Famous Female Graphic Designers in the World

Safalta Expert Published by: Kirti Singh Updated Sat, 30 Apr 2022 03:52 PM IST


Are you looking for the Most famous Graphic Designer in the world? If yes then read this article for complete details.

There are some incredible graphic designers working all over the world. The top five Designers who are doing incredible work are Women and it has brought a bit more equality in the world of Technology. Nowadays Graphic designers are playing a crucial role in the advertisement of the brands and also in the extension of their reach. There are many Male Graphic Designers as well who are doing a great job in their careers but for now, Female Graphic designers are making their mark on the world. Hence, in this article, we had brought together a list of some best and most influential female Graphic Designers who are going to be an inspiration for today and future generations.

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Source: safalta.com

It’s now important to shed light on those who are impacting the Graphic designing industry in a great way. Hence, check the list of Most Famous Female Graphic Designers in the World below in this article.

1. Badal Patel:

Badal Patel is a designer, creative director, and also an ‘occasional photographer’. She is having a vibrant portfolio of print, brand, packaging, and digital work. She had worked from a cosmetics company to a Bangladeshi restaurant in Jersey City. She worked on a massive project in 2020 as a lead designer for Kulfi beauty which is a South Asian-focused beauty brand. She also has her own wedding stationery studio called “adara”. According to her creative influencers are less who and more what. She has always been working on creating space for her to Experiment. In the future, she had a plan to continue working with Kulfi and she is also rebranding a jewelry company. She is one of the most famous graphic designers in today's world.

2. Carolyn Davidson:

Carolyn Davidson is the most recognized and famous graphic designer. She is well known for her iconic Nike Swoosh on their logo. This design has remained a huge part of Nike’s branding since 1971. Initially, she was working as a designer but after doing a design course, she switched to design. Her first company as a graphic designer was Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. The co-founder of Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc needed a logo for the new line of running shoes. Davidson offered him 5 different designs, one of which was the Swoosh which resembles a wing and refers to the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. With this logo, she earned the name “The Logo Lady”. Moreover, Nike gained a lot of success and becomes a household brand in today’s society. She is one of the famous female graphic designers in the world