SBI Clerk Practice Set Part 1, Check here SBI Clerk Exam Practice Question

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Direction 1-5): In the following questions, a sentence is divided into five parts with one of the parts of each sentence is highlighted in bold suggesting the grammatically correct part of the sentence. Out of the four other parts, choose the part of the sentence which contains grammatical or contextual error in it. If the given sentence is both grammatically correct and contextually meaningful, choose option (e) i.e., “No error” as your answer.

1)This round of conflict between Puducherry Chief Minister V.Narayanasamy and Lt. Govornor Kiran Bedi has been more serious than those in the past.

(a) Conflict
(b) Puducherry
(c) Govornor
(d) Serious
(e) All are Correct

Ans:3, Exp: Govornor- Governor

2) He has been opposing what he calls Ms.

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Bedi‘s ―high-handedness‖ and tendency to interfeirin the administration.

(a) opposing
(b) tendency
(c) interfeir
(d) administration
(e) All are Correct


3) Under the Constitution, the territory belongs to the President, who runsit through the L-G as Administrator.

(a) Constitution
(b) territory
(c) President
(d) Administrator
(e) All are Correct

Ans:5, Exp: All are correct

4) The Socialists are expected to emerge as the single largest party in April, but well short of a clear majoriti.

(a) Socialists
(b) emerge
(c) largest
(d) majoriti
(e) All are Correct

Ans:4, Exp: majoriti- majority

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5) Sewage pipes and drains represent the bleaker side of India‘s struguleto modernise its cities.

(a) Sewage
(b) represent
(c) bleaker
(d) strugule
(e) All are Correct


Following questions are based on five words given below: RICH PICK FLAT SOUL ROAR (Note: The words formed after performing the given operations may or may not be meaningful English words.)

6) If all the letters in each of the words are arranged alphabetically (within the word), how many words will remain unchanged?

(a) One
(b) Two
(c) None
(d) Three
(e) Four

Ans - (c) None Solution - RICH⇒CHIR, PICK⇒CIKP, FLAT⇒AFLT, SOUL⇒LOSU, ROAR⇒AORR Hence, none such word remain unchanged

7) If the given words are arranged in the order as they would appear in a dictionary from left to right, which of the following will be second from the right?

(a) SOUL
(b) PICK
(c) RICH
(d) FLAT
(e) ROAR


8) If last letter in each of the words is changed to next alphabet in the English alphabetical order, how many words having two vowels (same or different vowels) will be formed?

(a) Four
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Three
(e) None

Ans. (a) RICI PICL FLAU SOUM ROAS Hence, four word has two vowel if the last letter of all the words is changed to the next letter of the English alphabet.

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9) How many letters are there in the English alphabetical series between the second letter of the word which is second from the right and the second letter of the word which is second from the left of the given words?

(a) Two
(b) Five
(c) Six
(d) Nine
(e) Three


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(b) RICH PICK FLAT SOUL ROAR Hence, five word has between O and I in the English alphabet. I J K L M N O

10) If in each of the given words each of the consonants is changed to previous letter and each vowel is changed to next letter in the English alphabetical series, in how many words thus formed will no vowels appear?

(a) None
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) More than three
(e) Three

Ans. (e) QJBG OJBJ EKBS RPVK QPBQ Hence, Only OJBJ and EKBS has one vowel.

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