Excel Vs. Google Sheets: What You Need to Know-

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Sat, 04 Jun 2022 06:10 AM IST


if you wanna the difference between excel and google sheets, then read this article for more details.

The two most well-known spreadsheet apps accessible today are Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. When it comes to formulas and calculations, they are nearly identical. This means that many of their characteristics are similar. This article will compare and contrast two software, focusing on the fundamental differences between Excel and Google Sheets.

1. Microsoft Excel-

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program created and maintained by the company Microsoft.

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You can use Excel to conduct a variety of tasks, including running computations, creating lists, and creating charts. It also assists with data analysis and sorting, financial data tracking, and much more.
Pros and Cons of Microsoft Excel-
Excel includes a lot of advanced features.
It has an infinite amount of storage space.
The execution time is short.
There are more data visualization possibilities in this version.
It's difficult to troubleshoot Excel.
Collaboration is challenging due to the different versions of Excel.
You can only access the sheets from your own computer.

2. Google Sheets-

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet tool that Google offers. Web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications are all options for Google Sheets.
Pros and Cons of Google Sheets-
Google Sheets is a free and simple spreadsheet program.
They're mostly designed for teamwork.
Google Sheets has a built-in revision history as well as a chat window that may be used in real-time.
The document's loading time increases, as does the amount of data.
There are only a few possibilities for data visualization.
It has a limited amount of customizability and formulae.

3. Key Differences


Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets

Developed by

Microsoft Corporation developed MS Excel.

Google LLC developed Google sheets.

Launched as a pack of

They launched MS Excel as a pack of MS Office.

They launched google sheets as a pack of G Suite.

Launching Year



Languages supported

Excel is available in 91 languages.

Google Sheets are available in 83 languages.


Great for a high volume of data.

Great for low volumes of data (less than 400,000) cells.


Compared to Google sheets, Excel is a not favorable application for collaboration.

Google sheets are the preferred application for collaboration.


4. Conclusion

When it comes to the main functions of Excel vs. Google Sheets, both software is excellent. Excel is a better application for sophisticated computations if your business requires them. Google Sheets is the greatest solution if you want to collaborate on your spreadsheet.

What is difference between Google Sheets and Excel?

Both feature data in the form of a table, or rows and columns; the main difference between Excel and Google Sheets is that the latter allows the owner to share links with other users, allowing others to read or update the sheet at the same time.

Is Google spreadsheet easier than Excel?

Its user-friendly UI will make your life much easier. Because of its outstanding collaboration capabilities, Google Sheets stands out from Excel. There will be no latency or confusion if multiple individuals work on the same spreadsheet at the same time.

What can Excel do that Google Sheets can t?

Excel can import data from a variety of external sources, including databases, text files, Excel files, and cloud services, unlike Google Sheets. Excel's Power Query add-in, in particular, combines data import with limitless options for shaping and preparing data for analysis.

Can you convert Google Sheets to Excel?

On the Sheets site, select the sheet you'd like to convert to Excel. Your sheet will open on the Sheets' editing screen. From the menu bar on the Sheets' editing screen, select File > Download > Microsoft Excel. You will see your computer's standard “save” window where you can save the resulting Excel file

Are Google Sheets formulas the same as Excel?

To begin with, when compared to Excel, Google Sheets contains more formulas. It also features several formulas that may be used with the web because it was created as a web-based application. In Google Sheets, for example, there is a formula called Picture that allows you to easily put an image into a cell by providing its URL.

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