Exploring Top of Funnel Marketing Tactics

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Mon, 11 Jul 2022 01:30 AM IST


if you wanna know about the top of Funnel Marketing Tactics, then read this article for more details.

The effectiveness of your marketing funnel depends on attracting new consumers and creating leads. You won't have any leads to nurture or convert to sales without these initial successes. Top-of-funnel marketing strategies are the first step since they help you build credibility and thought leadership with potential clients.


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What Is Top of Funnel Marketing?

The goal of top-of-funnel marketing is to generate as many leads as possible through marketing to a large audience. At this point, audiences are primarily looking for information, hence lead generation and awareness are the major objectives of marketing at the top of the funnel.

2. 7 Top of Funnel Marketing Tactics to Explore

Blog Posts

Blog postings are an easy way to distribute information when you want to give potential customers information at the start of their search trip. You can answer frequently asked questions, offer solutions based on your own research, and show that you are knowledgeable about whatever the primary worry, problem, sore spot, etc. is. Find out how to improve the effectiveness of your blog posts at advancing your readers in the sales funnel.


Live or recorded webinars are effective lead generation tools. Your potential consumers provide you with their contact information in return for access to the webinar's material. Later, by remarketing or retargeting to that audience, you can use this information to nurture prospects. But in addition to its advantages for your company, webinars also give you a chance to educate and inform your audience.

Social Media

It makes sense to focus on social media as a top-of-funnel marketing strategy given that the majority of online users find brands when exploring social media or websites. You can create paid social campaigns to increase awareness and produce leads, and you can bolster these initiatives with engaging and educational organic content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

People automatically begin their information searches on search engines. This indicates that SEO, or optimizing for search engines, is a crucial strategy for reaching top-of-the-funnel prospects. When doing this, you should conduct some research on the problems your target audience is attempting to solve, the questions they are posing, and the content you currently have (or can create) to respond to those initial internet searches.


Your original research, whether you publish it in a report, e-book, or white paper, is a potent approach to gaining awareness in the top of the funnel. You're not just giving your audience in-depth and exclusive knowledge; you're also showcasing thought leadership in the particular need or interest of your prospect. You can offer the research as gated content in exchange for details like an email address if you want to use this opportunity to generate leads.


Online video is a no-brainer when it comes to top-of-funnel marketing strategies because of its widespread use. You may instruct and inform your audience in a way that is very engaging whether you put your video material on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo or on your own website. Additionally, you may always reuse your video footage to increase its usefulness.


Infographics are a useful tool for showing data visually to potential customers while demonstrating that you have your finger on the industry's pulse. Data may be presented in a more interesting and consumable way with infographics, making it simpler for your audience to access the information they're looking for. With this strategy, you are promoting your brand while doing so.

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What are upper funnel marketing tactics?

Strategies to increase brand awareness are referred to as upper-funnel marketing. For instance, a lot of TV advertising aim to raise awareness among consumers who might not yet require the product. Building consideration and standing out in your category are often the main objectives of mid-funnel marketing techniques.

What are top of the funnel activities?

Top-of-funnel marketing is a term used to describe initiatives and campaigns that are centered on generating leads and focusing on customers in the top part of the marketing funnel.

What is the top level of the marketing funnel?

Users who are just starting their research are at the top of the sales funnel. If you don't convince them to proceed further down the funnel, you risk losing them as clients while they are still in the information-gathering stage.

Why upper funnel is important?

An increase in the amount of searches for your brand can be achieved by expanding the top of the funnel. Advertisers should anticipate seeing more actions like branded searches, which are very low-funnel, as people go from the top of the funnel down.

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