10 Free Google Chrome Browser Extensions Useful for SEO and Digital Marketers

Safalta Expert Published by: Trisha Bharati Updated Wed, 21 Sep 2022 10:32 AM IST

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If you work or currently learning Digital Marketing, you are aware of how crucial SEO is to each and every marketing plan. When compared to firms using conventional marketing strategies, SEO-backed enterprises are more likely to be found by search engine users. Your firm will benefit greatly from concentrating on and implementing SEO into your marketing plan. if you want to build your professional career in the same field then joining our online Digital Marketing course will help you climb the ladder of success. 

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Google controls about 90% of all searches, marketing professionals must spend countless hours trying to optimize the websites and make them SEO-friendly. By taking into account Google Chrome Extension, you may maximize your time and raise your SEO ranking. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? If the digital world attracts you and you are planning to learn Digital Marketing then join our online Digital Marketing courses which are highly affordable and all the classes are taken by experts having years of experience in the same field. 

 With the help of Google Chrome SEO extensions, you can rapidly monitor the development of your company and find several suggestions for methods to enhance your SEO approach.

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Over a hundred chrome extensions are available, and the majority of them may be integrated with your browser.

We've compiled a list of the top Google Chrome SEO extensions for keyword research, rank checking, on-page SEO, technical SEO, email outreach, link building, and more to assist you in navigating the SEO process effectively.

Top Chrome Extensions for SEO and Digital Marketers 2022

The following is the list of the chrome browser extensions: 


The greatest SEO audit and analysis chrome plugin is SEOquake. Users may undertake useful On-page SEO audits with the aid of SEOquake, from examining a page's SEO metrics to looking at its whole backlink profile. You may use SEOquake to analyze mobile compatibility, compare your web pages to those of your industry rivals, monitor social media statistics, and more.


One of the most widely used Chrome extensions, providing crucial stats and vital traffic for any website. Even for link creation, Similarweb will show statistics that might assist you in developing an SEO plan that is results-driven! Develop an effective and cutting-edge SEO strategy for your company with this addon.

Keyword Everywhere

You may obtain monthly keyword search traffic, cost per click (CPC), and other relevant competitive data with Keywords Everywhere. Any compatible API may be quickly searched to get information about particular keywords. Both a free and a premium version of the extension are accessible.

Page Load Time

This Chrome extension will display the loading time of your website, as the name implies. You can identify pages that take a long time to load and improve them to attract more visitors to your website and improve user experience using page load time. You will also learn about the factors that make pages load more slowly.

Assistant Tag (By Google)

Another powerful management tool, Tag Assistant, is powered by Google and lets you manage and add new tags to web pages. Users may quickly evaluate the tag implementation and receive useful comments for making it better.

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

You may examine numerous SEO metrics for web pages with the Serpstat Website SEO Checker. This Chrome extension enables you to see your website's SERP ranking position and provides essential information on SEO indicators. Page and domain analyses are freemium on Serpstat Website SEO Checker, however, on-page SEO metrics and perimeters are free.

Checkbot: Web Speed, Security, and SEO Tester

Among the most potent addons for website analysis! You may find 50+ SEO, website speed, security, and other variables with Checkbot. This SEO Chrome plugin will examine several issues with your websites, including problems with Javascript and CSS, page size, source maps, and more. Additionally, Checkbot examines security issues on your websites.

SEO Info

You may use this Chrome plugin to determine whether or not your website is SEO-friendly. Structured data, canonical links, AMP page validation, web vitals score, HrefLang, and page status are among the live SEO checks provided by SEO Info. Users may undertake thorough manual SEO audits and tests for both the mobile and desktop versions of their websites.


If you work in digital marketing, likely, you frequently see the actions of your rivals by observing what they are doing online. BuzzSumo is a Chrome and Firefox plugin that displays the number of visitors and shares your content has received on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, it displays the backlinks created from a certain piece of content so that you may produce more of the same in the future.


Moz isn't the most sophisticated SEO tool, it does provide a free membership to its "MozBar" that doesn't require recurring fees. Additionally, it gives marketers the fundamental research data they need to quickly analyze any page or SERP.



Wrap Up

Your on-page SEO, keyword research, email outreach, and link-building techniques may all benefit from using these Google Chrome extensions.

It's your time now. Install the crucial Chrome SEO extensions to streamline your efforts without spending a lot of time!

What does digital marketing extension mean?

On a website, you could occasionally notice a phone number or connections to other pages. Ad extensions are the name for these added functionalities. They come highly recommended by PPC professionals, and with good cause. According to Google, ad extensions may increase click-through rates by an average of 10-15%.

Describe the Google Ads extension.

Extensions give extra information to your advertisement, providing potential customers greater justification for choosing your company. These might raise the clickthrough rate of an advertisement by several percentage points. Call buttons, address information, connections to particular sections of your website, extra content, and other forms are examples of extension formats.


What are the finest ad extension practices?

Ad extensions should only be used when you are a marketing service. Use three extensions or more for each campaign or ad group. Limit the number of extensions you use per campaign or ad group to two.


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