10 Best Free website creation tools 2022

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If you are building a blog, a portfolio, or a site to promote your small business, then site builders are a good option. As you might have guessed, many site builders offer free plans to get your site up and running. Of course, the free plans will not have all the features, but if you are looking to create a basic website with no major features, there are some reliable options. 

The digital market is now filled with both free and premium tools that people with no coding experience can use to build a business site. Whether you are looking to create a site for your business, a new blog, or just like creating an online presence for yourself, here are a few of the best free website builders out there. Fortunately, you can use a free website builder to start a simple website or practice your blogging skills with no financial commitment. If you are building a blog, a portfolio, or a site to promote your small business, then site builders are a good option. As you might have guessed, many site builders offer free plans to get your site up and running. Of course, the free plans will not have all the features, but if you are looking to create a basic website with no major features, there are some reliable options. 

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Table of Content:
What are the website builders?
Best free sites for Website Creation:
WebSite X5: 




What are the website builders?

Website builders offer generous features, so what is a better fit for you will depend on what you need your website to do well.

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If you are still on the fence about paying for a website builder, you may also want to take a look at our picks of the best premium site builders, and compare them with free options. You can use an easy-to-use, simple website builder free of charge to provide your business with a digital presence, complete with all of the essential tools needed to launch. 

Best free sites for Website Creation:

1) Strikingly:

Strikingly also suggests different Calls-to-Action (CTAs), a handy tool for users with a bit of coding experience. Strikingly is another user-friendly, coding-free website builder, that allows you to build a website using templates optimized for various screen sizes.
This website's free tool helps to build with zero knowledge in a coding system with designing. You may access this free website builder by signing up with this website portal.

2) Wix: 

Wix boasts a similar user-friendly interface and is extremely popular as the website offers users hundreds of hundreds of free design templates to choose from. Wix is very polished, and piecing your website together using the editor feels more like using a native app rather than a site creator, and also has great support across a wide variety of media, as well as good customer service, even on a free plan. With only an email address, you can create a free website using Wix 4.5s robust, mobile-friendly editing tools and template options.

3) WebSite X5: 

Unlike WordPress and Wix, WebSite X5 is a desktop-based site creator, meaning that you can work on the site offline, and have greater freedom in making the website look exactly how you want it. Over 100 templates and lots of content access will help you to get started. Think of a staggeringly generous 3.5M as a paid site creator, complete with robust free trials, that alone makes it a better value than the free tiers of some competing services.

4) Weebly: 
Weebly, like several others in the free website builder category, includes the proprietary Weebly brand on your site until you upgrade to the paid plan.

Webflow is aimed squarely at designers, developers, and power users looking to create websites, but needing a bit more freedom with their designs than a traditional website builder such as Squarespace or Weebly offers. 

5) Canva: 
Canva has a feature of a one-page web design where you may design with many templates and you will also have access to the link for featuring in the bio. This one web page design will offer you content with design templates and shows the proper way of organizing your website landing page too as the preferable choice you will make in order to launch your website. This free website tool is a practice for improvising your content skill and designing skills.

6) Mailchimp:
This is a free web designing tool that is variable with simple features and you may practice designing the content with the best-featured templates. Not all features will be available from this free website builder tool but you may have enough knowledge on how to create any landing page, or web page intro with Mailchimp starting builder which is free.

7) WebFlow:
This is a free web design tool that has many products to explore rather than web designing. Web designing is a free tool from Web Flow that is convenient for providing the best interface with prototypes in designing. Web Flow is a responsive design with a 100% visual canvas too.

8) Ucraft: 
Create your web page for free with an responsive with different types of interface.No coding experience is needed with the user-friendly concept when choosing any business like a blog, e-commerce store, artist or entrepreneur. Design with a well-tailored interface to focus your website with induced traffic.

9) Jimdo: 
Jimdo is also a free website builder with all digital tools induced with a fully customized and legal store, working as a user-friendly interface. Jimdo let the user make changes anytime by uploading any image with a text and flexible layout. All web designs also have an interface of mobile-optimized screen size.

10) WordPress: 
WordPress is also a free website design that is the easiest way to build if you have purchased the domain. An existing Wordpress.com is a platform where you may build your website with existing tools from your panel. If you are ready to initiate your website with fully optimized tools, you have to purchase the package. For building up the website and want to know all the elements, plugins and tools then learn a digital marketing course now. 


These are web designing tools in this article that will help you in perfecting your content design with proper alignment of every element that is required in a website. Do check our website responsive guide in the digital marketing e-books, click here to learn. more.

What is web design?

Web designing is an interface where your business website is creatively induced with elements, content and plugins.
Web designing is not a perfect way of telling that it is an easier way to analyse every portion of the web. There is some pattern while refreshing your content into a web responsive design. So, web design must be responsive to all devices and must practically demo your account before publishing your website.

How does responsive web design works?

Responsive web design works as a flexible grid fundamental base that is purposed with user behaviour on screen size, platforms and orientations. The way to develop this responsive website is to determine the display on the different properties like mobile, tab, desktop etc.

How to learn to make a free responsive website?

To learn how to make a free responsive website, start your first step to access the pattern and tools with which you will be able to initialise these patterns. Learn digital marketing course to be responsive with a perfect web designer.

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