3. Attempt the questions you find easier first .
4.Get to know the exam pattern and the type of questions through past year papers .
5. Engage in mock tests and past year paper practice regularly as this sections depends heavily on practice and regular touch . If you don't engage regularly you'll soon forget what you've learnt.
6.Keep the difficult questions  for later as they'll end up consuming a  lot of time leaving you with little time for  other questions . 
7.Read each question twice to make sure you understand what exactly it is asking.
8. Practice is the ultimate key to clear the  examination .Instead of regularly changing and switching to different books and websites  do you research wisely at the beginning and stick to it . It'll stop you from being confused and anxious .

We hope that the  abovementioned tips will help the candidates to  avoid getting negative marks in their exams  and help them score well .

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