Preparation Tips for SBI Clerk Quantitative Aptitude

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How to prepare for SBI Clerk Quantitative Aptitude 2022 ? Check here at .

Every year, lakhs of banking exam candidates sit the SBI Clerk exam. The sole purpose is to begin a job at the State Bank of India, the country's largest public sector bank. We have witnessed several applicants struggle with the Numerical Ability/Quantitative Aptitude section. They frequently struggle to prepare and then perform effectively in this area. But don't worry.


This essay focuses on the Quantitative Aptitude component of the SBI Clerk test. 

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SBI Clerk 2022 : Syllabus

  • Series
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Data Interpretation
  • Whole numbers & Decimals
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • LCM & HCF
  • Percentages
  • Averages
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • Profit and Loss, Discount
  • Partnerships
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Problems on Trains, Boat and Stream
  • Mixture and Alligation
  • Time & Distance/Time & Work
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability

SBI Clerk 2022 : Exam Pattern

The table given below consists of SBI Clerk 2022 Exam pattern 
Prelims Pattern for QA Section Mains Pattern for QA Section
No. of questions: 35
Total marks: 35
Total time: 20 minutes
Marks per correct answer:1
Negative Marking for incorrect answer: 0.25
No. of questions: 50
Total marks: 50
Total time: 45 minutes
Marks per correct answer:1
Negative Marking for incorrect answer: 0.25

Preparation tips for Quantitative Aptitude 

We will go over some of the concepts from Quantitative Aptitude that receive the most questions each year in depth.

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We've talked a lot about how you should approach these topics.

SBI Clerk 2022 : Series Questions

In such queries, a succession of numbers is offered. They are all linked.
Best of all, once you discover the pattern, solving the problem becomes a piece of cake. There might be numerous patterns. namely.,
  • The Prime Numbers
  • Squares and cubes
  • Differences reveal patterns
  • Alternate number pattern
  • Geometric sequence
  • The odd one out
  1. Don't rush to solve those issues. Allow yourself considerable time and absolute precision.
  2. If you don't rehearse such a question, you could wind up spending 10-15 minutes and still not having an answer. This will cost you not only marks, but will also result in bad handling of the other areas of the paper.
  3. So here's the mantra: practise, practise, practise. Begin by going over the fundamental series questions.
  4. For the rest of the days, answer five series questions per day. This will quicken your pace, expose you to more series combinations, and prepare you for the most challenging seating arrangement questions by the time you take the exam.

SBI Clerk 2022 : Interpretation of Data

  • Data Interpretation is a critical element in the Quantitative Aptitude section.
  • If you follow the recent question trend, the Quantitative portion will almost probably include one or more DI questions.
  • Read the questions carefully and think about what is being asked. Do not start solving the problem and figures as soon as you see them. Read and comprehend what is being asked. Sometimes a few of issues will arise that do not necessitate any calculations.
  • Examine your options. Some questions are frequently easier to answer than others. Identify and fix these issues as soon as possible.
  • Answer each question one at a time. If you ponder about the next or prior question, you will purposefully waste time and answer the question incorrectly.
  • Examine the entire question and move on to the next if you believe it will take longer to solve.

SBI Clerk 2022 : Sufficient Data

  • Read the statements and don't make assumptions based solely on the data.
  • Don't try to address the problem: Consider whether the information in the statements will provide a response to the question. These concerns do not necessitate significant and exhaustive calculations. But if you continue to conduct a lot of computations, there must be something you're missing.
  • Use and combine the first and second statements. It is sufficient to react to the first statement if you receive an answer.
  • If the first statement is insufficient to discover the answer, combine the second statement with the primary statement. If you can acquire the answer, you can answer using only the second sentence.

Last year Questions

How many questions per topic can you expect in the SBI Clerk Prelims exam .
Topic Total No. of Q = 35
Series 5Q
Simplification 5Q
Quadratic Equation  5Q
DI/Caselet DI  10-15 Q
Arithmetic  10Q-12Q

Important Points to Remember

  • Every day, practise 1-2 Data Interpretation questions.
  • Learn to count up to 20 tables, 40 squares, and 20 cubes.
  • Learn all calculation tricks, such as multiplication and addition.
  • Simplification, Series & Quadratic Equations: Practice these at a stretch for the next 10 days. They are worth 15 points. The more questions from these subjects you solve, the faster you will be able to solve them during the exam.
  • Arithmetic chapters will alter your life. So practise as many questions from a single topic as you can. You will be asked multiple problems based on Arithmetic Word Problems, which are normally simple to solve if you practise them enough.
  • In such competitions, you cannot get any question wrong. Be precise in whatever you do in one go.
  • Take only one or two subjects at a time. It is especially important to take one step at a time when exploring a new or subjectively challenging issue.
  • Allow one hour every day for Quantitative Aptitude preparation.
  • Then spend three days on each topic, answering as many questions as possible.
  • Determine your weak points and try them again.
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