How to achieve audience retention on youtube

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According to YouTube, audience retention refers to the number of users who keep watching your video after you've hit the play button.

Table of Content
What is Audience Retention?
How to View Your YouTube Audience Retention Report
What is the average YouTube audience retention rate?
6 Ways to Increase YouTube Audience Retention
Make use of the video chapters feature
Give a sneak preview
Using keyword research to help you choose your video themes
Apply a script
Post often
Be concise

The term "audience retention" conjures up images of a sailing metaphor, possibly referring to a leaky boat.

For those attempting to turn watchers of their YouTube videos into paying, converted customers, audience retention is actually a crucial YouTube indicator.
So, matey, ahoy! Let's navigate to the Sea of YouTube Audience Retention by pointing the north compass needle on your YouTube channel.
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What is Audience Retention?

In YouTube lingo, audience retention refers to the number of viewers who stick around after you hit the play button on your video.

I'm sure we've all started a YouTube video and clicked away after the first fifteen seconds. The number of viewers that DON'T go to a different video or leave YouTube entirely after fifteen seconds or even a minute is your audience retention rate, either for a specific video or your entire video. It counts the number of viewers who watch your video for the entirety, or at least the majority of it.

Imagine having a channel dedicated to dogs. While the audience retention rate for your entire channel is 60%, it is 72% for the video that has received the most views. This indicates that generally speaking, a typical viewer watches 60% of one of your movies.

However, viewers are captivated by your most-watched video for 72% of its running time.

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In other words, before switching to another video or leaving YouTube altogether, viewers typically watch 72% of that viral dog video.

We assume at least one corgi in that film because the audience retention rate was 72%.

How to View Your YouTube Audience Retention Report

We've got good news for you if you'd want to see the audience retention data for your own YouTube channel: there are two ways to do so. There are two audience retention reports available to you: one for each channel and one for each video.

Sign in to YouTube Studio to view your channel-level audience retention report, which shows the average YouTube audience retention rate for all of the videos you've published on your channel.

The next step is to choose the "Analytics" tab from the menu on the left.

Your channel-level audience retention report will be there, ready for you to access when you finally choose the "Engagement" button from that menu.

Alternatively, sign into YouTube Studio first if you'd like to drill down to the video level and get an audience retention report for a particular video.

Choose "Videos" from the menu on the left, then pick the video for which you'd like to see a report on audience retention. Select "Analytics" from the left-hand menu once more.

Then, from that menu, select the "Engagement" tab. There, you can find your video-level audience retention report.

What is the average YouTube audience retention rate?

The average audience retention percentage for YouTube reportedly ranges between 50% and 60%. Accordingly, it may be assumed that the typical YouTube viewer will watch a normal YouTube video for 50% to 60% of its whole running time.
However, according to Databox's study, normal retention rates are a little over 30%.

6 Ways to Increase YouTube Audience Retention

Make use of the video chapters feature

According to Kasper Langmann of Spreadsheet, "I believe that using the video chapters function is one thing that all YouTube content creators should be doing, whether it be for marketing purposes or for personal use. This function not only improves your watch time but also your audience retention rates.

People that watch videos frequently have specific knowledge in mind that they hope to learn from them. The likelihood that a person may start to watch your content and then click away after a few seconds because they are unwilling to wait for what they are looking for is decreased when your movie is divided up into appropriately designated chapters.

Try it in your YouTube videos too! Helping customers discover the information they need as quickly as possible is usually a fantastic marketing strategy.

Give a sneak preview

"Having a sneak peek or the preview of the contents at the beginning of the video will keep the viewers fascinated and hooked up till the final second of the video," claims Jake Jorgovan from Lead Cookie.

It's a terrific concept since people are far more inclined to watch a video all the way through if they know it has the information they need.

Using keyword research to help you choose your video themes

According to Marcus Clarke of, "Keyword research is a useful strategy for increasing YouTube audience retention. You can determine what your target audience needs by doing keyword research. Use the autosuggest function on YouTube. Make the content pertinent to your keywords and provide valuable content.

Make sure the subject of the video you're making is one that, gasp!, people are genuinely searching for.

Apply a script

Write an effective and complete script before you even begin generating your video, advises Sandra Chung of PlayPlay. Although it may seem easy in theory, there are a few stages involved.

You should start by carefully considering who you intend to make this video for and why. The tone and style of the video you utilise will be influenced by this. For instance, the vocabulary you use when making a film for a baby boomer audience will be very different from that used while making one for millennials.

They will automatically relate to your video more if you employ the appropriate language, style, and messaging for the target demographic.

Then, be sure you use an interesting introduction, end screens, and transitions. Consider other components, such as text and motion graphics, that can assist you to improve your storytelling as well as using high-quality imagery.

Everyone has witnessed improv skits that dragged on a bit too long. Try to make your YouTube video look more like a well-written Shakespearean play rather than like something out of an awful comedy sketch.

Post often

According to Natalie Andreas of, "Posting consistency is essential for increasing YouTube audience retention. Your subscribers and viewers should be aware of the release date, duration, and general subject matter of your next video. By doing this, you can be sure that your audience is primed and prepared to receive your information fully.

Andreas raises a valid point. Improved audience retention rates result from increased trust, which is bred by consistency.

Be concise

"I think one thing people can really do to boost retention is to make films a reasonable length, be brief and to the point," says John Frigo of Best Price Nutrition. Many speakers ramble through their introductions for three minutes before getting to the point, which causes many listeners to lose interest.

Many people also have a tendency to create material that is longer than it needs to be, especially monetized artists who are aware that videos that are longer than 10 minutes receive better adverts and generate more revenue. These creators may also be more strongly promoted by the algorithm. However, this does not imply that you should extend a 5-minute video to a 10-minute film simply for this reason. It is preferable to keep the video at 5 minutes and have higher engagement than to extend it to 10 minutes and lose 90% of the audience at 5 minutes.

Nobody will want to view your film in its full if it is too long. The idea is to keep it brief.


What constitutes poor YouTube audience retention?

Within seconds, YouTube users determine whether or not they enjoy your video. In fact, YouTube claims that the first 15 seconds of your video can make or break it. Therefore, if your first 15 seconds are weak, folks will leave in large numbers (which can kill your Audience Retention).

Does a second viewing of a YouTube video constitute a view?

Replays and repeat visits are included in the view count on YouTube, therefore views are not unique. In your YouTube statistics dashboard, you may examine your total number of unique visitors.

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