How To Prepare Maths For NDA 2023, Know The Important Tips For Maths!

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Understand How To Prepare Maths For NDA 2023 here with Safalta. Know The Important Tips For Maths!

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NDA/NA (I) 2023 Exam is scheduled to be conducted on 16 April 2023. All those who have applied for the exam must check NDA syllabus and exam pattern to understand the deamnd of the exam. Mathematics is a very important subejct for NDA Exam. If you good command over the subject then you can score good in this section which will help you clear the exam. Here we have provided some important tips to prepare Maths for NDA Exam.


Read this article to know how to prepare Maths for NDA Exam. 

NDA Exam: Important Highlights

National Defence Academy (NDA) is a national-level exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) twice a year. This is a highly reputed and competitive exam. Candidates need to ensure that they have prepared thoroughly to clear this exam. Lets find out how to prepare for NDA.

Exam Name                                       NDA/NA 2023
Conducting Body Union Public Service Commission
Official Website
Exam Type National Level
Eligibility Criteria Unmarried Male & Female candidates can apply
Mode of Application Online
Exam Mode Offline
Duration Mathematics: 2 hours 30 minutes
General Ability Test: 2 hours 30 minutes 

How To Prepare Maths For NDA

Preparing for any examination is not just random efforts leading to success by luck. The preparation for such examination demands much more analytical and well-planned efforts in a definite direction. Without a plan and constant review of progress in a Section like Maths candidates can land up wasting time or getting demoralized. The preparation of Maths for NDA  needs to be approached in a scientific and objective manner. Candidates must know that Preparing Maths is a step-wise process and each preceding step is as important as the next one. Below is the Step Wise analysis of How to Prepare Maths for NDA.

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Step 1: Get to know the Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus and understanding every word of it is essential for examinations conducted by UPSCSyllabus os the first step in understanding how to prepare maths for NDA. A number of hardworking candidates jump into the book without any prior idea of the Syllabus and by its very nature, the vast content of Maths soon becomes overwhelming for them. The list of important topics in the Maths Section as mentioned by UPSC are:

UPSC NDA Syllabus for Mathematics

  • Concept of set, operations on sets, Venn diagrams.
  • De Morgan laws, Cartesian product, relation, equivalence relation.
  • Representation of real numbers on a line.
  • Complex numbers—basic properties, modulus, argument, cube roots of unity.
  • Binary system of numbers.
  • Conversion of a number in decimal system to binary system and vice-versa. Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic progressions.
  • Quadratic equations with real coefficients.
  • Solution of linear inequations of two variables by graphs.
  • Permutation and Combination.
  • Binomial theorem and its applications.
  • Logarithms and their applications.
  • Types of matrices, operations on matrices.
  • Determinant of a matrix, basic properties of determinants. Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix, Applications-Solution of a system of linear equations in two or three unknowns by Cramer’s rule and by Matrix Method.
  • Angles and their measures in degrees and in radians. Trigonometrical ratios.
  • Trigonometric identities Sum and difference formulae.
  • Multiple and Sub-multiple angles.
  • Inverse trigonometric functions.
  • Applications-Height and distance, properties of triangles.
  • Rectangular Cartesian Coordinate system.
  • Distance formula.
  • Equation of a line in various forms.
  • Angle between two lines.
  • Distance of a point from a line.
  • Equation of a circle in standard and in general form. Standard forms of parabola, ellipse and hyperbola. Eccentricity and axis of a conic.
  • Point in a three dimensional space, distance between two points.
  • Direction Cosines and direction ratios.
  • Equation two points.
  • Direction Cosines and direction ratios.
  • Equation of a plane and a line in various forms.
  • Angle between two lines and angle between two planes. Equation of a sphere
  • Concept of a real valued function–domain, range and graph of a function.
  • Composite functions, one to one, onto and inverse functions. Notion of limit, Standard limits—examples.
  • Continuity of functions—examples, algebraic operations on continuous functions.
  • Derivative of function at a point, geometrical and physical interpretation of a derivative—applications.
  • Derivatives of sum, product and quotient of functions, derivative of a function with respect to another function, derivative of a composite function.
  • Second order derivatives.
  • Increasing and decreasing functions.
  • Application of derivatives in problems of maxima and minima.
  • Integration as inverse of differentiation, integration by substitution and by parts, standard integrals involving algebraic expressions, trigonometric, exponential and hyperbolic functions.
  • Evaluation of definite integrals—determination of areas of plane regions bounded by curves—applications.
  • Definition of order and degree of a differential equation, formation of a differential equation by examples.
  • General and particular solution of a differential equations, solution of first order and first degree differential equations of various types—examples. Application in problems of growth and decay.
  • Vectors in two and three dimensions, magnitude and direction of a vector.
  • Unit and null vectors, addition of vectors, scalar multiplication of a vector, scalar product or dot product of two vectors.
  • Vector product or cross product of two vectors. Applications—work done by a force and moment of a force and in geometrical problems.
Statistics :
  • Classification of data, Frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution—examples.
  • Graphical representation—Histogram, Pie Chart, frequency polygon— examples.
  • Measures of Central tendency—Mean, median and mode. Variance and standard deviation—determination and comparison.
  • Correlation and regression.

Probability :
  • Random experiment, outcomes and associated sample space, events, mutually exclusive and exhaustive events, impossible and certain events.
  • Union and Intersection of events.
  • Complementary, elementary and composite events. Definition of probability—classical and statistical—examples.
  • Elementary theorems on probability—simple problems.
  • Conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem—simple problems.
  • Random variable as function on a sample space.
  • Binomial distribution, examples of random experiments giving rise to Binominal distribution.

Weightage Of Various Section In Maths

How to prepare for maths can be simplified if candidates have knowledge of topics wise weightage of maths section. The topics wise distribution of these sections in the NDA Syllabus is mentioned below:
Topic Questions
Calculus 20-25
Quadratic equation 20-15
Matrices & Determinants 30
Probability 10
Trigonometry 30
Complex number 10-15

Step 2: Go Through Previous Year Papers

 The next important step is to go through the previous year's questions.  The previous questions by UPSC are essential as it helps to:
  1. Understand the pattern of examination.
  2. Know the standard of examination.
  3. Know UPSC's method of framing questions.
  4. Understand the important and recurring themes and questions.
  5. Often the questions are repeated in the examination, which might give the edge to candidates.
The papers set by UPSC are framed in a way that they focus on conceptual aspects of the syllabus. 

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Step 4: Best books for Mathematics

It is important that candidates must choose a good book for the Mathematics section of NDA. Candidates must make the most of the resources mentioned below. They should understand the concept and then practice a sufficient number of questions. The candidate's aptitude in mathematics is mainly tested in this phase. The following is a list of best books that students might use to prepare for the NDA exam's Mathematics section:

Name of Book

Author & Publication


National Defence Academy and Naval Academy

R S Aggarwal

This book will help you in your Mathematics Preparation to get a high score on a maths paper

NCERT Class 11 and 12 books - For building basics and command over concepts
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive exam  RS Aggarwal For quant section 
NDA and NA examination: Previous solved papers  R Gupta To solve previous year's questions 


If you have the time, you can also take the Pathfinder NDA Examination to improve your overall NDA exam preparation. This book contains all components of the NDA examination in a chapter-by-chapter manner. NDA There are also previous year papers to practice with.

Step 5: Revision

The ability to revise is crucial to success. Candidates should take brief notes of all the important formulas and tricks and review them on a frequent basis. This will aid candidates in remembering it for a longer period of time. On the other hand, try to keep at least one week before the exam.

Step 6: Solve Previous Year Papers Along with Test Series By Safalta.

Practise is essential to perform well in the examination. Question papers will help you to know your mistakes, strong points, and weak areas. Solving question is also a good way of revision. Join Now- NDA 2022 Free Mock Test Series for best questions and test your preparation.

Read More

Step 7: Be Consistent and stay focused:

There may be times when you might feel bored or think that you cannot make it. Do not panic in such situations. It is the time when most candidates go out of the race. 
Be consistent in your studies and believe in yourself. Avoid negative people and always stay motivated.

You can check out the most reliable - UPSC NDA/NA (II) 2022 Study Material: Download Free Study Material For NDA/NA Exam Here!

What is the exam pattern of NDA 2023?

NDA recuitment process involves two stages- first is the written exam and those who qualify the written exam have to appear for the SSB interview and clear the same to be finally selected into NDA.

When will NDA (I) 2023 be conducted?

NDA I 2023 will be conducted on 16 April 2023.

Which is the best bokks for NDA Exam Preration?

The list of best books has been mentioned above.

What is the weightage of maths in NDA?

NDA Maths paper 2021 carries 120 questions. The maximum marks of the NDA Maths exam are 300. That is maths has 1/3 of weightage in the GAT paper.

Can you clear NDA without good maths?

Clearing NDA without maths is extremely difficult. Now you need to pass sectional cut off too so NDA without maths is a thin possibility.

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