17 Call to action examples to reach more audience: Perfect CTA Guide

Safalta Expert Published by: Aryan Rana Updated Thu, 01 Dec 2022 12:12 AM IST

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Consider all the occasions in your life when you have signed up for things. Have you ever downloaded Spotify or Evernote? You may have even studied General Assembly in a class. Each of these signups was probably prompted by a strong call to action. You probably would use a lot fewer apps and websites than you do now if the copy of the CTA hadn't captivated you or if you hadn't been skillfully led through the sign-up process.
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Table of Content
What is a call to action?
What does a marketing CTA mean?
Call to Action Examples:

What is a call to action?

The term "call-to-action" (CTA) refers to the portion of a webpage, advertisement, or piece of content that urges the audience to take a particular action. CTAs in marketing assist a company in turning a visitor or reader into a sales lead.

What does a marketing CTA mean?

CTAs are important to you as a marketer because they motivate your audience to respond to a marketing campaign. Any marketing campaign's ultimate objective is to assist your audience in the buying process so they can eventually make a purchase. However, because there are several strategies you can employ to lead your audience on their journey, each marketing campaign may have a different action for the audience to take.

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Call to Action Examples:

1. Dropbox
Dropbox has always favored minimalistic layouts with lots of white space. Even their homepage graphics are understated and uncomplicated. The blue "Sign up for free" call-to-action button stands out from everything else on the page because of its straightforward design and use of negative space. The CTA's color matches that of the Dropbox logo, making it simple for visitors to understand that it says "Sign up for Dropbox." That is a strong call to action.

2. OfficeVibe
Here is an OfficeVibe slide-in call to action that caught my eye. A banner with a request to subscribe to their blog slid in from the bottom of the page as I was scrolling through one of their posts. What's best? The slide-copy in's promised to provide me with advice on how to improve my management skills, and the post it appeared on did just that. To put it another way, I was already interested in the offer.

3. Netflix
Before committing to sign up for something, what is the biggest fear users have? that if they decide they don't like it, it will be difficult to cancel their subscription. With the "Cancel anytime" copy directly above the CTA for "Join Free for a Month," Netflix allays your fears. I'd hazard a guess that just providing assurance has increased signups. Again, you'll see that the primary and secondary CTAs here are red, just like Netflix's logo.

4. Square
You must take into account more than just the button itself to create an effective CTA design. It's also crucial to take into account factors like the background color, adjacent images, and adjacent text. The Square team used a single image to demonstrate the ease of using their product while keeping in mind these additional design elements, with the hovering "Get Started" CTA just waiting for your click.

5. Full Bundle
Another business that employs negative space to make its main CTA stand out is Full Bundle. In contrast to the background's dark grays, the white "Our Work" call to action stands out. Their selection of CTA is also strategic. Given that their primary purpose is to develop their client's online presence, they must highlight their accomplishments, and most of them do just that.

6. Panthera
People who are interested in joining a community of others who share their passion for wild cats should contact Panthera. We adore how they use language that would appeal to big cat lovers to specifically target those individuals: "Join the pride today." The page itself is very straightforward and consists of a button asking visitors to "join" once more and a two-field on-page form.

7. QuickSprout
Nobody wants to be in error. That is why a call-to-action button like the slide-in CTA from QuickSprout on their blog is so clickable. When you do SEO incorrectly, it confuses the reader. So, am I? It seems simple enough to just enter my URL to find out. Such language has a strong ability to persuade readers to click.

8. Grey Goose
Here is a compelling call to action that will likely get people to click. A CTA to "Discover a Cocktail Tailored to Your Taste" is a pleasantly unexpected request, as opposed to the homepage's expected direction of site visitors to product pages or press releases. People love personalization, and this CTA has a bit of a game-like appeal. Visitors can better anticipate what will happen when they click thanks to the play button icon next to the copy, which suggests that they will be taken to a video.

9. Treehouse
Users can start a free trial on a lot of business websites out there. However, the CTA on Treehouse's website reads "Claim Your Free Trial" rather than just "Start a Free Trial." Even though the wording appears to be barely different, consider how much more individualized "Claim Your Free Trial" is. Additionally, the word "claim" implies that it might not be accessible for long, creating a sense of urgency in users to sign up for the free trial as soon as possible.

10. OKCupid
At first glance, OKCupid's CTA doesn't seem all that impressive, but the small touches are where its genius lies. "Continue" is written on a bright green call-to-action button that stands out against a dark blue background. This term's straightforwardness raises hopes for a quick and informal registration process. Instead of making a commitment or filling out a tedious form, this CTA makes me feel more like I'm playing a fun game. And the copy is entirely to blame.

11. IMPACT Design and branding
If the wrong language is used, CTAs can come off as extremely pushy and sales (yes, that's a word...). I like how IMPACT challenges visitors to educate themselves about the business before pressuring them to take any further action. This call to action is particularly intriguing to me because it encourages people to click even without the use of an action verb.

12. Huemor
What would you do if you visited a website and saw a "Launch" CTA along with the copy "Do Not Press"? Let's face it, you'd be itching to press it. This harmless reverse psychology is used in a playful way that fits in perfectly with the brand voice of Huemor.

13. Humboldt County
The website for Humboldt County is stunning in and of itself: It welcomes you with a full-screen video of startlingly stunning material. But the unconventional call-to-action button with the words "Follow the Magic" and a bunny icon that is positioned in the bottom center is what I adore. It heightens the somewhat fantastical atmosphere of the footage, giving you the impression that you are about to enter a fairy tale.

14. Uber
Riders and drivers are the two very different categories of people Uber is looking for to sign up on their website. Even though both personas have entirely different goals, the website effectively connects them thanks to the large background video of happy Uber drivers and passengers in various cities around the globe.

15. Spotify
The CTA for users to sign up for a free account is secondary to Spotify's primary objective of luring customers who are willing to pay for a premium account as soon as they land on their homepage. The color of their CTA buttons, as well as the headline, make this clear. While the "Play Free" CTA is plain white and blends in with the rest of the copy on the page, the "Go Premium" CTA is lime green and stands out from the page. Visitors are drawn to the premium CTA due to this contrast.

16. Instagram
You'll notice two equal-sized black CTAs since Instagram is primarily a mobile app: one to download Instagram from the Apple App Store and the other from Google Play. Since Instagram is optimizing for downloads, it doesn't matter where a user downloads the app—from the App Store or Google Play—a download is a download, and these CTAs are of equal quality. If you already have Instagram, you can choose to "log in" by clicking the CTA if you prefer that option.

17. Nintendo
Nintendo's website focuses on providing visitors with any questions they might have. In fact, "Compare Features" is one of the primary CTAs. Nintendo responds to one of their most frequently asked questions with this CTA because they are aware that many visitors are still doing their research before making a purchase. You now have it. Now you understand the value of making a few minor CTA adjustments. Make CTAs that convert by drawing ideas from the aforementioned examples. Although we lack data to determine whether each of these is scientifically successful, all of these examples adhere to our best practices. Please remember to test these CTAs to see if they are effective for your audience if you decide to recreate them on your website.

How should a call to action be written?

Employ action verbs.
Think about value.
Create CTA Buttons.


What does "call to action" mean?

A call-to-action question encourages the reader to respond rather than take a specific action. Conversations are essential to marketing, and these questions enable marketers to interact with their readers on blogs and social media platforms.

what is a brief call to action?

A call-to-action is a succinct phrase that asks visitors to your website, landing page, email, or advertisement to take the desired action.

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