15 Boosting hacks to improve landing page for better conversions

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Sun, 30 Oct 2022 11:23 PM IST


A landing page is one page with one main objective, which makes testing simpler. The page can be frequently tested with the correct tools to make it more engaging and user-friendly. Tested elements might be copy, voice, medium, or keywords. In general, personalising content with information about leads increases conversion rates.

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Table of Content

15 Tricks for Increasing Leads and Sales from Your Traffic
1. Draw in the Right Clientele
2. Maintain Simplicity in Website Design
3. What Sets You Apart From Your Rivals?
4. Make Your Website Reliable
5. Consider reviews carefully
6. Display Customer Reviews
7. Boost Your Sales Funnel
8. Better Sales Copies to Write
9. Shine a Light on Your CTA Buttons
10. Be Wise in How You Place Your CTAs
11. Put an end to pointing people to your homepage
12. Being generous with gifts
13. Gamify the Experience for Visitors
14. Divide Up Your Market
15. Product Suggestion Is Required

Have you been seeking a comprehensive manual that explains how to turn website visitors into leads and customers? Fortunately, you've just discovered one.

It's true that it takes effort to get quality visitors to your website.

Source: Safalta.com

It's more difficult to convert that traffic into sales.

What good is a website if you aren't making sales on it, or at least getting people to sign up for your mailing list?

Why spend time and effort trying to convert ineffective visitors?

This is like having many individuals window shop at a physical store, with few—or worse—making a purchase.

That is clearly not what you desire. It's unwise to do so!

Are you having trouble turning website visitors into leads and sales?

By doing a few simple actions, you can start winning now.

Regardless of how skilled you are at marketing, we'll share 15 tips with you in this post that you can utilise to increase conversions and generate more income through a landing page. Learn how to create a landing page through digital marketing.

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15 Tricks for Increasing Leads and Sales from Your Traffic

It's about time you started acting now that you are aware of the potential causes for why only a small percentage of the thousands of visitors to your website convert.

The following 15 actions will help you achieve the conversion and sales you have long desired.

1. Draw in the Right Clientele

We already informed you that recruiting the wrong demographic is one of the reasons you aren't making sales. So it stands to reason that finding the ideal answer will aid in problem-solving.

There are a few methods for doing that.

One is performing an SEO strategy audit. If search drives the majority of your visitors, this will work especially well.

Check to see if you have been using improper keywords during the auditing process.

But what do "bad" keywords actually mean? How would you characterise them?

As follows:

  • Unrelated keywords to your website. Let's take the scenario where you manage a culinary blog. However, phrases like "best denim" pop up throughout your URL and sites. The incorrect keyword is that.
  • Overly general keywords are another issue. for instance, "shoes." The person who asks the question might be searching for information on sneakers, the best method for mending a damaged shoe, the definition of a shoe, etc. Avoid using such buzzwords.
  • keywords with no purchasing content Think about two hypothetical guests A and B. A searches for "Nike sneakers" and discovers a website for sneakers. The only difference is that B uses "red Nike sneakers with free shipping." Who is most likely to buy something? You are aware of the solution.

So, see if your website is ranked for these keywords and make the necessary corrections. To create sales copy that is fresh and powerful, you might use an online rephraser. It rephrases lines without changing the meaning and gives you a believable sales copy in a matter of seconds.

By promoting your website on the appropriate social media platform, you may also draw in the correct kind of visitors.

For instance, if you sell SaaS products, LinkedIn is more likely to be where your potential customers hang out than Facebook or Instagram.

If you're in the fashion industry, it's the opposite.

2. Maintain Simplicity in Website Design

Keeping things simple is one of the hardest things to do in life. This explains why there are so many "colourful" websites that are actually challenging to use.

The user experience on your website can be enhanced by keeping the design simple.

Additionally, you will see a rise in conversions as your website's user experience improves. That should be obvious.

Of course, you don't have to be uninteresting in the name of simplicity. The secret is to combine elegance and simplicity.

For instance, which of these two websites has a better aesthetic appeal?

3. What Sets You Apart From Your Rivals?

When conducting an online search, how many tabs do you generally have open? 4-5, if you're like the majority of regular web visitors.

What's the point of all this?

Before arriving at your website, a visitor is likely to have visited four or more others.

That implies that they have likely looked at your competitors and are seeking a better deal.

Your unique selling offer must therefore stand out clearly in this context.

In other words, visitors must rapidly understand what sets them apart from the competition.

Allow customers to see it without having to go very far down if the pricing is better.

Alternatively, if your free trial is longer than others, be upfront about it.

You won't lose customers to your rivals if you do this.

4. Make Your Website Reliable

Did you know that before completing a purchase, 86% of your potential clients would need to trust your website?

Don't even consider conversions and sales if your website doesn't appear genuine and reliable.

How can you make your website credible?

I discovered that the key to finding the answers to that question is understanding what makes something untrustworthy in the first place.

So here are 10 indicators that a website is unreliable.
  • an unprotected connection This refers to hosting a website on HTTP rather than HTTPS.
  • an outdated design.
  • False, improbable customer reviews.
  • grammar mistakes all over the place, spurting
  • No money-back promise
  • You employ stock photos...
  • particularly those that have watermarks
  • Vacant social media profile
  • Uncertain shipment details
  • No policy of returns
  • There aren't any client testimonials or reviews on your site.

Therefore, if any of these are present on your website, it's time for you to take action.

5. Consider reviews carefully

Consider the last time you made an Amazon purchase. Before buying the product, you most certainly looked up reviews from previous buyers, right?

The same is true for your website.

By prominently displaying verified customer evaluations, you can give the impression that your website is reliable.

Importing reviews from your Google My Business page to your website is one way to do this.

You're worried that this will require writing a lot of difficult code, aren't you?

Don't worry; you can accomplish that using any of these WordPress plugins.

6. Display Customer Reviews

Testimonials are crucial for boosting conversions, much like reviews.

Here are some intriguing details that demonstrate the veracity of testimonials:
  • 92% of consumers are more inclined to buy a product if a friend or relative recommends it.
  • Even if the advice is given by a complete stranger, 72% of people will still buy it.
  • Online reviews are trusted by 88% of users more than personal recommendations.
  • Testimonials increase conversion rates by 58% for visitors.
  • These are sufficient justifications for doing so.

Like reviews, you may use a plugin to add testimonials to your website. But only for WordPress, there are some good plugins, such as Testimonial widgets and Strong testimonials.

7. Boost Your Sales Funnel

I previously identified one of the main causes of your website's poor conversion as having leaky holes in your sales funnel.

Therefore, improving your sales funnel for greater conversion will significantly help your situation.

Do you require a thorough explanation of what a sales funnel entails? You'll find our comprehensive instruction to be useful.

Here are some temporary tips for improving your sales funnel and plugging in gaps.
  • First, configure a Google Analytics conversion goal funnel. You may monitor the conversion rate of your website with the use of this.
  • To develop a unique landing page for your offers right away if you haven't already. Unbounce can assist you there. As a result, creating a landing page doesn't require any coding expertise.
  • A/B test the components of your website frequently.
  • Make your CTA buttons sparkle. Make them more obvious, inviting, and catchy.

8. Better Sales Copies to Write

Are you a marketer who struggles to write effective sales copy? You had best get better at it because the only way to persuade visitors to take action is with persuasive sales content.

Thankfully, it's not as difficult as it might seem to write persuasive sales copy.

Following these suggestions will help your copies stand out:
  • Make your writing distinctive. Write as if you are communicating with a long-time friend.
  • Include strong words throughout your writing. Readers are motivated to take action by these words.
  • Intensify your emphasis on your offer's advantages over its attributes.
  • Always strive for less.
A word of encouragement: even if you work hard to develop your writing abilities, it won't take you long to become an expert copywriter. You'll need some time to develop your copywriting talent. So, persevere.

9. Shine a Light on Your CTA Buttons

What specific action do you want website visitors to take?

Would you like them to look at your product line? Or would you prefer if they joined your email list instead?

You can only communicate with them via a CTA.

Additionally, CTA stands for call-to-action.

Getting it now?

One additional thing: while developing an attention-grabbing CTA is crucial, proper placement is even more crucial. They must be prominently displayed on your website in order for them to serve their intended purpose. Details will follow.

You can consult our comprehensive guide to learn more about developing powerful calls to action.

10. Be Wise in How You Place Your CTAs

It's one thing to design a CTA button that attracts clicks. Another is to put them where they will be seen the most.

Additionally, if you believe that all there is to it is to position your ad above the fold, as shown below, think again.

Do you understand the reason?

The majority of modern online users prioritise scrolling. As soon as they arrive on your website, they will automatically scroll down.

As a result, scattering your CTA buttons over your website will increase their visibility and boost your conversion rate.

Here are some tactical positioning ideas you should try out after that.
  • Of course, the top of the fold
  • several locations below the fold. For instance, in a blog post
  • Sidebars
  • persistent navigation bar

Like we did, you could even add one above your footer.

11. Put an end to pointing people to your homepage

The fact that you are sending visitors to your homepage could be one of the reasons you aren't making any sales while having a lot of traffic.

Better yet, a blank page.

Let me elaborate for a moment.

Consider the scenario when you wish to advertise your goods on Facebook. And selling the product to as many people as you can is your objective.

What would happen, in your opinion, if Facebook traffic was diverted to your home page rather than the specific product page where you wanted people to land?

loss of revenue Simple.

Start your sales funnel optimization by sending visitors to sites that offer the greatest value rather than generic pages they won't find useful.

12. Being generous with gifts

It's simple to request that visitors download your app, register for an account, join your mailing list, or make a purchase from your website.

Giving them a cause to is where the actual job is.

Enjoying optimal conversion will remain a pipe dream unless you address the "why should I care" query that's boiling in the backs of your visitors' brains.

Freebie marketing is useful in this situation.

Freebies are a tried-and-true marketing tactic that has been used for ages.

What freebies are available, then?
  • Free test
  • Free delivery
  • coupons and discounts
  • No cost advice
  • No cost download

Generally speaking, the freebies you distribute ought to be worthwhile. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

13. Gamify the Experience for Visitors

Oh, the games we love! They relieve monotony and are entertaining and interesting.

What game do you prefer to play? Mario, Candy Crush Saga, or Pokemon Go?

Okay, we've gotten off topic, but the key point is that you may enhance your consumers' experience by incorporating gaming's fun and engagement components.

By doing this, you'll not only increase website engagement but also get a step closer to achieving your main objectives of generating more leads and sales.

Yet how? That would need the hiring of an app development staff, right? In no way.

Installing spin-to-win popups on your website is one simple strategy that is certain to produce results.

These popups, as the name implies, give users the option to play the fortunate wheel game in the hopes of earning a voucher.

Fortunately, you may start with one of the many spin-to-win popup templates in our library. Just choose the option that best suits you.

Use the Falling Gift Game Popup

You can try our falling gift game, which is also a gamified popup if you don't like spin-to-win popups. The interesting thing is that our falling gift game converts to victories more effectively than spin. In an experiment we ran, we found that although spin-to-wins got an 18% conversion, falling gifts get a 30% conversion. Furthermore, as we alone were responsible for its development, it is a novel eCommerce tool.

How Does the Game "Falling Gifts" Work?

Well, it's actually quite easy. First, a popup shows briefly when a visitor enters your website—typically less than 30 seconds, depending on your settings. It might be a popup with a full or partial display. The user will first witness balloons falling through the popup before being asked to enter his or her email address (this is where the coupon code will be sent after making a win).

To uncover the goodies hidden in the falling balloons, all the user has to do is click on them. They might have to try numerous times to win a prize, which is typically a coupon, depending on how the system is set up. You can only let them try 1 to 6 times right now.

14. Divide Up Your Market

In actuality, not every visitor is the same. People are different, and that's the only explanation. There are differences between preferences, pastimes, behaviour, locations, jobs, languages, devices, etc.

As a result, it would be foolish to treat each visitor to your website equally. You cannot suggest the same articles or products to them.

If you do, your website will likely have low user engagement and you risk losing the very audience you are attempting to reach.

The significance of segmenting your audience cannot be overstated for this reason.

There are various advantages to audience segmentation, including:
  • greater involvement
  • reduced abandonment of carts
  • increased devotion from clients
  • increased conversion

But won't putting audience segmentation into practice need some technological know-how?

Yes, it does take coding knowledge, however with Adoric, you don't even need that to implement segmentation on your website.

You can categorise your audience using our intelligent segmentation engine depending on:
  • Language
  • Visitor class (returning or first-time)
  • Geolocation
  • Language
with a tonne more.

15. Product Suggestion Is Required

You can customise the experience of your website visitors in addition to segmenting your audience by adding product recommendations.

As the name suggests, product suggestion is proposing to website users goods or content that they are likely to find interesting and useful.

You have probably witnessed product recommendations in action a few times.

And did you know that product suggestions account for 35% of Amazon's sales?

This is unequivocal evidence that product suggestions are effective.

Your sales will skyrocket if you suggest goods that are most in line with the interests and tastes of your visitors.

Surprisingly, Adoric can also be useful in this situation. You can suggest items to your visitors using our recommendation algorithm depending on:
  • various goods
  • most popular
  • top sellers
  • bought jointly
  • Previously viewed
Need assistance? Why not, get in touch with our staff immediately.


What is a landing page that converts well?

A landing page that converts visitors into leads by compelling them to click the CTA button right away is known as a high-converting landing page. Additionally, having many landing pages that are tailored to various audiences and digital marketing campaigns can significantly boost your conversion rate.

Which two activities are most likely to increase the conversion rate of a landing page?

The landing page conversion rate went up by 31.54% as a result of modifying the form title and giving the button's CTA more relevance and value. The ideal strategy is to concentrate on the significance and value for the visitor. The visitor isn't given much information about what they'll get from "Submit" because it is so ambiguous.

What were the three essential components of a landing page?

A landing page's success depends on it having a few key components. When developing a landing page for your small business's next marketing campaign, there are three crucial components you must take into account: clear and persuasive writing, condensed forms, and the ideal call-to-action.

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