INET (Officers) Salary and Job Profile 2021:In-hand salary, allowance, perks, and other benefits

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Check out INET (Officers) Salary and Job Profile here with Safalta. Get details on in-hand salary, allowance, nature of work, and career prospects of INET officers.

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Indian Navy is expected to release the notification for the Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET). INET is conducted to recruit officers in the navy through permanent or short services commission. The exam is a good opportunity for those willing to make a career in the navy and serve the defense forces. INET Officers Salary and Job profiles can be one of the inspiring aspects for candidates. Navy offers a life beyond ordinary, filled with challenges and growth opportunities.


The salary of officers in the navy is very lucrative and rewarding, they are paid a number of allowances depending upon the nature of service and job profile. INET Officers Salary is as per the recommendation of 7 th pay commission. The candidate on being commissioned into the navy as Lutienet will draw a salary of around Rupees 8 lakh per annum to 12 Lakh per annum. In this space, we will cover the salary and job profile of officers in the navy. Now you can live your dream of serving in the forces prepare with us and subscribe to Safalta's free course, download the Safalta App

INET Officers Salary Structure 

The salary structure for all the officers is as per the 7 th CPC. The salary structure consists of basic salary, allowances, deductions, and add on or special benefits. The salary for officers varies as per their rank and area of specialty. The details of salary rank wise are covered below, the details are from the official website of Indian Navy.
SUB LIEUTENANT 10 56100-177500 15500
LIEUTENANT 10B 61300-193900 15500
LIEUTENANT COMMANDER 11 69400-207200 15500
COMMANDER 12A 121200-212400 15500
CAPTAIN 13 130600-215900 15500
COMMODORE 13A 139600-217600 15500
REAR ADMIRAL 14 144200-218200 NIL
VICE ADMIRAL 15 182200-224100 NIL
DGAFMS 17 225000 NIL

INET Officers Salary - Allowances

The allowances make the overall salary of navy officers attractive and rewarding. Allowances are given as a percentage of basic salary. The allowances are paid to cover official expenses that may be incurred or to provide security against inflation. The allowances are also paid as per the difficulty of work. The detailed allowances are given below.
Allowance To whom Granted Rate Per Month (in Rs.)
FLYING Qualified Pilot / Observer 25000 / pm
SUBMARINE Qualified Submariner 25000 / pm
MARCOs Qualified as MARCOs 25000 / pm
DIVING QUALIFIED Ship Diver 900 / pm
SEA GOING All Naval Officers serving Onboard Ships (Sailing only) 10500 / pm (This allowance is granted on pro rata basis, on condition that the sea vessels should be deployed for a minimum 4 hrs in a day)
TECHNICAL Technical Officers 3000 - 4500 / pm depending on courses qualified
INSTRUCTIONAL All Officer posted as Instructor Not yet notified
HARD AREA All Officers posted in Hard Area as declared by Govt. 20% of Basic Pay
UNIFORM All Officers Not yet notified
HOUSE RENT To Officers not provide Govt. Accommodation 24%, 16%, 8% of Basic Pay
TRANSPORT All Officers 7200 / 3600 (+DA thereon)

INET Officers Job Profile 

The job profile of officers is exciting and varies as per their area of service. Overall officers are supposed to lead men under them as and when required. The navy officers are also responsible for the overall security of the Indian Naval Territory. The detailed job profile for navy officers is mentioned below.
  1. As an Engineer Officer, one will get an opportunity to operate and maintain the Marine Engineering equipment onboard ships/submarines/aircraft.
  2. The Hydrographic Officer operates from highly sophisticated platforms to conduct surveys at sea. They not only operate in territorial waters of India, but on the high seas, depending upon the requirement. Surveys are also carried out in foreign waters, as and when called upon by friendly foreign nations. 
  3. Naval Pilots operate fighter aircraft and helicopters from aircraft carriers and ships at sea as well as maritime reconnaissance aircraft.
  4. As an airborne tactician, you will fly on board helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft of the Indian Navy. You will get an opportunity to participate in all facetsof Naval Operations on board Maritime Patrol aircraft and state-of-the-art helicopter.
  5.  Logistics Officer will be responsible for smooth supply of stores to all naval ships/units. Officers with Works Specialisation would get a wide exposure in Civil Work and Infrastructure-related appointments.
  6.  Indian Navy operates various types of modern aircraft from shore based airfields as well as from ships. Air Traffic Control Officers in the Indian Navy control naval fighter aircraft, maritime reconnaissance aircraft and multi-role helicopters both ashore and afloat.
  7. Primary duty of the officer in the Dept. Of JAG(Navy) is to attend Courts Martial as Trial Judge Advocate wherein he decides all questions of law arising in the course of trial. An officer in this Department is expected to render advice and assistance to ships/ establishments / units of the Indian Navy in dealing with disciplinary matters, monitoring court cases and also in pursuing litigation in the various courts at various levels
  8. As a Sports entry officer, you will serve as Physical Training Officers at various establishments, Secretary/Assistant Secretaries at INSCB/INSCCs where you would have to look after various facets of sports management. Sports Officers serve at Command Headquarters/Establishments. You will nurture and train some of the finest sportsmen of the Navy for national/international competitions.

INET Officers Carrer Growth 

From time to time naval officers are promoted to the hierarchy of the navy. Promotions are based on seniority and work experience. The naval officers have to undergo a number of tests in order to get promoted. Various ranks on promotion are mentioned below.
Rank Badge / Insignia
Admiral Admiral Badge Admiral Insignia


Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Badge Vice Admiral Insignia


Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Badge Rear Admiral Insignia


Commodore Commodore Badge
Captain Leading Rate Badge
Commander Commander Badge
Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander Badge
Lieutenant Lieutenant Badge
Sub Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant Badge
Midshipman Midshipman Badge

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