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Advance Graphic Designing Course (Batch-7) : 150 Hours of Learning


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Graphic Designing (Mobile Tools Only) Batch-17: 50 Hours Live+ Recorded Classes! 


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Job Interview Skill Program : 24 Hours Online Video Course


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About Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing is nothing but promoting your business digitally, i.e., through social media, search engines like Google, Bing, etc., emails, smartphones etc.

    It offers a number of benefits like fast-paced marketing, only marketing to a target group or audience in a cost-effective way, and the biggest advantage of digital marketing is the power to analyse the results. The campaigns are measurable in terms of reach, impressions etc. It also offers the option of personalised marketing to increase brand awareness. With social media, you can open up to your customers and start a dialogue or a conversation by solving customer complaints and also marketing their new offerings. This builds brand equity and loyalty.

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Digital Marketing Course

The course includes Live Classes, Pdf Notes, Doubt Sessions, Masterclasses and much more. It covers basic concepts as well as in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing Specialization. This course follows the latest pattern to enhance your learnings. 


Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing (3 hr)
Module 2: Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies (4hr)
Module 3: Digital India (3 hr)
Module 4: Graphics Design (Canva) (4hr)
Module 5: YouTube Marketing (6hr)
Module 6: Introduction to Social Media Marketing (5hr)
Module 7: Effective WebPage Designing(6hr)
Module 8: Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads) (7hr)
Module 9: Next Steps (2hr) 

Why Digital Marketing?

India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers. The nation has one of the highest populations of internet users in the world. By 2025, India will have almost 974.86 million internet users. As per a report from LinkedIn, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role lies among the top 10 most in-demand jobs. They are someone who use data to identify target markets and generate digital & online marketing campaigns. The most requested experience in this field includes social media marketing, SEO, SEM YouTube, Email marketing, Facebook Marketing, Analytics and Graphic Designing. Digital marketing demand is growing at a rate of 25-30% yearly and shows no signs of slowing. Now is the perfect time to get started in digital marketing!!

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