5 Ways SEO & Web Design Go Together

Safalta Expert Published by: Trisha Bharati Updated Tue, 16 Aug 2022 02:26 PM IST

Are you struggling with the poor performance or response of your website? Are you putting your strenuous effort to improvise it? All you need to do is shift your focus from website design to SEO. You might be thinking it is quite foolish to write a statement like this. But this isn't. As Web Design and SEO go hand in hand. In this blog, we will look at the top five ways how SEO and Web design go hand in hand.

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Come let’s see the top exciting ways which help SEO and Web design to go together

Elements Where SEO and Web Design Collaborate Together 

The following are the elements where SEO and Web Desing work together: 

Mobile Friendliness

Making your website mobile-friendly should be obvious to anybody with even a passing knowledge of SEO or web design. Since a few years ago, fewer individuals are using desktop computers to do searches, while the number of people using mobile devices to conduct searches has been continuously rising.

Since mobile devices account for more than half of all web traffic, it is probable that more than half of your audience is also using a mobile device.

Without a website that is optimised for mobile devices, you risk unintentionally alienating half of your visitors. That is a lot.

Google will get negative signals from a website that has a high bounce rate as a result of improper mobile or tablet loading, and your results may suffer as a result.

Easy to Use Design 

SEO works mainly to improvise the content and get ranked in the search engine. Hence, invest a lot of time.

However,m many neglects the impact of the design which may hamper the impression of the content to the user. As poor website design might lead people to impossible to read what they came to your website. The issues might be in the colour, page design, style and font of the text which are hard to read. Hence, here the website designer knows how to tackle this shortcoming and make it easier to read and user-friendly. 

People's attention spans can be influenced by the amount of white space, the length of your lines, and any other features like photos. Additionally, keep in mind to take into account those with impairments by choosing an inclusive web design approach.

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Speed of Website

Are you aware of what makes the website work slow? Slowing working of website is one of the primary deficiencies of the many sites. It is mainly the concern of the technical SEO who uses their skills to tackle the speed of the website. If you haven't been doing well, it's possible that users are leaving your website soon because it's simply too sluggish. Always remembers that the speed functioning of the page is considered to be the ranking signal. Henceforth, it is essential to invest more time and fix all the loopholes on a serious note.

As many as half of visitors to your site may leave if it takes more than three seconds. On mobile devices, where users are even less inclined to wait around, page performance is particularly crucial. Google is also concerned with page speed, in addition to users. Google's ability to crawl your website is impacted by how quickly it loads. You won't have as many pages getting indexed if your page speed discourages Google from crawling as many of your pages. These pages won't be able to rank at all after this occurs. It is vital to use "https" encryption to ensure website security.


Speaking about website crawling, web design may assist with this in a variety of ways. If you want search engines to scan your website more intelligently, you must have a sitemap in place. Search engines can navigate all the pages and material on your website thanks to your sitemap. You may use this opportunity to let search engines know which pages are the most crucial to your website. For larger websites as well as newer ones that might not have any external links just yet, this is a very crucial component to do properly. Sitemaps are helpful for users' navigation in addition to search engines.

Gain User’s Trust 

You actually can't assess how much people trust you or your website, in contrast to several other SEO variables. Gaining trust is still a key component of improving your website's ranking, though. It's undeniable that most people acquire beliefs quickly, and that once they do, it can be challenging to convince them otherwise.

We have grown accustomed to seeing polished websites that offer outstanding user experiences. When we open a website, this is what we naturally expect to see.

We want a system that is clear, simple to use, and capable of providing us with the information we need promptly. We have a tendency to believe that certain websites just appear more reliable.

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Final Thoughts

It's important to combine SEO with good web design, and it's not difficult to upgrade your website's design. When creating your website, keep these suggestions in mind, and you can soon start seeing the better ranks that have eluded you.

What does SEO have to do with website design?

The process of optimising a website for search engines is known as SEO (search engine optimization). Designing a website and all of its pages is known as website design. Put together, SEO web design refers to the planning and development of a website that is search engine friendly.


Why is SEO vital in web development and what does it entail?

Search engine optimization is known as SEO. It is a collection of guidelines for website optimization that can help your website rank better in organic search results. It is the procedure to adhere to in order to improve your website's exposure in search engines and increase traffic.

How many different kinds of SEO exist?

About 12 distinct methods of SEO exist, and they all work to improve a website's position on search engine result pages.

What are the two SEO strategies?

Two major categories may be used to classify SEO techniques: White Hat SEO: Methods that search engines endorse as being a component of excellent design. Black Hat SEO – Methods that search engines disapprove of and try to lessen their impact.

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