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UPSSSC PET 2021 Exam Analysis Shift I: Get details on subject-wise questions, difficulty level and more

Safalta Expert Published by: Himani Mehra Updated Wed, 25 Aug 2021 11:05 AM IST


Check UPSSSC PET 2021 Exam Analysis for Shift I paper here at Get details on difficulty level of the paper and nature and number of questions from different subjects.
Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Board conducted UPSSSC PET Exam 2021 on 24 August 2021. Candidates who qualify this exam will be eligible to appear for the next stage of various government exams in Uttar Pradesh. The marks obtained by candidates in UPSSSC PET Exam are valid for one year after the declaration of the result. In this article we have provided a detailed analysis of UPSSSC PET Exam 2021 shift I paper. Candidates can go through this article to understand the nature of questions and the difficulty level in UPSSSC PET 2021. If you are preparing for competitive exams and are looking for expert guidance, then download our app- 'Exam Taiyari App' and boost your preparation. Prepare for any competitive exam with Free Courses, E-books, and Mock-Tests on Safalta App.


UPSSSC PET Exam Ananlysis 2021

A total of 20,73,540 candidates had applied for UPSSSC PET Exam. As per some of the candidates who had appeared for the examination in shit I, the question paper was lengthy and time consuming. The paper was moderately difficult. The timings for shift I were 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM & 100 multiple choice questions were asked from different topics. The details regarding the number of questions asked from different topics are as follows:
Topics Total Questions
Analysis of 2 unread passage 10
Current Affairs 10
General Awareness 10
Graph interpretation and analysis 10
Table interpretation and analysis 10
Elementary Arithmetic 5
General English 5
General Hindi 5
General Science 5
Geography 5
Indian Constitution & Public Administration 5
Indian Economy 5
Indian History 5
Indian National Movement 5
Logic & Reasoning 5
Total Questions/Marks 100

UPSSSC PET Exam Analysis: Questions Asked

The kind of questions asked in the exam are given below:
Subject Questions
  • Salal Dam is in which state?
  • Nearest Planet of Earth?
  • Baksa national park is at?
  • Smallest State in India wrt area?
  • How many states touch the nepal border?
  • Which of the following river originates from the Himalayas?
  • Khetri Mines produce which mineral?
  • Which Bird Sanctuary is located in Bharatpur?
Indian Constitution & Public Administration
  • Objective Proposal was proposed by?
  • Article 29 protects the interests of?
  • Tenure of Rajya Sabha Members?
  • PM of India in 1991?
  • Right to education comes under which article?
  • The parliamentary system belongs to which of the following country?
  • First President of India?
  • How many countries are there in SAARC?
  • Official Language of Lakswadeep?
  • Panchayati Raj Comes under which part of the constitution?
  • Village Panchayat article?
  • Economical Equality given in which article?
Current Affairs
  • Indian flag bearer in the Olympics 2021?
  • Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme is launched by which state?
  • CM of Tamilnadu?
  • Global Peace Index 2021 india’s rank?
  • highest tally of medals in Tokyo olympics?
  • Current RBI Governor?
  • Who is the Brand Ambassador of VIVO?
  • New PM of Israel?
  • Where was project BOLD launched?
  • Namaste Yoga App was launched by which ministry?
  • United Nations Day Celebrated on?
General Awareness
  • First Olympic gold Indian Women?
  • Onam festival is celebrated in which state?
  • International Court of Justice headquarters?
  • Arjuna Award is given for?
  • Navakalevara festival is of which state?
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia?
General English
  • Synonym of Famous?
  • Antonym of Transparent?
  • Antonym of keen?
Logical Reasoning
  • Odd One Out – Butter, Curd, Oil
General Science
  • The formula of Bleaching powder?
  • How much gold is there in 18 Carat?
  • Which vitamin is present in oranges?
  • Distance in one light Year?
  • Si unit of Resistance?
  • The acid in Lemon?
  • Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?
  • Word for Study of humans?
Indian Economy
  • Who decides bank rate?
  • SBI was established in?
  • Full form of FEMA?
Indian History
  • Khajuraho temples were built by?
  • author of Indica?
  • Battle of chanderi?
  • Who is the Grand Old Man of India?
  • Who was the Governor-General of Bengal?
  • Founder of Ramkrishna Mission?
  • Father of White revolution?
  • Who Introduced Doctrine of lapse?

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UPSSSC PET Exam Analysis FAQs

Q. How many questions were asked in UPSSSC PET Exam 2021?

A. A total of 100 questions were asked in UPSSSC PET Shift I Exam.

Q. Is there negative marking in UPSSSC PET Exam?

A. Yes, there is negative marking in UPSSSC PET Exam. 0.25 marks are deducted for every incorrect answer.

Q. When will UPSSSC PET 2021 answer key be released?

A. UPSSSC PET answer key will be released soon on the official website UPSSSC.

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