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UPSSSC PET Exam Syllabus 2021: Download Free Syllabus PDF Here!

Safalta Expert Published by: Himani Mehra Updated Tue, 15 Jun 2021 06:00 PM IST


Download UPSSSC PET Syllabus 2021 free pdf for the teaching exam at Safalta. Check detailed syllabus, important study topics, preparation tips, and updated exam pattern for UPSSSC PET recruitment here!
UPSSSC PET Syllabus 2021 highlights all the important topics that candidates should cover while preparing for UPSSSC PET 2021. The notification for UPSSSC PET 2021 was released on May 24, 2021. Candidates can apply for UPSSSC PET 2021 till June 21, 2021. The exam dates will be soon announced as well. 
  • Preliminary Eligibility Test has replaced the preliminary exam of various UPSSSC recruitment such as UP Assistant Statistical Officer, UP Lekhpal, UP Village Development Officer, etc.
  • Candidates have to first clear PET in order to be eligible to sit for the UPSSSC Mains exam for Group B and C posts.
Candidates must start preparing for UPSSSC PET 2021 and before they begin their preparations they must be thorough with the syllabus of the exam so that they cover or spend time on those topics which are included in the syllabus for the exam. :

Download UPSSSC PET Syllabus 2021- Click Here

An Overview of UPSSSC PET Syllabus 2021

As previously stated, the UPSSSC PET consists of 100 questions worth a total of 100 points. We've put together a complete syllabus for the UPSSSC PET Exam, which you can find below:

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: General Hindi

Subject Topics

 General Hindi
Treaty (सन्धि)
Antonyms words (विलोम शब्द)
A word for phrases (वाक्यांशो के लिए एक शब्द)
Synonym words (पर्यायवाची शब्द)
Gender (लिंग)
Equivalent words (समश्रुत भिन्नार्थक शब्द)
Common errors (सामान्य अशुद्धियां)
Idioms (मुहावरे लोकोत्तियां)
Writers and compositions – prose and poetry (लेखक एवं रचनाएं – गद्य एवं पद्य)
Unseen passage (अपठित गद्यांश)

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: General Science

Subject Topic Name
General Science Basic Physics
Basic Chemistry
Basic Biology

UPSSSC PET Syllabus: Elementary Arithmetic

Subject Topic Name
 Elementary Arithmetic Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals
Simple Arithmetic Equations
Exponent and Powers
Square and Square Roots

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: General English

Subject Topic Name
General English English Grammar
Questions on Passage

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: Logic & Reasoning

Subject Topic Name
Logic & Reasoning
Order & Ranking
Blood Relations
Calendar & Watch
Cause & Effect
Coding-Decoding – Numbers and Letters
Conclusive Reasoning
Large and Small
Negative Reasoning – Statement Analysis and Decision

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: Current Affairs

Subject Topic Name
Current Affairs National Current Affairs
International Current Affairs

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: General Awareness

Subject Topic Name

Free Study Materials

Start Your Preparation with Free Courses and E-Books

General Awareness
India’s Neighbors
Countries, Capitals, and Currencies
The Indian States & UTs
Indian Parliament
National and International Days and their Importance
World Organization and Headquarters
Indian Tourism Destination
Indian Art & Culture
Indian & International Sports
Indian Research Institutes
Books and Authors
Awards and Honors
Climate Change and Environment

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: Indian History & National Movement

Subject Topic Name
Indian History and National Movement
Indus Valley Civilization
Vedic Culture
Gupta Dynasty
Maurya Dynasty
Rajput period
Sultanate period
Mughal Empire
Legislative Amendment and the British India Act, 1935
Quit India Movement
The Rise of British Raj and first freedom struggle
Social and Economic Impact of the British Raj
The early years of the Independence Movement
Swadeshi and Civil Disobedience Movement
Revolutionary Movement and the Rise of Extremism

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: Geography

Subject Topic Name
Political Geography of India and the World
Climate and Weather
Time Zone
Population Change and Migration
Physical Geography of India and the World
- River and its Valleys
- Groundwater resources
- Desert and dry areas
- Mountains and glaciers
- Mineral resources

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: Indian Economy

Subject Topic Name
Indian Economy
Economic reforms in 1991 and the economy thereafter
Post-2014 economic reforms
-Agricultural reforms
- Structural reforms
- Labor reforms
- Financial improvement
Indian Economy form 1947 to 1991
- Planning commission and five-year plans
- Green revolution
- Development of mixed economy: private and public sector
- Milk development and operation flood
- Nationalization and reforms of banks

UPSSSC PET 2021 Syllabus: Indian Constitution & Public Administration

Subject Topic Name
Indian Constitution & Public Administration
Indian Constitution
- Salient features of the Indian Constitution
- Fundamental Rights and Duties
- Directive Principles of State Policy
- Parliamentary system
- Federal system, Union, and Union Territories, and Union State Relations
- Judicial Structure, Supreme Court, High Court
District Administration
Local Bodies and Panchayati Raj Institutions


UPSSSC PET Exam Pattern 2021

UPSSSC PET is conducted offline. There are a total of 100 questions that are asked which carry a total weight of 100 marks. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours. There is negative marking in the exam and 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer. The various topics/subjects from which questions are asked and the weightage they carry are as follows:
Topics No. of Questions Marks
Indian History 05 05
Indian National Movement 05 05
Geography 05 05
Indian Economy 05 05
Indian Constitution and Public Administration 05 05
General Science 05 05
Elementary Arithmetic 05 05
General Hindi 05 05
General English 05 05
Logical Reasoning 05 05
Current Affairs 10 10
General Awareness 10 10
Analysis of 2 unread passages 10 10
Graph Interpretation 10 10
Table Interpretation Analysis 10 10
Total 100 100

UPSSSC PET 2021: How To Prepare

We hope that our article on UPSSSC PET Syllabus would be useful for you. If you are preparing for the UPSSSC PET 2021 exam and are worried about how to prepare, then Safalta Class has started a course for the exam that you can join and prepare for the exam effectively under the guidance of expert faculties, and avail the following benefits:

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