How To Prepare For Class 12 CBSE History Board Exams?- Know The Full Strategy To Prepare

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Looking for ways to score maximum marks in class 12 CBSE History Exam? Follow these preparation tips to boost your score.

The best method to prepare for History exams is to read as much as possible about the subject. The CBSE class XII examination will last three hours. The exam will be worth a total of 100 points. The pupils should begin by studying all of the sections meticulously. They should study all of the sections that day because it will be taught to them.


Exam questions could include essays on a variety of topics. As a result, students must have a thorough understanding of the subject. 

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When pupils discover that their model exam was a failure, they must start all over again. At times, history can be a difficult topic to grasp.

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There are numerous dates that must be remembered accurately. The greatest approach to learn history is to make up stories about each topic and remember them as stories rather than essays. When studying, pupils can jot down each point. They can jot down these facts and create a timeline once they've finished studying. This will assist the kids in correctly remembering the times and dates.

Aside from that, kids might seek assistance from their teachers. They will be able to assist pupils with some of their most challenging assignments. Students can also get trustworthy guides from bookstores. The exam pattern and solved answers will be included in these guides.

Students should never assume that they will pass the sample exam. The model is merely a warm-up for the main examinations. In the finals, the questions will become more difficult. Students might concentrate on brushing up on previously learned material and attempting to increase knowledge on issues that were not properly covered during the model test session. 

Preparing for the History Exam: Tips & Tricks

Cross-referencing is a skill that students can develop. If they come across any unfamiliar terms or phrases, they can jot them down and check them up on the internet or in an encyclopaedia.
Create stories based on historical events and learn about them by listening to them.
Students will remember historic events and their sequence more easily if they draw a chart and write down the time lines as well as other key details. The notes should be arranged in a logical manner for them.
When they're learning about geographical formations, drawing the map by hand is the greatest way to remember everything. This will make it easier for students to memorise the boundaries and other specifics of the place they're researching. 

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Choose a conducive environment for studying for the History Exam.

The students must ensure that they are not sidetracked while studying. They should sit in a quiet place of their home, away from potential distractions. The library is also a good study spot for pupils. They will not only be able to focus on their studies, but they will also be able to consult books if they have any questions.

While studying for the History Exam, take notes.

Students might use a pencil or a book mark to highlight important points while studying. They will be able to refer to this in the future. It will also help them if they take notes on the most difficult sections. This will be really beneficial to them.

Examine History Exam previous papers.

Students can practise on XII History sample papers that they can purchase. They might also mark the paper according to the CBSE's marking format. By using this strategy, they will be able to focus on their weaker areas.


Eat healthily and sleep soundly.

One thing that students must make certain of is that they have adequate time to unwind and sleep. They won't be able to perform well in the tests if they don't get enough sleep. They will be exhausted and unable to concentrate as they should. They must also eat a nutritious diet. If they consume any form of junk food, it may cause complications throughout the exam. 

Well-written and presented

Students must ensure that their ideas are presented in a comprehensible and easy-to-read format. Aside from that, speed is critical. They will not be able to examine the paper or attempt all of the questions if they do not finish writing on time.

Exam malpractice is never tolerated.

During exams, students must never copy or cheat. They will be excluded from the tests if they are detected attempting the same. Those who have been prevented from taking the other tests will be unable to do so. This will have a significant impact on their career. 

Books to Study for the 12th Grade History Exam

NCERT books are often regarded as the best preparation for CBSE exams. Themes in Indian History Part I - Rs. 60.00, Themes in Indian History Part II - Rs. 70.00, and Themes in Indian History Part III - Rs. 85.00 are some of the greatest publications that can be referred to. 

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